Are Doritos Vegan

Are Doritos Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Doritos?

Answer: It depends. In this article, I have listed all the vegan flavors of Doritos. I have also covered the Doritos flavors that might be vegan and those that are not vegan, but you need to do your research for all other products!


When I utter the word Doritos, what comes to your mind? I imagine a crispy golden-brown triangular chip melting in my mouth. I can eat it forever.

That’s how tasty it is. It can be eaten plain or with a salsa or cheese dip. In this article, I am going to talk about all things Doritos. How much I am going to enjoy writing this article!

The people who consider themselves vegans do not consume dairy or meat products. Doritos, in general, is not vegan, the way spinach is vegan. So, you cannot blindly pick up any Doritos and consume them if you are strictly vegan.

Although the Doritos website does not intentionally segregate their products into vegan and non-vegan, it’s easy to find out the ingredients.

Different flavors of Doritos have diverse ingredients. Doritos packets themselves also do not have specific labels telling you if the product is vegan.

The label behind the packet gives a detailed list of ingredients that you will have to read through. Let us now start from the basics.

What Does Doritos Mean?

Doritos can mean something to everyone. To me, it is comfort food. To someone else, it can mean home or maybe hostel and friendship.

I would say golden, tasty, and incredibly addictive! Have you ever thought of who introduced this delicious snack to the world? Was it intentionally made as Doritos, or was it discovered by mistake and just called Doritos?

Who Invented Doritos?

I am generally curious as to who invented great technology and devices. Have you ever asked yourself who created your favorite snack? Well, when it comes to the invention of Doritos, there are two different stories.

 According to the first story, Arch West was the one to discover tortilla chips at a shop by the side of the road and took them to homes in America.  

The other story talks about Doritos being invented in Disneyland. Is it said that some company that sold tortillas delivered them to many restaurants at Disneyland park along with Casa de Fritos. One salesman had requested the cook at Casa de Fritos to make chips out of the tortillas that were about to be thrown away.

Mr. Arch West, while visiting the restaurant, noticed that guests were enjoying these chips. He realized that this was not only an excellent way to use stale tortillas but that it was a triangular gold snack. Frito lay hired the tortilla vendor – that is, Alex foods to make it into a national sale.

Later, Frito Lay created their own tortilla chips – Doritos. The first Doritos flavor was very bland for American taste. This is why Frito Lay added a Mexican variety known as Taco. Taco flavor came out in 1967. Now there are more than 100 flavors of Doritos available in the market!

Which Doritos Flavors Are Vegan?

There are just so many flavors of Doritos to choose from; you will never run out of options. I like cheese-flavored Doritos. But everyone has their own choice and liking.

The world is lately turning vegan. Doritos have been thoughtful in including vegan flavors in their menu. Out of all their flavors, only one of them is 100% suitable for vegans. Two of the flavors might be vegan.

All of the other flavors include either chicken or milk-based ingredients.

Peta has confirmed that Blaze and spicy sweet chili do not use any animal-based products, but there is still some speculation. The vegetarian resource group confirmed that toasted corn tortilla chips are vegan.

Toasted corn tortilla chips were the first-ever flavor of Doritos. It was released in 1966.

Corn tortilla chips contain ingredients such as corn, vegetable oil, and salt – all of which are plant-based. Humans plant corn, and it is originally from the fields of Mexico.

Vegetable oil comes from seeds or parts belonging to fruits. It has been a part of human civilization for a millennium.

Salt is a mineral that is made in salt mines through the evaporation process of saltwater and spring water from a shallow pool. Humans have used salt since 5,400 BC.

Which Doritos Flavors Might Be Vegan?

As mentioned above, two flavors might be vegan.

Doritos Blaze and spicy-sweet chili are probably vegan. However, they contain some ingredients such as caramel and natural ingredients, which are not 100% confirmed to be vegan.

When it comes to Doritos spicy-sweet chili, you can choose to consider it vegan or not, depending on how strict you are. The ingredients that are concerning are natural flavors. Since some natural flavors are vegan and some may not be, only Doritos can confirm which natural flavors they use.

Sugar is the next concerning ingredient on the list. Since Doritos has not mentioned the sugar source, it is difficult to confirm if it is plant-based. Some sugars contain bone char.

The last concerning ingredient is caramel color. It is not definite if the caramel color is vegan or not.

Moving on to Doritos Blaze, this flavor is also problematic. They do not use milk. However, three ingredients in it can cause raised eyebrows in vegans.

Artificial color: They use Red 40 that is tested and experimented on animals. If you are not comfortable with this fact, you might want to reconsider this flavor.

Natural flavor and sugar: These two are not suitable for all vegans. You should contact Doritos customer services to enquire about these ingredients. 

Which Doritos Flavors Are Not Vegan?

Most of the Doritos flavors are not vegan because they contain milk and milk products. Here I will list all the Doritos flavors that are not vegan for sure.

Unlike the two flavors above that are on the fence, these products are non-vegan for sure.

  • Doritos Flamin’ Hot Nacho (contains whey, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, Romano cheese, skim milk, milk protein concentrate)
  • Doritos Collisions blaze and hot cheddar
  • Doritos Nacho cheese
  • Doritos Cool ranch (contains skim milk, cheddar cheese, buttermilk, natural and artificial flavors, artificial colors red 40, blue 1, yellow 5, whey, lactose)
  • Doritos Chile Limon (contains cheddar cheese, natural flavor, romano cheese, whey, buttermilk, whey protein concentrate, artificial color-red 40 lake, salt, yellow 6 lake)
  • Doritos Poppin jalapeno
  • Doritos Spicy nacho
  • Doritos Flamas
  • Doritos Simply organic spicy white cheddar
  • Doritos Blazin’ buffalo and Ranch
  • Doritos Jacked ranch dipped hot wings
  • Doritos Salsa verde
  • Doritos Taco flavored tortilla chips
  • Doritos Tapatio

Why Is Doritos Nacho Cheese Not Vegan?

Doritos Nacho cheese came out in 1972 and was the third released Doritos flavor, after Toasted corn and Taco. Out of all the Doritos flavors listed above, Nacho Cheese contains the largest number of milk products. Since vegans cannot consume animal-products, this flavor is a definite no for them.

Doritos Nacho cheese contains cheddar cheese, buttermilk, whey, whey protein concentrate, Romano cheese, skim milk, and lactose. We can say for sure they are not for vegans.


In this evolving world, youngsters and adults are gaining awareness of the effects of eating animal-based products. Eating animal-based products can adversely affect the ecosystem and environment. It can also adversely affect your own body mentally and physically.

Turning vegan can be challenging for many, especially if you are into animal products for a long time. But once vegan, you will get used to it, and it will get easier.

It is important to remember that you may not know what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen when it comes to any product. It is essential to check the ingredients or even call customer service if necessary.

Doritos is an American company, and their first original Doritos were plain and nonflavored. In this article, I have covered the vegan flavors of Doritos. I have also covered the Doritos flavors that might be vegan and those that are not vegan, but you need to do your research for all other products!

Do not forget that you have the right as a customer to get information on the ingredients you are consuming! Have a happy and informed snack time!

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