Can Vegans Eat Bugs

Can Vegans Eat Bugs?

Answer: The traditional answer would have been no. But as the vegan society is steadily evolving, commissioning new factors in the vegan diet, bugs and insects have attained their fair limelight.

Being vegan is all about eating a diet solely originating and depending on the greens. But does that diet also include the curvy crawling creatures inhabiting them, more commonly known as bugs? Let’s find out. 

Purpose of Veganism

Veganism is not just associated with a person’s eating habits, but it’s their outlook on life. The purpose and concept of veganism are to prevent, as high as possible, the slaughtering of animals for satisfying tastebuds. Veganism is a peaceful stand against animal brutality. Being a vegan not only means refraining from meat, but it also encourages people to avoid all sorts of animal-derived products such as eggs and honey. Veganism is not a modern concept. Its been aiming to safeguard animals, fish, and every living creature with a body (including insects) for ages. The members of the Vegan Society strictly proclaim and practice their virtue of not harming animals and causing their intentional deaths through their diets. The majority of the members of the vegan club are in the age gap of 15-34 years, solely dedicating every bit of their lives to live on greens. Apart from the reason for protecting the animals from butchery, some people convert to a vegan diet due to religious or ethical reasons. 

How Bugs Affect Veganism

The anthem of vegans is to shield the animal kingdom from the cruelty imposed by humans, but where do bugs fall in this category? Though very petite in existence, bugs occupy a very vital position in vegan agriculture. With the growing number of vegans, the agricultural sector is stressed to meet the required greens production criteria. More vegans automatically mean more farming, and with excessive farming comes excessive bugs. Bugs and insects often appear in the form of pests and inhabit the crops. This is where veganism is contradicted. Insects also fall into the category of living creatures and are required to be killed for the growth of crops. So a debate continues to settle between the incidental death or the intentional death of bugs as their agony is an inevitable outcome. Since bugs are comparatively less valuable than other animals, especially mammals, their death does not defame veganism. This dilemma has vegas extremely worried and distressed because of the pressure of deciding between compromising on their veganism aim or modifying their current diet plans. 

Entovegans: The New Vegans

A possible solution to put an end to the ongoing veganism puzzle is to adopt the idea of shifting to entovegans and redefining ‘veganism’. An entovegan is a person whose diet is based on both greens and bugs. This may sound a bit disgusting to you, but before you jump to conclusions, give the entovegans a chance! It has been scientifically proved that insects/ bugs do have certain nutrients and essentials which are very healthy for the human body. Bugs are very rich in protein, so their consumption cannot affect the human body in any adverse way. They are also environment friendly, meaning that they do not impose any disastrous environmental or climatic factor that may be harsh on the surroundings. Bugs are very cheap as well, providing you a much healthy meat alternative at lower rates. Apart from health benefits, bugs can be a sustainable food source, promising to provide unlimited energy and tastebud supplements. 

Entovegans may not sound like a very scrumptious option for vegans or non-vegans, but that’s again just a misbelief. There was a time when sushi or even certain veggies were thought to be unpleasant to the tastebuds, but now they’re a part of one of the most expensive cuisines of the world. So before you deem bugs, do give them a try first.


Vegans, don’t be scared.  Just like you have full faith in your greens, expand your horizon and give bugs a try. It’s not as gross as it sounds, in fact, it is bound to motivate meat lovers as well to convert into an Entovegan! We hope you found this information helpful and it gave you a clear direction about your diet. Try experimenting with your greens and bugs, and who knows, maybe you can be the next Gordon Ramsay! 

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