Can Vegans Eat flour tortilla

Can Vegans Eat Flour Tortillas?

Answer: Yes, flour tortillas are vegan friendly. The only thing you need to be cautious about is additional ingredients you might want to eat it with.

Veganism as a lifestyle started its journey a long time ago. Veganism as a coined term dates back to 1944. Former members of the Leicester Vegetarian society coined the term in 1944. They wanted to create a society of their own: vegan society. The name vegan is a shorter version of vegetarian. In this manner, they wanted to convey a message that they are against animal cruelty. Due to that, the main principle of this society was to refuse any usage of animal products. This meant they’d go to great lengths to protect animals. Contrary to many beliefs veganism is not an invention of the XX century. There is evidence suggesting people avoided meat and other animal products even 2000 years ago. Even famous greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras practiced a vegetarian diet. 

Veganism: more than a diet

Veganism is not only a form of diet, it’s a lifestyle and a true philosophy. Vegans dedicate their life to protect animals. That’s why they suggest an alternative diet that isn’t based on animal cruelty. This also influences the environment positively and protects human kind. 

What do vegans eat?

When you hear the word veganism the first thing to pop up on your mind is: What do the vegans eat? They have a very diverse and rich diet. In fact a vegan diet consists of 4 main ingredient groups. These are:

  1. Legumes, nuts and seed

In this group are beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, soya, split peas. These ingredients have high percentages of proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamin B12. Also, they contain protective antioxidants and fatty acids that our body needs.

  1. Grains

This group consists of rice, oats, quinoa, wheat berries.When it comes to this group, whole grains are preferable over refined ones. This is because refined grains are lower in healthiest nutrition.  Whole grains provide B vitamins, fiber, minerals, protein, antioxidants.   

  1. Vegetables 

This is self explanatory but let me add that vegans can consume vegetable oil as well.

  1. Fruits

Fruits are a very important part of a vegan’s diet and they can and should eat all types of fruit. This makes them as important as vegetables.

These ingredients contain almost every nutrient a person needs. But sometimes these nutrients are not enough. Let’s take Omega 3 fatty acids as an example. They are good for lowering your blood pressure and reduce the chances of heart attack and stroke. These fatty acids exist in flax seeds and seafood. Bear in mind that our body much faster absorbs the one from the seafood. But our body needs additional nutrients that vegan food can’t provide. The solution to that is to use food supplements on top of your vegan diet. 

An interesting factor of a vegan diet is its health benefits. Vegans have lesser chances to have health problems such as high bad cholesterol. Animal products provide us with bad cholesterol through the meat. You might be thinking now: what about fatty avocado?! Well, avocado is 100% bad cholesterol-free!

Are flour tortillas vegan?

Tortillas are simple and nutritious. They have only a few ingredients: salt, vegetables oil, flour (preferable whole grain) and water. All these ingredients are acceptable since they are part of the 4 groups mentioned above. With that in mind, vegans can eat flour tortillas. 

So how do you prepare a tasty and healthy tortilla? All you need to do is mix flour with salt, vegetable oil, and water. For the filling, mix tomatoes, paprika, mushrooms, and spices. Voila, you have made your first controlled and for sure vegan tortilla. When it comes to buying tortilla bread in a supermarket you need to be careful and read the ingredients.  Bear in mind that some tortilla recipes include non-vegan ingredients such as lard. You can even buy a whole tortilla at the fast food corner. But you will need to ask which ingredients they used for the bread and which for the filling.


Hopefully, this helped you understand that veganism is not scary. It’s a simple diet that will keep you healthy. The best part is, you can eat as many tortillas as you want without wondering about negative side effects. But like any good recipe, you just need to find the right mix of ingredients to create a tasty meal with tortillas. Be brave and explore a bit!  

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