Is Buffalo Sauce Vegan

Is Buffalo Sauce Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Buffalo Sauce?

Answer: It depends. The original product contains butter but Buffalo sauce also has a vegan option – it is an excellent alternative for dairy products like mayonnaise and sour cream.


The tangy, vibrant, and flavorful Buffalo sauce is everybody’s favorite! 

Being the versatile sauce it is, Buffalo sauce goes well with several items like pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, tacos, lasagne cups, potato skins, and the list is endless!

Buffalo flavor traditionally is the combination of hot sauce and butter, pretty basic but iconic!

Hot sauce and Buffalo sauce are not the same. While hot sauce is just a combination of peppers, salt, and vinegar, Buffalo sauce is more flavorful with some butter, garlic powder, and an additional dash of salt added to it.

Storytime: How Was Buffalo Sauce Invented? 

This iconic sauce was invented by a woman called Teressa Bellissimo, who co-owned a bar in Buffalo, New York, in 1964. Hence, it is clear that the sauce has nothing to do with buffalos or a bison; the name comes from the place it originated in.

Well, one fine evening, the woman ordered backs and necks of chickens but received an enormous amount of chicken wings instead. Not being able to return it and fearing to waste it, Teressa decided to use the wings some way or the other.

She brought her practical skills out and smothered the broiled wings in a, that she prepared from scratch by throwing in and mixing a few items. The sauce was spicy and tangy. After, she served the spicy chicken wings to her best judge, Dominic, her son.

The son fell in love with the dish and persuaded her to add it to the menu the next day. He also suggested serving this newly launched dish to their Catholic. His suggestion was followed by the launch being after midnight on a Friday evening. As a tradition, many Catholics only ate vegetables and fish as their meals on Fridays.

Bringing out this new delicious dish at midnight just seemed like the perfect plan. The Buffalo wings became an instant hit and became a trendy dish in Buffalo, New York. The dish then expanded to other parts of The United States of America and now is a dish loved by everybody worldwide!

An Instant Hit: But Was That It?

No! Even though Buffalo sauce was an instant hit, the most significant push came during the 1990s. It was when the Football Team known as the Buffalo Bills made it to the Super Bowl not once, but four times from 1990 to 1993. As the media covered the team, the city, and its local highlights, the Buffalo wings had to be featured. 

Shortly after, the dish became a phenomenon, and it became a daily snack for all the football fans to binge on while watching the super fun game.

A little kick of spice along with vinegar, Worcestershire, butter, and seasonings like garlic and salt is what sums up our beautiful Buffalo sauce. However, the question remains that can Buffalo sauce be vegan?

Well, the good news is, yes! Now all our lovely vegan friends do not have to miss out on one of the tastiest sauces ever to exist. Just substitute your butter with some vegan butter or deodorized coconut oil, and you are good to go to relish your vegan Buffalo sauce.

If you want to choose the easier way and get a vegan Buffalo sauce in store, we have got you covered. Several companies make 100% vegan buffalo sauce and have confirmed the same, some of them being Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wings Sauce, Tabasco Buffalo Sauce, and The New Primal Mild Buffalo Sauce. 

Frank’s natural butter type flavor is no lie, and they live up to their customer’s expectations by creating a vegan Buffalo sauce without compromising even a bit on the taste. So now, you can enjoy your orange spiciness without hurting anybody at all!

Is Buffalo Sauce Vegan?

As this sauce does not contain any animal-derived ingredient, it makes buffalo sauce 100% vegan. Yes, it has butter, and that is a dairy product. However, butter can be easily replaced by non-dairy butter, coconut or any other plant-based oil, oil from various sorts of nuts, etc.

Every other ingredient used in the preparation of Buffalo sauce is already vegan, or let’s call them plant-driven. The hot sauce used as one of the main ingredients in Buffalo sauce is made from peppers or chilies. Vinegar, or white vinegar specifically, is made from a vodka spirit distilled from grain. 

Paprika again, like hot sauce, is made from capsicum varietals that include chili peppers. Another essential ingredient, Worcestershire sauce, is made from mainly three items – anchovies, red onions, and garlic. It cannot be considered vegan due to the presence of anchovies. However, many store-bought Worcestershire sauces are vegan, and you can use that instead.

Garlic powder and salt, as we all know, are natural plant-based products. Many people even love grinding up some cashews, maple syrup, soy sauce, and some lemon juice in their Buffalo sauce to make it tangier and tastier. Hence, Buffalo sauce can be purely vegan if you wish to.

Is Buffalo Sauce Healthy?

Experts say that hot sauce paired with some fat is exceptionally healthy for you when taken in a limited amount. And what exactly is a hot sauce with some fat? Buffalo sauce! So the good news is that your favorite condiment is not only lip-smacking but also healthy. 

A recent scientific study also added that capsaicin, an active ingredient in peppers, give them antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer effects. 

Nutrition-wise, a standard one-cup serving of Buffalo sauce has approximately 40 calories, 78.8% of which comes from fat. There is about 25% sodium and 1 g of carbs.

Is BBQ Sauce A Good Substitute For Buffalo Sauce?

In most cases, BBQ sauces are 100% vegan. Though, if you purchase them in a grocery store, make sure to check the ingredients as a few companies do use non-vegan products in their BBQ sauce as well. 

All in all, if you or a family member of yours is not a fan of Buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce can be the next best alternative. It is tangy, savory, and goes well with almost everything.

Can You Switch To Asian Made Sauces Instead?

A BIG YES! Asians are very creative when it comes to their sauces. Teriyaki, honey mustard, sweet and sour, sweet onion, chipotle southwest, ranch, and there are so much more. 

Some of these sauces are vegan. However, some may not be. But a vegan version of all of these is available; you can either prepare it at home or buy it from a grocery.

How To Store Buffalo Sauce

We all love some sauce on the go and some sauce available for late-night snacking. The happy news is that Buffalo sauce can be easily stored as it is non-perishable. You can keep the sauce for up to one month in a refrigerator.

Although, make sure to shake it before use because the ingredients are often separate when stored for a long time.

Some great containers to store your sauce are plastic hot sauce bottles, squeeze bottles or glass jars.

Some Vegan Dish Ideas To Pair With Buffalo Sauce

  • Vegan Buffalo cauliflower wings
  • Vegan vegetable pizza
  • Baked vegan buffalo dip
  • Buffalo cauliflower tacos
  • Buffalo chickpeas tacos
  • Buffalo salad
  • Pistachio Buffalo cream

Cannot Tolerate Spice? Here’s How To Make Your Buffalo Sauce Less Spicy

The base of any buffalo sauce is hot sauce, so it ought to be spicy. However, if you are one of those who cannot take their spice very well, we have the perfect way to make the spice milder but still keep the tangy flavor alive.

  • Add more vinegar
  • Add more of the cashews and water mixture
  • Use more of the vegan butter (if using butter)
  • Add more lemon juice
  • Add a dash of maple syrup
  • Cut down on the garlic a bit

Final Note

Buffalo sauce is a sauce that has been used and loved through generations, and its charm remains. All your snacks get better with some buffalo sauce or its dip. As it also has a vegan option, it makes it an excellent alternative for dairy products like mayonnaise and sour cream.

It is also reasonably good for your health and doesn’t harm you in any way. Either an adult or a kid, the funny grandpa at parties or the picky food eater, Buffalo sauce is something everybody loves and is a safe choice for all. Just opt for the vegan option!

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