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What Are The Vegan Options At Clean Eatz? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Clean Eatz? (Updated Guide)

Healthy lifestyle. This is what we all want. Clean eating is one of its factors to pull it through. Thus, restaurant chains play an important part, especially when you are always on the road, and would rather sit and eat. The restaurant called Clean Eatz has been doing this and has something big for vegans.

For people whose hands are always full, meal preparations can be the last thing on mind, especially when things need to be quick. Fast-food chains are the answer, but if you are following a healthy vegan diet, it’s important to take a trip to a restaurant that fuels your plant-based lifestyle.

Clean Eatz offers a wide plethora of healthy meal plans that you can have even on the road. Just order, grab, and eat. What’s more interesting about Clean Eatz is that they have a weekly meal plan that you can follow. And yes, they customize your order! Definitely one for the books, right?

So if you are into healthy eating, let’s run down what Clean Eatz offers, especially for vegans. Their menu looks really exciting, and we will check all the vegetarian dishes they have. Let’s see.

Who Is Clean Eatz?

Founded in 2011, Clean Eatz has been passionate about helping people live healthy through their customized weekly meal plans with a great selection for vegans. They have nearly 70 branches all over the U.S. through franchising. Their unwavering passion for a healthy lifestyle has brought them to the limelight being named by Restaurant News Magazine as one of the Top 50 fastest-growing small franchise cafes.

Clean Eatz provides dine-in, marketplace items and merch, catering, Grab ‘N Go, and a weekly healthy meal plan. To this date, the food chain has been delivering top-notch healthy meals to people and their families, changing their lives in a better way.

While Clean Eatz also has meat and dairy products on their menu, they also strive to cater to those who are following a plant-based lifestyle. What’s more exciting is that you can have your order customized, which means you can have the food of your choice according to their offerings.

Clean Eatz offers snacks, salads, burgers, wraps, flatbreads, smoothies, meals for kids, and more. Let’s take a close look at their menu and find out the vegan-friendly dishes they offer.

Clean Eatz Vegan Options

Clean Eatz has been promoting clean or healthy eating, and this is huge for vegans. Fortunately, they have special options for vegans that you never have to worry about. They have associates available in-store to help you with dietary restrictions. Additionally, they also have one for meat-eaters and pescatarians.

Let’s check their menu.

  • “Good For You” Nachos. At $6.99, you’ll have tasty nachos made with sweet potato fries topped with guacamole, salsa, green peppers, red onion, and shredded beef. Of course, for vegans, you can scratch off the beef and just go for plain veggies.
  • Buffalo Cauliflower 2.0. Here’s a breaded cauliflower dish tossed in buffalo sauce with a fat-free ranch that costs $5.99. Ask about the buffalo sauce and fat-free ranch use in this to see if they were made vegan. Otherwise, get a Clean Eatz associate to help you out with what you can use on this dish.
  • Build a Bowl. This costs $9.35 for small, $10.55 for medium, and $11.75 for large, including a drink. With this, you can make your own meal according to what they offer.
    • For the base, you can choose either brown rice, Quinoa Kale blend, sweet potato chunks, or protein noodles. You can exclude protein noodles as they’re made with fish.
    • For the protein, you can get the black bean burger since other choices are meat.
    • For veggies, you can pick up to three choices, including asparagus, edamame, broccoli, carrots, Brussels sprouts, spinach, banana peppers, green peppers, red onions, cherry tomatoes, fire-roasted corn & black beans, mushrooms, and zucchini.
    • For the sauce, Clean Eatz has its own version of teriyaki, Thai peanut, cilantro lime, buffalo sauce, sweet chili, Grecian, sweet potato chipotle, and fire-roasted salsa. Except for buffalo and teriyaki sauce that is sometimes made with meat-derived products, all other sauces are vegan-friendly.
    • For the spice, you can choose from Clean Herbz, Fiesta Fit, Swole N’ Spicy, Sweet Chili, Meat & Taterz, and Smokin’ Chipotle. You may have to ask about the other spices to see if they were prepared vegan.
  • Salads. For $8.99, you can have a combination of mostly cherry tomatoes, cucumber, banana peppers, roasted chickpeas, romaine, shredded carrots, red onion, fire-roasted corn & black beans, guacamole, as well as gluten-free chicken. For vegans, you can opt for a non-meat salad with Clean Eatz Grecian, Spicy Ranch, bleu cheese crumbles, tortilla wedges, or fat-free ranch. Just a store associate for guidance.
  • Build a Burger. For only $8.79, you can enjoy a tasty Black Bean Burger with your choice of Clean Eatz style such as Teriyaki, Skinny, and Mediterranean. Each style involves plant-based ingredients such as pineapple, green peppers, spinach, tomato, red onion, and Tzatziki sauce. For teriyaki, you’ll have to ask how it was prepared to make sure it vegan-friendly.
  • Wraps. This costs $8.79 with mean and plant-based choices. You can get the Black Bean made from romaine, tomato, cucumber, Tzatziki sauce, and black bean burger in a whole wheat wrap. You may also check if you can have the Grecian wraps without the shredded beef. It’s made with red onion, romaine, mozzarella, banana peppers, and Clean Eatz Grecian sauce in a whole wheat wrap.
  • Smoothies. Their smoothies mostly include vanilla and chocolate mixed with fruit flavors. You may ask which one is vegan-friendly, and you’re good to go.
  • Sides. For the side dish, Clean Eatz has apple slices, a veggie cup, and sweet potato fries.

Clean Eatz has other dishes on the menu, but they include meat and dairy products or a combination of both. However, an associate can help you if you are interested in those dishes. They also have food for kids that you can see if there’s anything for vegans. The fast-food chain definitely has something to offer for plant-based eaters, which makes it a great location for vegans.

Vegan Sauce Brands

Clean Eatz offers a few vegan sauces that you can have for your desired dish, but if you need more than that, let’s find out more plant-based sauces brands that are PETA-approved.

  • Tofutti Better Than Cream Cheese
  • Sabra Hummus
  • Follow Your Heart Salad Dressing
  • Tofutti Sour Supreme
  • Sriracha
  • El Paso Enchilada Sauce
  • Vegenaise
  • Sabra Guacamole
  • Cholula Hot Sauce
  • Annie’s Naturals Organic BBQ Sauce
  • Trader Joe’s Goddess Dressing
  • Eden Foods Organic Tamari Soy Sauce
  • Earth Balance Natural Peanut Butter
  • Annie’s Naturals Organic Ketchup and Mustard
  • Sabra Pico de Gallo Salsa
  • Kite Hill Cheese
  • Trader Joe’s Tahini Sauce
  • Annie’s Naturals Organic Vegan Worcestershire Sauce
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Earth Balance Buttery Spread

Healthy Eating, A Success

Healthy eating nowadays has reached the epitome of success mainly because many consumers have followed a plant-based diet and clean eating. One of the important factors that make healthy eating successful is choosing the right combination of food with enough nutrients to fuel your body.

This has been Clean Eatz’s passion since its founding in 2011. With its customizable meal plans, limited sodium and sugar content for its dishes, grass-fed, organic, or all-natural ingredients, gluten-free, and meatless dishes, Clean Eatz is winning on this undertaking.

They are also aware when it comes to allergens, providing options other than dairy, wheat, seafood, and soy products.

When it comes to sugar content, Clean Eatz scratches high fructose corn syrup off their dishes and offers complex carbs with lower glycemic indexes to guide food choices. According to experts, men should not take more than 37.5 g of sugar per day while women should not exceed 25 g. Clean Eatz is focused on this by using fresh fruit, stevia, and agave syrup in their drink stations.

They also use honey and applesauce in their sweet treats to help reduce the sugar intake of their consumers. For vegans, honey isn’t a good option as it’s animal-sourced. Applesauce is a great deal.

As for sodium intake, the National Academy of Medicine (NAM) recommends limiting it to 2,300 mg for adults, and 1,200 to 2,300 mg a day for children. This is why Clean Eatz uses Pink Himalayan salt in their dishes to ensure great health benefits for those who need some sodium content in their food.

The naturally pink salt, which is mined close to the Himalayas in Pakistan is packed with minerals and is healthier than the regular table salt. It’s 100% vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free.

To avoid high sodium intake, Clean Eatz follows a “No Salt in the Kitchen” rule and uses fresh herbs instead for flavoring. They also keep their spices sodium-free.

The Bottom Line

As one of the finest restaurant chains in the U.S., Clean Eatz has been a huge success when it comes to delivering innovative and healthy eating to its consumers. It’s definitely a highly-recommended cafe, especially to those who are following a plant-based, healthy diet.

Always remember to take things in moderation to avoid any adverse health effects in the future. Healthy eating is healthy living!