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About Us

Who We Are

Can Vegans Eat was founded by two food enthusiasts that became acquainted a couple of years ago with the vegan lifestyle. Over the years their interest in living a sustainable life grew day by day alongside the social acceptance of vegan-friendly nutrition. Although being vegan is not a new idea, we face daily challenges and questions that need a solution or answer. Therefore the idea was born to help you with the daily struggle as a vegan here at

Our Mission

We understand the common challenges of the vegan lifestyle and want to provide the best information available to help you live a life that is in line with your core values. It doesn’t matter if you have recently decided to become vegan or made that decision a while ago, what unifies us is the vision that there is another way to the common mainstream. All of us have a responsibility to do better – our mission is to help you be a better version of yourself.

Our Team

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