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What Are the Vegan Options at Daylight Donuts? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Daylight Donuts? (Updated Guide)

Delight Donuts is a chain of donut shops based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The chain has more than a thousand outlets in thirteen countries and was founded in 1954. 

This article will address the vegan options at Daylight Donuts. There will also be a discussion on other vegan donut shops. 

Before progressing further, let’s briefly discuss if Daylight Donuts is vegan or not. 

Is Daylight Donuts a Vegan-Friendly Place?

Unfortunately, Daylight Donuts is not a vegan-friendly donut shop. Almost all items on the menu are non-vegan. 

Does Daylight Donuts Have Vegan Items?

The only potentially vegan items on the menu are:

  • Fresh Brewed Tea
  • Iced Coffee
  • Fresh Brewed Coffee
  • All Sodas
  • Orange Juice
  • Apple Juice
  • Kool-Aid

That is all Daylight Donuts has to offer to vegan dieters. Unfortunately, most donut places across the United States provide few vegan-friendly items. 

Are There Vegan Donut Shops?

According to PETA, vegan donut shops exist in some U.S. states and Canada. 




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New York

North Carolina



South Carolina





Donut Friend Vegan Products

  • Caramel on Parade Donut
  • Angry Samoa Donut
  • Chocolate from the Crypt Donut
  • Compassion Fruit Donut
  • Fritter Seems Forever Donut
  • Custard Front Drive Donut
  • Give Up the Toast Donut
  • Green Teagen and Saga Donut
  • The Jelly Sound Donut
  • Mint Town Donut
  • Old Fashioned Donut
  • Pumpkin Piebald Donut
  • Rites of Sprinkles Donut
  • Saves the Danish Donut
  • Small Brown Bites Donuts
  • The Strawberry so far Donuts
  • StrawberryLab Donuts
  • X-Ray Speculoos Donut
  • Youth Brulee Donuts

Planet Doughnut Vegan Products

  • Mango and Coconut Donut
  • Lemon and Raspberry Cake Donut
  • Strawberry Smitten Kitten Donut
  • Raspberry Dark Chocolate Glaze Donut
  • Caramel Brownie Donut
  • Bourbon Cream Donut
  • Planet D Party Donut
  • Chocolate Biscoff Donut
  • Posh Lemon Filled Donut
  • Jammie Dodger Donut
  • OG Glazed Donut
  • Cookies and Cream Donut
  • Posh Jam Filled Donut

Best Vegan Donuts in the US

From coconut-cake donuts in Manhattan to custard-filled donuts in LA, there are the best vegan donuts you must try:

Youth Brulee (Donut Friend/Los Angeles, California)

A hole in a donut is a waste of space; however, Youth Brulee has covered up that space with Bavarian cream topped with torched Crème Brulee effect. The Youth Brulee donut is more delicious than the cronut.

Eclairs (Peaceful Provisions/Beacon, New York)

This donut is worth digging your teeth in. Peaceful Provisions is only open over the weekend (Friday to Sunday), and the bakery sells out fast. 

This means that the bakery is selling top-quality products.

The éclair donuts at this bakery are a popular item and come with two fillings:

  • Cinnamon Pecan
  • Vanilla Pastry
  • Chocolate Glaze

Bakery Biscoff Cookie Butter Donut (Victor and Mika/Haven, Florida)

This donut is for cookie butter enthusiasts, and Victor and Mika’s cookie butter donut is simply irresistible. 

Tiramisu-Filled Donut (Doe Donuts/Portland, Oregon)

This vegan tiramisu donut is a delicious combination of the following:

  • Tart Cream Cheese
  • Bready Dough
  • Coffee Glaze (Cocoa Powdered)

PB&J (Dun-Well Doughnuts/Brooklyn, New York)

PB&J is the best-selling donut at Dun-Well doughnuts. This donut is a step above the classic jelly-filled donuts, as it also comes with a thick layer of creamy peanut glaze. This donut has a fried dough that gives it a nice, crispy texture. 

Strawberry Shortcake (Vegan Doughnut Company/Lakewood, Ohio)

This bakery offers innovative flavors of donuts; however, their most popular donut is the strawberry shortcake. This doughnut is square-shaped, is topped with strawberry crumble, and has fresh strawberry and whipped cream in the center. 

Beignets (Seed NOLA/New Orleans, Louisiana)

A beignet is a doughnut, and you can eat it with a hot cup of coffee or espresso. 

Birthday Donuts (Ronalds Doughnuts’/Las Vegas, Nevada)

Ronald’s Doughnuts is a popular spot among vegan dieters and is famous for rolling out new vegan doughnuts every time. The sprinkle-topped birthday donuts are trendy among vegans.

Vegan S’mores (Good Town Doughnuts/Costa Mesa, California)

Not all donut flavors at Good Town doughnuts are vegan-friendly, but at least half of the flavors are. While vegan dieters love the colorful Cherry Blossom and Raspberry Pistachio flavors, these are also popular flavors:

  • Graham-Cracker Topped Chocolate Glaze Pastry
  • Colossal-Toasted Marshmallow

Apple Fritter (Donut Run/ Washington D.C., Washington)

It was high time that the country’s capital, Washinton, D.C., had its vegan donut shop. In January earlier this year, Donut Run opened up in the capital. This donut shop offers several donut flavors; however, this donut stands out as far as taste is concerned:

  • Apple Fritter

Mint Julep (Revolution Donut/Atlanta, Georgia)

At Revolution Donuts, it is tough to choose one flavor because all the flavors are delicious. This bakery makes vegan-friendly donuts, and the Mint Julep donut has the most superior taste. The donut has a pastel green color and comes topped with:

  • Fresh Mint
  • Vanilla Whip
  • Mint Glaze
  • Bourbon


The vegan diet is not limited to veggies; unfortunately, most vegan dieters don’t know about the food items they can add to their diet.

In this article, the vegan menu at Daylight Donuts was discussed. In addition, we listed the best vegan donuts and donuts shops to make your life easier.