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Are Slurpees Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Slurpees?

Are Slurpees Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Slurpees?

Answer: Yes. Luckily, Slurpees are vegan, so you can add them to your yes-list knowing you’re on the right vegan path.

Are Slurpees Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Slurpees?

Nothing can compare to the freshness of a yummy Slurpee, especially in summer, right? It is one of the most popular beverages, and the reasons are many.

Slurpees are frozen carbonated drinks. It’s almost impossible to avoid being tempted by this cool drink on a hot day. So if you’re wondering ‘are Slurpees vegan?’, it’s good news you can be vegan and still enjoy them.

Going vegan is a one-way road. Once you are aware of the issue, there’s no coming back. Either way, changing eating habits because of a lack of information may be complicated. The ideal scenario would be not having to make sacrifices by, for example, eating tasteless food.

One advantage is that nowadays, vegan food is much more prevalent than in the past. Luckily, more and more food companies are turning to this conscious eating habit.

How Are Slurpees Made?

Let’s focus on the preparation of this trendy beverage. 7/11 is the company that makes this drink using a special machine. It mixes syrups with water, and finally, it carbonates the juice. The final result is a frozen carbonated beverage.

A man named Omar Knedlik discovered this frozen drink just by accident. He had to keep his sodas in a freezer after his soda machine broke down. The frozen liquids that came up from that accident were delicious. The new frozen beverage became so popular that he started to sell it to his customers.

What Are the Ingredients in Slurpees?

Ok, this is maybe the most important question to answer. Apart from syrup and water, the main ingredient is sugar. No matter the flavor you choose, Slurpees contain a high level of added sugar. In the next list, you can learn about the main ingredients this drink includes:

  • High fructose corn syrup to make it sweet.
  • Artificial dyes to make them colorful.
  • Carbonated water.
  • Flavors: natural and artificial. Depending on the Slurpee taste, they may have juice, Kool-Aid, Coke, Fanta, etc. It’s important to remember to make sure the one you choose doesn’t contain gelatin or refined sugar in its ingredients, to be on the vegan side.

Of course, the ingredients vary depending on the flavor. It means that you may find strawberries, watermelon, bananas, grapes, and even coke.

Besides, this company is continually adding new flavors to keep the experience fresh and fun. You’ll always find new flavors to try, so it’s hard to get bored with Slurpees. It’s the perfect product just because Slurpees lovers are always surprised by new tastes.

This cool drink is free of saturated fat and protein, which tells us that it’s a vegan product.

According to the information from 7/11, there are 25g of carbs in 375ml of Slurpees. This measure varies according to the flavor you choose, but this is the average number you can have in mind.

Let’s focus on sugar in Slurpees because it was a hot topic some time ago for 7Eleven. Some people claimed that 7Eleven uses white sugar in their Slurpees. However, 7Eleven clarified they use high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten Slurpees instead of white sugar. It makes Slurpees vegan friendly.

How to Make Slurpees Healthy?

Vegans usually pay attention to health benefits as it’s essential to keep a balanced diet and make sure the body gets all the nutrients.

More and more people are aware of health issues in today’s world, and that’s why 7/11 offers sugar-free Slurpees. They are an excellent option for vegans and everyone else too!

Slurpees vs Slushies

People often feel confused about these two words: Slurpees and Slushies. To explain it, slushy is the name of the drink. Slurpee is the name of the brand that 7Eleven prepares. 

It means you can make a homemade slushy, or you can buy a Slurpee in one of the many 7Eleven’s stores.

Can Vegans Enjoy Any Slurpee?

There’s, however, a detail you have to keep in mind when buying Slurpees. In general, Slurpees are vegan as they don’t contain eggs or milk, as we’ve previously said.

However, some creamy flavors contain cream, which is a milk product. 

Just to be on the safe side, you may try to avoid consuming creamy Slurpees unless you’re 100% sure they use vegan ingredients to make them. Another alternative is asking the salesperson if they use vegan cream to make those Slurpees.

There’s another little detail you have to keep an eye on. You know Slurpees are refreshing, right? Well, that effect is only temporary.

If you keep drinking Slurpees to quench your thirst, maybe you’ll get the contrary effect because they are quite sugary. 

Homemade Slurpees

All you have to do is pick the ingredients according to the flavor you’d like, mix and blend them until you reach the final product. Remember to add ice to the preparation.

You can also use Kool-Aid to prepare Slurpees. No matter the ingredients you choose, remember to double-check they are free of gelatin.

It’s up to you to use fruits, sodas, or powder. If you go for the fruit, you’ll be 100% sure your cool drink is vegan and, let’s face it, a lot healthier. Just pick your favorite flavor, and you’re ready to go!

To finish, now you know Slurpee is right for vegans, you can enjoy this popular beverage. Remember to keep in mind the information you read here and pay attention to the specific details we mentioned. Whether you prepare it at home or you enjoy it in a 7Eleven store, you’re all set to cool off with a lovely vegan Slurpee.