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Are Triscuits Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Triscuits?

Are Triscuits Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Triscuits?

Answer: It depends. Some Triscuits aren’t vegan, such as Smoked Gouda, Four Cheese and Herb, and Romano Cheese & Honey.

Are Triscuits Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Triscuits?

Are Triscuits Vegan?

When you’re feeling snacky, finding a healthy vegan treat can be challenging, especially when you’re on the go. Looking at the back of every box of crackers, cookies, or chips can be a challenge and a waste of precious time. So next time your stomach is growling for a little something, you may want to grab a box of Triscuits to calm your hunger. Not only will you be playing it safe by picking a vegan snack, but you’ll also choose a tasty, healthy treat. But before we move on, let’s look at which flavors you should pick to keep it plant-based friendly.

Which Flavors Are and Aren’t Vegan?

Triscuits have been around for over a century. Over the years, this all-American snack hasn’t changed much in its recipe. But it has increased its number of flavors. The competition in the snack aisle is fierce, and our need for variety is always growing. That’s why Triscuits now offers a whooping eleven flavors to choose from. Let’s look at which ones are vegan-friendly:

  • Original
  • Pepper
  • Hint of Salt
  • Rosemary & Olive
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Dill, Sea Salt, & Olive Oil
  • Fire Roasted Tomatoes
  • Avocado, Cilantro, Lime

Do these flavors make your mouth water just a tiny bit? Not to worry, I also feel the same way. You have eight vegan options, which is pretty good. Now let’s have a look at the naughty ones that you should stay away from if you want to keep it plant-based.

  • Smoked Gouda
  • Four Cheese and Herb
  • Romano Cheese & Honey

To make it simple, if you stay away from the Triscuits labeled with the word cheese, you’re in the clear!

What Are Triscuits Made Of?

Now that we’ve looked at the available flavors: let’s find out what these 2-inch squares are packing. I’ll use the original flavor to keep it short, sweet, and less confusing. It’s also the most basic recipe of them all. It’s versatile and by far the healthiest choice.

Henry D. Perky was the man with the brilliant idea to create a snack that was easy to digest, convenient, and full of energy to get people through the day. He did this in 1900. You can imagine that life was hard in the US at the turn of the 20th century. Finding an affordable snack that didn’t taste terrible was probably not the easiest thing in the world. Perky knew the wheat benefits, so he shredded and baked it to create the first-ever “Baked by Electricity” cracker.

His recipe remained untouched until 1935, when oil and salt were added to the crackers for a tastier flavor. Ever since then, Triscuits Original has been made with these three ingredients and remains a trendy snack worldwide.

It means that Triscuits have been vegan long before the vegan craze. It has no dairy products, eggs, meat, or butter. You can rest easy when you choose these crackers for your next snack.

Is It a Healthy Treat?

To figure out if it’s a healthy snack, we have to establish what a healthy snack consists of. A healthy snack is healthy if it can: boost your energy level, hold off your hunger before your next meal, have enough calories but not too many to become a meal, and is low in fat and saturated fat. Triscuits pass all of these criteria with flying colors.

If we flip the box of Triscuits and look at the label, we find that six crackers’ (one serving) only have 120 calories, which is not enough to count as a full meal. It packs 3 g of fiber and 3 g of protein, an excellent energy source. Finally, it has 3 g of fat and only 0.5 g of saturated fat, which makes it an ideal snack to help you keep a balanced diet.

How Much Is Too Much?

Triscuits are a healthy snack, but how much can you have before it becomes an unhealthy one? If you’ve ever had the pleasure of trying these tasty nibbles, you’ll agree that eating only one serving, six crackers, is extremely difficult.

They’re tiny and go down way too smoothly. You’re hooked as soon as the salty side touches the tip of your tongue. And once the crunch reaches your ears, it becomes nearly impossible to resist the urge to plunge back into the box before you’ve finished the one in your mouth.

Each serving represents an acceptable amount to consider it a good snack. It can give you extra energy and keep your mind from thinking about food. 

However, there are 54 crackers in the box. That’s nine servings in total. While eating the entire package’s contents seems like madness, it’s not impossible to eat a quarter or even half of them in one sitting. That’s what will get you in trouble. It can transform your snack into an entire meal in no time.

Remember that moderation is key with any snack, and Triscuits are no different. Can you remember your mom yelling, “Don’t eat too many of those; you’ll ruin your appetite for dinner!” Moms are always right.

What’s a Good Alternative?

Competition is what makes us better. It also gives us the luxury of choosing from an abundance of similar products. So what’s an excellent alternative to Triscuits? 

Triscuits are hard to beat in terms of quality, taste, and tradition, as we’ve seen above. Yet, you can find some pretty good crackers that are vegan and healthier than a bag of chips.

Mary’s Gone Crackers are a good choice. They taste great on their own, have the right kind of crunch, and are incredibly light.

From the Ground Up: Cauliflower Crackers are another certified vegan choice. These are tasty, crispy, and gluten-free.

Another alternative is the Back to Nature Crackers. The brand used to use dairy products and eggs in the past but has recently gone plant-based. The result is a great-tasting cracker that somehow has a cheesy taste to it.

Whichever you choose, it’s essential to know how to pick the right snack. Triscuits are a great choice, but what if the snack is sold-out? Or even worse, what if your store doesn’t carry the brand?

Well, it’s just a matter of reading the ingredients and making sure that it has no cheese, milk, or eggs. If you want a healthier alternative, choose a cracker with the least amount of ingredients. If it lists a dozen words that you can’t pronounce under ingredients, pass and look for another one. Also, look for ‘baked’ somewhere on the front of the box. If you can’t find it, it’s probably fried and an unhealthy choice.

How Should I Eat Them?

This is the fun part. Now that we looked at what makes Triscuits a fantastic vegan snack, what are some ways to make them a little more extravagant and colorful?

You can crush them over salads, soups, and chilies or use them to scoop up your homemade salsa or guacamole. They’re excellent with a good piece of vegan cheese and fabulous with a layer of hummus.

One of my favorite ways to eat them is with peanut butter and jelly. It’s easy to make and nutritious, and a great alternative to junk food for kids and adults. You can also try a variety of fruits and vegetables. The beauty of these crackers is that you can eat them with anything. They’re your canvas to create something that looks and tastes phenomenal.


Triscuits are a great vegan option, but check the flavor before throwing them into your shopping cart. They offer three different cheese flavors that would not agree with your plant-based diet.

Choosing the original flavor is not only the safest bet but also the healthiest option. Whole wheat grain, oil, and salt are the ingredients that make up this tasty treat. Choosing a funkier flavor may sound more appetizing, but it’s not as healthy.

Just like with most things, moderation is key. Even though Triscuits are a healthier snack than chips, it’s important to remember that eating too many in one go isn’t a healthy option. Stick to one serving if you can. The best thing to do is treat it like a bridge to your next meal, not another meal between meals.

If you can’t find Triscuits at your favorite grocery store or if you’re on the road and you’ve stopped at a gas station, there are other vegan alternatives. Look for baked crackers with as few ingredients as possible, low calories per serving, and no dairy products.

Eating a Triscuists cracker on its own doesn’t do it for you, and if you want to make your cracker less boring, you can spice it up with a little creativity. The neat thing about Triscuits is that they work with anything!

Now that you know all about Triscuits, what will you do with them?