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Is Tropicana Orange Juice Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Tropicana Orange Juice?

Is Tropicana Orange Juice Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Tropicana Orange Juice?

Answer: It depends.

Is Tropicana Orange Juice Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Tropicana Orange Juice?

Tropicana is a multinational corporation based in the United States of America. It has been in existence since 1947 and is famously known for selling beverages based on fruits. 

Is Tropicana Orange Juice Vegan?

There have been many speculations about the ingredients added to Tropicana’s Orange Juice over the past few years. While most of their juices are genuinely vegan, this isn’t the case with Tropicana’s Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice. 

Read on to learn more!

Benefits of Drinking Vegan Orange Juice

The various benefits of drinking vegan orange juice are as follows:

Rich in Nutrients

Orange juice is rich in nutrients such as vitamin C, magnesium, and more. The consumption of these vitamins and minerals boosts immunity, protects you from dental problems, keeps muscles healthy, and heals wounds. It’s also required for the synthesis of your DNA.

Enriched With Antioxidants 

Orange juice is rich in antioxidants such as ascorbic acid, carotenoids, and flavonoids. These antioxidants help in disease prevention and healing.

Some commonly known diseases that antioxidants can cure include heart problems, cancer, and diabetes caused by the lack of or high insulin levels provided to the body.

No Animal Cruelty

As the product is vegan, it’s likely to be free of animal-based products. These elements could be fish oil, anchovies, and collagen. All of these are derived through a process of animal cruelty. Vegan juices are free from this heinous act. This fact makes the whole experience a lot better.

No Kidney Stones

Kidney stones cause severe aches and lead to blood in the urine. This can be a huge source of discomfort. One of the best ways to deal with this problem is to intake orange juice. Orange juice makes your urine’s PH levels higher. Orange juices are given a greater priority in this scenario than lemonades. The risk will decrease by a huge amount by adopting this practice.

Low Levels of Inflammation

Severs inflammatory sensations in the body can be linked to the existence of chronic diseases. These can take a toll on your immunity and make you weak. Freshly made orange juice consumption will reduce the risk of such problems and make you feel healthy again.

Healthy Heart 

As mentioned above, orange juice consumptions lead to a healthy heart. A large number of people suffer from high cholesterol levels and hence, heart diseases. However, with orange juice, this can be resolved. One such famously known Orange Juice is the Tropicana Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice. However, this juice is not vegan and consists of animal-derived elements. 

Not All Orange Juices Are Vegan: The Truth

It’s true that not all Orange Juices are vegan, even when most companies claim them to be. One would usually expect orange juices to be made of oranges and a certain amount of added sugars or preservatives. However, this is not how it works!

Several orange juices constitute the following elements:

  • Carmine 
  • Lanolin
  • Fish Oil
  • Gelatin

All of these elements are derived from animals, making the orange juices non-vegan. One such orange juice sold popularly in the market is Tropicana’s Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice. As a vegan, you must be careful with this product at all costs.

Tropicana’s Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice

A careful examination of Tropicana juices suggests that most of their products are vegan. This means that they contain no animal-derived elements.

However, one very significant non-vegan case that has come to notice is the Tropicana Omega-3 Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice. Listed below are a few reasons why this juice isn’t vegan.

Why Is Tropicana Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice Non-vegan?

Tropicana Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice isn’t vegan as it contains the following two elements:


Gelatin is a form of protein that’s derived from several creatures. It’s used in many orange juices to make the product dazzle in some ways. Gelatin is present in considerable amounts in Tropicana’s Pure Premium Healthy Heart Orange Juice. 

Some of the best sources of obtaining gelatin are chicken, eggshells, and many dairy products.

Omega 3: Fatty Acids 

Omega 3 fatty acids are derived from fish oil. Even though these acids are healthy for one’s heart, they make the product non-vegan. 

What Are the Vegan Orange Juice Options at Tropicana?

Tropicana has a separate Trop50 section as well. This section comprises vegan orange juices that range up to 6 different and tasty options. These are as follows:

  • Trop50 no pulp orange juice 
  • Trop50 some pulp orange juice 
  • Trop50 orange mango juice 
  • Trop50 orange peach juice 
  • Trop50 no pulp calcium+ vitamin D
  • Trop50 vitamin C+ zinc

Trop50 No Pulp Orange Juice 

The Trop50 no pulp orange juice contains 50% less sugar and calories. It’s vegan as it has been made of pure oranges. No sweeteners have been added to the drink for taste. 

You’re likely to take in a tremendous amount of potassium and calcium with every 8 oz of this orange juice. Additionally, you’re going to intake 50 calories with each serving of this juice, 0g of fat, 10g of sodium, 13g of net carbs, 10g of sugar, and 0g of added artificial sugars.

Trop50 No Pulp Calcium+ Vitamin D

Trop50 no pulp calcium+ vitamin D is an effective way of adding more calcium and vitamins to your diet. It has a spectacular lip-smacking taste and is also healthy. What more can one want?

Some ingredients that Trop50 no pulp calcium+ vitamin D is made of include vitamins A, C, E, magnesium, citric acid, natural flavors, and potassium citrate. 

As far as its nutritional facts are concerned, this juice also contains 10g of sugar, 13g of sugar, 10g of net carbs, and 0% added sugars.

Trop50 Some Pulp Orange Juice 

Trop50 some pulp orange juice is another one of Tropicana’s animal-free juices made of orange extracts.

This product is a good option for those vegans who love orange juice and its extracts for its health benefits but dislike the pulp.

Trop50 Orange Mango Juice 

As it’s clear from the name, the Trop50 Orange Mango juice is a rich amalgamation of mango and orange juice. With every 8 oz of this juice, one takes in a considerable amount of vitamins A and C.

This juice is likely to have a good impact on your body. It has no added sugars or artificial sweeteners like other orange juices. The bottle consists of 240 ml of product and each serving consists of 50 calories.

One Trop50 characteristic that remains true even for this product is that it contains 50% less sugar and calories than a normal Pure Premium Orange Juice bottle.

Trop50 Orange Peace Juice 

This delightful combination of orange and peach extracts creates a sweet but healthy juice. This juice is vegan as it includes the usage of no animal-based products. It consists of fruit extracts, 10g of net sugar, 11g of net carbs, and 0% of artificial or added sweeteners.

This juice is not only the perfect mix for your taste buds but your body as well. 

Trop50 Vitamin C + Zinc

If you wish to boost your immunity development and strength, there’s nothing better than the Trop50 vitamin C+ Zinc juice. This product contains triple times the vitamin C that is usually present in orange juice. Additionally, you can find a certain amount of zinc in this drink too.

The rest of the nutritional details of this drink is the same as earlier mentioned Trop50 juices.

Summing Up

When you read the term “orange juice,” you’re likely to assume that the drink is vegan and made of fruit extracts only. However, as shown in this article, this is not always the case. Companies such as Tropicana add non-vegan elements to the drink.

The reasons behind the addition of such animal-based products in healthy fruit juices are multiple. From adding a bit of sparkle to allowing the proper blend of elements to emerge, these reasons could have many possible dimensions.

However, not all orange juices sold by Tropicana are non-vegan. The Trop50 section of juices is made of fruit extracts and sugar only.