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What Are the Vegan Options at Bar Louie? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Bar Louie? (Updated Guide)

Hearty burgers and crispy flatbreads are some of the foods that vegans miss. Nevertheless, Bar Louie allows vegans to grab delicious treats now and then. Bar Louie is a restaurant and bar chain that dates back more than two decades. Eating at Bar Louie means fun and reminiscing about the best foods.

Vegan Options at Bar Louie

We say that Bar Louie is a pretty good choice for vegans in terms of bars. Though they do not have vegan dishes on board, they are flexible with the preparation. Therefore, you must be calculative and mindful if you choose to dine with them. The options are rigid, but they are enough to satisfy the hungriest of vegans. 

In this piece, we’ll walk you through the vegan options at Bar Louie. You’ll understand which ingredients to skip and what to eat. This way, you can enjoy dining at Bar Louie with your omnivore friends. 

Without further delay, let’s see what Bar Louie offers us, vegans! 

Eating Vegan at Bar Louie

Since Bar Louie is a conditionally vegan eating spot, it might be challenging to dine there. You have to request modifications. Generally, the meals will use non-vegan items like cheese, sauces, meat, mayo, etc. 

Thankfully, Bar Louie readily accepts these modifications. You can also ask the server if the chef can prepare something on the menu and vegan for you. Bar Louie’s vegan options are nothing extraordinary. 

It is conditionally vegan, so you may find better dining spots. 

Bar Louie Vegan Menu Options

Being a vegan, you can still dine there if you ever have the chance to visit Bar Louie with your friends. This section will explore some of the vegetarian dishes at the place. It’ll help you understand how to eat vegan at Bar Louie. 


Though the appetizers do not count as wholesome meals, they can calm the hungry vegan beast in you. Bar Louie’s vegan options have tasty appetizers. You and your non-vegan friends will enjoy them. 

Trio Dips and Chips

The trio dip and chips will become your ultimate favorite at the first bite. However, you must eliminate a few ingredients to make the food vegan-friendly. Request the server to substitute queso for guacamole. 

Bavarian Pretzels

Vegan or not, the Bavarian pretzels are the favorite of all Bar Louie diners. Avoid the sauces, queso, and butter to make the Bavarian pretzels vegan-friendly. 

Hummus and Pita With Vegetables

Thanks to hummus and pita bread, vegans don’t go hungry. Bar Louie pairs this Mediterranean dish with veggies. Make sure that you request substituting tzatziki for more hummus. 

Main Courses

Previously, Bar Louie had the portobello burger and grilled vegetable wrap on their menu. These two main course dishes were excellent vegan options. However, they are no longer available. 

If you prefer them, you could request the bar to prepare them for you, but that’s not a guarantee. If they are available, ask the server to avoid cheese or mayo. 

They have pretty decent conditionally vegan options. You can read through the dishes and alterations for a vegan dining experience at Bar Louie in the following section. 

Quinoa Chop Salad

There’s no denying that quinoa is the go-to option for vegans. However, this dish is conditionally vegan. You have to avoid the queso. Also, check with the server if the salad has no cheese or meat. 

Roasted Vegetables Flatbread Pizza

Did someone say vegan pizza? If you skip the dish’s parmesan garlic sauce and cheese, this pizza is vegan-friendly. You can also ask the server to add some more of your favorite veggies and toppings. 

Garden Salad

The garden salad is one of the most wholesome meal choices for vegans. All you have to do is ask the server to skip the cheese for your order. 

The Impossible Burger

All vegans hunt for spots where they can satisfy their burger cravings. Well, with Bar Louie, it is possible. With a minute change in the ingredients, you can have an impossible vegan burger. Ditch the mayo in the burger, and they are vegan-friendly! 

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich

The grilled vegetable sandwich is off-menu. However, Bar Louie readily prepares it on request. All you have to do is ask the server to avoid adding mayo or butter to the sandwiches. 

Side Dishes

Some diners claim that Bar Louie prepares their vegan French fries in lard. However, the restaurant claims the dish has been vegan for more than a few years. French fries at Bar Louie use an all-vegetable oil for the frying process. 

  • French fries
  • House potato chips 
  • Tater tots 
  • Chips 

Desserts & Drinks

Unfortunately, there are no desserts and drinks that can satisfy a vegan diner. However, if you’re a fan of margaritas, you can try them. Hopefully, Bar Louie will introduce some vegan desserts for your sweet tooth in the future. 

Alternative Vegan Bars

It’s challenging for vegans to dine at Bar Louie. Many bars and restaurants specialize in the vegan menu. At these places, you’ll find a dedicated vegan menu. You can find many vegan dishes at these alternative spots, from entrees to beverages. 

Here are some bar dining spots for vegans: 

The Stalking Horse, West LA, CA

The Stalking Horse is one of the favorite go-to options for vegans. You’ll notice that mostly all food dishes at The Stalking Horse have a vegan label. The spot is open daily and serves delicious lunch and dinner. 

What’s more, they’re also open late at night. So you know where to go if you’re having midnight cravings. Every weekend, The Stalking Horse also serves a proper British brunch. 

This place has a pretty good variety. They have a lot more, from pot pies, impossible burgers, starters, and sandwiches to alcohol. You can enjoy lemon whiskey, ciders, and beers for vegan drinks. 

Ladybird, New York, NY

The flavor of the vegan dishes at Ladybird is as appealing as the place’s ambiance. Ladybird is one of the best bars and restaurants in New York. They are a globally inspired veggie tapas food place.

Like the place and its decor, you’ll also be pleased with the menu. It serves various vegan delicacies like fondues, eggplant, and buffalo fried mac & cheese. Please try their mushroom toast, which is very famous amongst vegans. 

You should order an orange lemon, raspberry-lime, or bell pepper pineapple cocktail for beverages. You’ll love their dishes as they make them from seasonal and local ingredients. 

Cienfuegos, New York, NY

If you’re looking for a breezy oasis, then Cienfuegos in New York is a must-visit. It is the home to one of the best rums and all things Cuban. Cienfuegos has the best empanadas, yucca fries, coconut rice croquettes, mushrooms, and coconut rice. 

When at Cienfuegos, don’t forget to try their mushroom fajitas and kale salads. Their menu boasts of having plenty of offerings for vegans. They also offer all sorts of vegan beverages with fruity and punchy flavors. With a beautiful ambiance and mouth-watering vegan food, you have all the reasons to put this place on your list. 

Pocion, New York

Pocion is the only bar in Washington Heights to offer a vegan dining menu. They feature natural bites and healing drinks on their vegan menu. You’ll be surprised that Pocion was among the 10 top innovative vegan restaurants across the U.S. 

What impresses us is their creative and truly vegan beverages. They have guava passion fruit cocktails, gluten-free alcohol, organic vodka fusions, etc. The bar food at Pocion includes coconut and lentil soups. 

Vegans swear by Pocion’s vegan pate starters and cherry tomato tarts. Eating at Pocion does not only mean being vegan-friendly but also nutrition-packed. We love how Pocion is embracing the vegan culture. 

Mohawk Bend, Los Angeles

The following vegan bar alternative on our list is the Mohawk Bend. Mohawk Bend brings some of the best locally sourced fresh meals and beverages to your table. We guess the secret behind their delicious vegan dishes is their fresh California ingredients.

You can order the southwest vegan burger, sweet potato fries, and vegan pepperoni pizza as a vegan. Also, your hunt for the classic pub grub will end with Mohawk Bend.  

You can also grab avocado lime salsa, vegan fried artichoke, corn tortillas, Mexican chipotle vegan sausage, and lots more. Order a cauliflower steak or hearts of palm crab cake. For drinks, you can try cucumber and rose vodka or ginger beer.  

The Bottom Line

These days eating vegan outdoors has become more accessible. Bar Louie is a renowned American food chain. They have limited vegan varieties. Moreover, you have to request modifications to dine at Bar Louie. 

It might be a little tricky at Bar Louie, so we also have other options for you. Hopefully, in the future, Bar Louie will be more mindful of their vegan eaters. A couple of dishes in appetizers, main courses, and desserts could be a suitable addition. 

However, we are not sure about the vegan alcohol at Bar Louie. Before visiting Bar Louie, you can check out specific alcohol brands for this information. We hope you have a great vegan dining experience at Bar Louie!