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What Are the Vegan Options at Clean Juice? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Clean Juice? (Updated Guide)

A meal is incomplete without a good, refreshing sip of ice-cold juice or smoothie, isn’t it?

Opening its 100th branch store in 2020, Clean Juice has been serving customers with good quality juices and smoothies. Living up to its name, Clean Juice offers a wide selection of healthy vegan drinks that you would totally enjoy. 

And if you think Clean Juice is just all about drinks, their menu also includes vegan food items like salad and wraps, which makes them a popular place for vegan folks.

How Did Clean Juice Start?

As obvious as it may sound, Clean Juice brands itself with refreshing juices and smoothies. The overall idea of Clean Juice started in 2014 when owners Kat and Landon started their research with juice and smoothies at home. They opened their first location in 2015 at Birkdale. In 2017, they started to open their business to franchising.

The first-ever drive-thru and stand-alone branch was opened in 2019 at Lake Charles, Louisiana. In 2020, they have a total of over 100 franchises opened all throughout the state.

What to Order at Clean Juice?

Clean Juice generally serves its customers with refreshing juices, ice-cold smoothies, kids smoothies, protein smoothies, Acai bowls, salad dressings, flatbread, gluten-free wraps, sprouted grain, gluten-free toasts, cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, and soups.

Let us discuss all the vegan food items that you can order in each mentioned category.

Fresh Juice

Clean Juice has a culture of giving its menu items a unique name. Their drinks and food items are generally named to what they can provide their customers, e.g. The Energy One and The Glow One are juices that can give you energy and are good for your skin respectively.

Fortunately, you can enjoy all of their juices as they are all prepared to be vegan. 

We have made you a list of all the vegan fresh juices that you can order at Clean Juice. However, it is still best advised to ask for clarifications and assistance from their store staff to confirm as preparations from store to store may differ.

  • The Energy One
  • The Wakeup One
  • The Protection One
  • The Glow One
  • The Celery One
  • The Hardcore One
  • The Immunity One
  • The Detoxifying One

Nutritional And Allergen Contents Of Fresh Juices

One more positive thing about Clean Juice is that they ensure that their food items are made with a touch of nutrition. Upon checking their Allergen Chart, all of their fresh juices do not contain the following allergens: dairy, wheat/gluten, tree nut, soy, and egg. However, The Immunity One drink contains turmeric, so if you have any allergic reaction to it, the drink is not for you.

The chart below presents the nutritional content of all the listed vegan drinks available at Clean Juice, in every 12 oz serving:

Menu ItemCaloriesCalories from fatTotal fatSaturated FatTrans fatCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydratesDietary Fibers SugarsProtein
The Celery One100101 g0 g0 g0 mg480 mg18 g10 g8 g4 g
The Detoxifying One16051 g0 g0 g0 mg140 mg37 g8 g25 g3 g
The Energy One180101 g0 g0 g0 mg110 mg42 g10 g19 g3 g
The Glow One140101 g0 g0 g0 mg45 mg32 g7 g20 g4 g
The Hardcore One80101 g0 g0 g0 mg160 mg17 g6 g6 g4 g
The Immunity One16051 g0 g0 g0 mg80 mg41 g8 g27 g3 g
The Protection One12051 g0 g0 g0 mg30 mg 30 g4 g20 g3 g
The Wake Up One17051 g0 g0 g0 mg0 mg44 g9 g32 g4 g

Smoothies and Kid Smoothies

Bringing your kids with you is definitely an option when you want to have some smoothies at Clean Juice. Aside from the 16 oz regular smoothies, the restaurant also offers 10 oz kiddie smoothies that are perfect for your kids’ appetite. All of their regular and kid smoothies are vegan-friendly. However, you should be careful in ordering their protein smoothie because some of them are off-limits for vegan folks.

The following is the list of vegan smoothies that you can try at Clean Juice:

  • The Coffee One
  • The Healthy Heart One
  • The So Basic One
  • The Tropical One
  • The Longevity One

From kids smoothies, you can order the following:

  • The Young One
  • The Wild One
  • The Slushie One

Nutritional and Allergen Contents of the Smoothie and Kid Smoothie

All of their adult smoothies contain tree nuts that are present in the product. Moreover, The Coffee One, The Healthy Heart One, and The So Basic One also contain soy which is exposed in the production facility.  

For the Kids Smoothie, only The Wild One contains the tree nuts as present in the product and soy which is exposed in its production facility.

To check for the smoothie and kids’ smoothie nutritional content, click here.

Protein Smoothies

Clean Juice also offers protein smoothies in two variations: Whey and Hemp. Protein smoothies are good if you are doing workouts for muscle rebuilding. However, you should be careful in ordering these at Clean Juice because only selected items are vegan.

For the Whey Protein Smoothie, you can only order one vegan drink— The Intense One. And for the Hemp variation, you can order the following vegan drinks:

  • The Double One
  • The Chocolate One
  • The Intense One
  • The Youthful One

Nutritional and Allergen Contents of Protein Smoothies

The Intense One under the Whey variation contains soy as part of the finished product. For the Hemp variation, all four drinks contain tree nuts as part of the product. Moreover, all of them except The Intense One, contain soy which is exposed in the production facility.  

To check for the protein smoothie (whey and hemp variations) nutritional content, click here.

Acai Bowls

Aside from its refreshing juices and smoothies, Clean Juice also offers its customers vegan salads. Thus, the restaurant is also a perfect stop whenever you crave something that can fill up your vegan tummy.

You can order the following Acai Bowls at Clean Juice:

  • The Beach Bowl
  • The Nutty Bowl
  • The Beauty Bowl

Nutritional and Allergen Contents of Acai Bowls

All the mentioned Acai Bowl food items contain tree nuts, in the form of granola, which is present in the product. Moreover, all of them also contain soy which is exposed in the production facility but is not present in the actual food item. 

To check for the Acai Bowls’ nutritional content, click here.


Sad to say, there is only one vegan wrap option at Clean Juice, which is the Garden Wrap. The Garden Wrap includes soy which is exposed in the production facility and not physically present in the product. So, if you have allergic reactions to it, you must avoid ordering the said menu item.

Furthermore, to check for the nutritional content of The Garden wrap, click here.


Clean Juice also offers toasts for breakfast or snacks. The only vegan option under their toast menu is their Avocado Toast. It includes tree nuts, which are exposed in the production facility and not physically present in the product. Still, if you have allergic reactions to them, you should avoid ordering this.

Furthermore, to check for the nutritional content of their Avocado Toast, click here.

Cold Pressed Juices

If the term cold-pressed juice is new to your ears, it is basically a juice made using a hydraulic process which means using excessive pressure to extract the juice from fruits or vegetables. This means that no extra oxygen or heat will be added, thus keeping the nutrients still intact in the final product.

You can order the following fruit flavors of vegan cold-pressed juice at Clean Juice:

  • Sweet Green
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • White
  • Gold
  • Cacao Milk
  • Cashew Milk Latte
  • Pink

Allergen Contents of Cold Pressed Juices

All of them contain tree nuts as an allergen. However, only the White, Gold, Cacao Milk, and Cashew Milk Latte flavors have them present in the product, while Sweet Green, Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, and Pink flavors have tree nuts that are only exposed in the production facility.

Wellness Shots

All of Clean Juice’s Wellness Shots are vegan. Wellness shots are basically small bottles that can be drunk in just one shot but are filled with so many nutrients in them.

You can order the following Wellness Shots at Clean Juice:

  • Wheat Grass
  • Immune Booster
  • Hot Shot
  • Elderberry

Allergen Contents of Wellness Shots

All of the Wellness Shots drink items contain tree nuts which are only exposed in the production facility and are not physically present in the product.

Clean Juice Is a Good Option for Vegans

Clean Juice serves a wide array of drinks and food items that are vegan-friendly. From their juices down to salads, they have something good to offer for your vegan diet.

Thus, the next time you crave a refreshing sip of healthy and vegan juice or smoothie, Clean Juice is definitely a good place to visit.