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What Are the Vegan Options at Eat’n Park? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Eat’n Park? (Updated Guide)

Eat’n Park might not be a vegan’s paradise. Still, it has something for the vegans out there. Rest assured that it won’t be troublesome for you to find something labeled vegan. 

Based in Pennsylvania, Eat’n Park is a restaurant chain with outlets in West Virginia, Ohio. Let’s look at the vegan options at Eat’n Park that can satiate your cravings. 

Yes, Eat’n Park offers vegan-friendly dishes at pocket-friendly rates. Though the options are limited, it provides enough to satisfy your hunger. If you are a vegan devotee, consider visiting your nearest restaurant to make your weekend special. 

The Eat’n Park restaurant chain prides itself on having something for every customer. It includes those people who adopted a cruelty-free diet as well. Even though you can’t find an excessive number of vegan dishes on the menu, it has more than enough options available for vegans. In addition to this, you can get customized dishes upon request.

Vegan-Friendly Options for Breakfast at Eat’n Park

With a good peek at the breakfast category at the Eat’n Park menu, you will find options as follows:

  • Peeled off tots
  • Basket of fresh potato chips
  • Breaded zucchini
  • Dried pickles
  • Pretzel sticks

It’s known for its smiley cookies, and that’s what gave them the name “place for a smile.” Sadly, those smileys are not vegan-friendly. For beverage lovers, they can have a cup of tea or coffee at restaurants. 

You can order a cup of juice or oatmeal. You can also get yourself a couple of sidekicks like raisin toast or brown sugar on your request. It seems to be a satisfying meal, particularly with a cup of cappuccino or chocolate milk. 

Consider ordering the breakfast wrap without scrambled cheese or eggs. Ask the bartender to replace the egg with tofu if possible. Do you plan to stick to your guilt-free diet? Don’t opt for French toast or Belgian waffle as they both have buttermilk or eggs.

Side Dishes for Vegans at Eat’n Park

Side dishes that you can find at Eat’n Park are as follows:

  • Onion rings
  • Fresh-cut fruit cup
  • Apple sauce
  • Green broccoli 
  • Boiled carrots

Though you won’t find these items listed on the direct menu, they are guilt-free. Don’t forget to ask the waiter to confirm that they don’t apply butter to the dish. 

If you are health-conscious, it’s better to stick to dishes like fruit cups, carrots, and sides. As of now, customers didn’t face issues with these items.

Hand-Breaded Zucchini Option

It wasn’t until 1950 that zucchini made its appearance in American home kitchens. 

Hand-breaded zucchini includes green gourds, which are rather than vegetables. With a mild flavor, it tastes slightly sweet and bitter. 

It has a rich feel and is a native American mainstay. There is no Italian cuisine that doesn’t offer zucchini. It is one of the most common fried appetizers that you will find at Eat’n Park restaurants throughout Pittsburgh and West Virginia. 

What Is Special About Caprese Salad at Eat’n Park?

If you are into grilled dishes, sides, or salads, Eat’n Park has something in store for you. Caprese salad includes grilled potatoes, sweet basil, and mozzarella. Like a margarita, Caprese salad is Italian cuisine and bears the three colors of the Italian flag. 

Caprese salad is served either as contorno (Italian meaning starter) or antipasto. You can have it at any point of the day. 

Since it’s a Caprese dish, you can have it with a sandwich, pasta, or Caprese pizza. A plate of salad at Eat’n Park will cost you around 13.95 dollars. If you are a vegan, feel free to order it alongside other meals.

Applesauce Sides 

Applesauce includes peeled or unpeeled apples that can be either sweetened or spiced. It’s a vegan-friendly side that you can order at Eat’n Park restaurants. 

Pretzel Sticks 

Pretzel Stick is a type of bakery product made of dough that has two intertwined ends. Nowadays, pretzels come in a variety of shapes. You can order the 0.5-pound patty if you are looking for guilt-free dishes at Eat’n Park.

Vegan Drinks

What’s Special About Spindrift Cran-Raspberry Seltzer at Eat’n Park?

Spindrift at Eat’n Park includes natural fruits. Having it is bound to get you energized. The best about the Spindrift Cran-Raspberry Seltzer at Eat’n Park is that it’s gluten-free and non-GMO certified. 

Arnold Palmer

Refresh your mood with a cup of Arnold Palmer drinks at Eat’n Park. It’s a mixed drink that combines lemonade with Iced tea. Arnold Palmer tea at Eat’n Park is super delicious. A cup of Arnold Palmer lemonade has 60 cal and 16 units of carbohydrates.

Strawberry Lemonade

You feel refreshed while having a glass of pink strawberry lemonade at Eat’n Park. 

It’s created by adding a glass of mixed food coloring or mixed fruit juice colored by adding Strawberry extract. It is a popular drink all over Virginia. If you’re a strawberry lover, this is your best option for relaxing and enjoying a good drink.

Hot Chocolate

Who doesn’t love a sip of melted chocolate? If you are looking for a vegan-friendly chocolate shake, it’s time to grab a bar of melted chocolate or hot cocoa at the nearest Eat’n Park restaurant.

Hot chocolate at Eat’n Park comes with a calorie count of 360 units. If you are a health-conscious vegan, customize your order using the nutritional calculator at the restaurant. 

You can also try a cup of decaffeinated coffee at the Eat’n Park restaurant. If you need an instant energy booster, Colombian decaf is a perfect choice. 

Regular Gourmet Coffee

Coffee is a popular beverage worldwide. Its production, distribution, and network vary depending on its source. House blend coffee results from mixing a couple of coffee beans to produce different textures and flavors. The serving and blending process is entirely dependent on the distributor. 

To get instant energy with a sip of flavourful coffee, you should try a cup of the gourmet coffee blend at Eat’n Park. The best part is that you get customizable options. 

Other Dishes

Hot Fried Pickle

Frickles or fried pickles are a popular dish in the southern USA. The West Virginia chain of Eat’n Park serves lip-smacking fried pickles.

At the Eat’n Park restaurant chains, fried pickles are usually cooked by dipping sliced pickles and served with ranch. 

Customers can also choose other veg or non-veg sauces for dipping. You can request the caterers to wrap it up with marinara sauce, a vegan-friendly appetizer. Moreover, you can also have it with other dishes. 

One plate of fried pickles contains 520 calories and 49 units of carbohydrates. 

Seasoned Tots

The word “tot” means potato. Seasoned tots are boiled potatoes made into slices and deep-fried. 

Vegans can order a plate of deep-fried torts along with the main course. If possible, ask the waiter to serve it with sandwiches as it enhances the taste of boiled tots. 

Spice up your vegan-friendly onion ring with cream of broccoli. A plate of broccoli cream comprises broccoli with milk or cream. Ingredient variations do exist for vegans. If you don’t want chicken breast with broccoli cream, you can make it like a soup to accompany other meals.

Broccoli soup may have broccoli either frozen, as a puree, or chopped. It’s a good option for a vegan-friendly appetizer.

However, it’s better to confirm its preparation before placing an order.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned above, Eat’n Park is not the first choice for vegans. But it does offer a handful of options to choose from. It lets you customize the dishes to modify their calorie count. For instance, chicken stir fry can be made vegan by asking the bartender to remove the chicken.

If you wish to have spices guilt-free, the list in this article has some dishes you can order at the restaurant. It is time to satisfy your hunger and order a meal of your choice.