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What Are The Vegan Options At Juice Press? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Juice Press? (Updated Guide)

It’s not every day that you get to have an all-plant-based restaurant nor an all-vegan smoothie junction. Do you?

Well, if you’ve known Juice Press for a long time, you might have been getting vegan treats every day.

Juice Press is an all-plant-based restaurant that does not use any dairy or egg ingredients. So, this is really a perfect option if you’re part of the vegan community.

Their menu includes vegan protein, superfood green smoothies, antioxidant fruit smoothies, functional shakes, bowl meals, healthy boosters, cold-pressed juices, immunity boosters, handcraft kombucha, functional hydration drinks, shots, and cleansing juices. Given this wide array of menu selections, you can never go wrong with Juice Press.

Read on to learn more about the menu of Juice Press and how it can provide your daily vegan life with healthy and delicious treats.

Is Juice Press An All Vegan Restaurant?

Their website shows Juice Press has been a pioneer in bringing health and wellness to customers for the past 10 years. They have incorporated a touch of all plant-based ingredients into their menu to offer a healthier selection.

The menu of Juice Press is all vegan, except those that may contain honey. This is clearly stated in their menu and website, so it’s best advised to ask for assistance from their staff to remove if there is any honey content on your order.

The restaurant, fortunately, has not been using any dairy or egg ingredients in its food preparations. For allergens, the restaurant stated that it has products containing tree nuts, peanuts, soy, and gluten. They cannot ensure their products have come across these allergens in preparation. 

But, the restaurant has assured that it has kept its facilities and equipment well sanitized and clean every time to avoid cross-contamination in all ways and means.

Vegan Protein

Despite the fact that Juice Press started by providing customers with healthy juices and smoothies, it is also popularly known for its vegan protein. Their protein menu features their very own plant protein and homemade almond milk. The chart below presents their vegan protein menu and the amount of protein you can get.

Vegan Protein MenuAmount of Protein
Blue Magic21 g 
Vanilla Protein23 g
Chocolate Protein25 g
F$%#ING Genius Blueberry14 g
Clean Green Protein16 g
Strawberry Banana21 g
Pomegranate Recharge25 g


Juice Press offers two main categories for its smoothie menu: superfood green smoothies and antioxidant fruit smoothies. The difference is that their superfood green smoothies include vegetables in their preparation, such as spinach and ginger. Antioxidant fruit smoothies are made with only fruits rich in antioxidants.

The table below presents Juice Press’ smoothie menu and each drink’s calories.

Smoothie MenuAmount of Calories
Superfood Green Smoothie
Green Light Includes spinach, kale, vanilla, banana, date, maple, and water
*you can order this with a free booster
80 cal
Nurse Ginger Greene140 cal
Antioxidant Fruit Smoothie
Advanced Berry Blend140 cal
Fountain of Youth150 cal

Functional Shakes

Aside from juices and smoothies, Juice Press also serves healthy and delicious functional shakes. The shakes feature their very own almond butter and homemade almond milk that go along well with ingredients like banana and peppermint chips. 

The table below presents Juice Press’ functional shakes menu and the calories each drink contains.

Functional Shake MenuAmount of Calories
Heavenly Chocolate Almond Includes cacao, almond butter, cinnamon, banana, date, homemade almond milk410 cal
Mint Chip Protein310 cal

You can choose to add greens to your shakes which will cost you an additional $1 and 15 calories each.

Bowl Meals

You can partner your smoothies and juices with Juice Press Bowl Meals. These bowl meals include their very own vegan protein, acai, and their homemade almond milk. The table below presents Juice Press’ Bowl Menu and each dish’s calories.

Bowl Meal MenuAmount of Calories
Blue Magic Protein (includes 21 g of protein)310 cal
Acai Blueberry180 cal
Almond Butter Acai Includes almond butter, cacao, cinnamon, banana, coconut nectar, homemade almond milk350 cal
Green Bowl Includes spinach, kale, vanilla, pomegranate powder, flaxseed, chia, date, banana, homemade almond milk170 cal


You can choose any three of the following toppings for any of the bowl meals. If you opt to add more, there is a $1 fee for each additional topping. The following toppings are homemade granola, puffed quinoa, almond butter drizzle, flax and chia seeds, goji berries, maple coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and frozen blueberries.


If you feel like you need an additional booster for any of your drinks or meals, then Juice Press has something in the room for you. Be reminded that boosters will also add more calories to your orders. 

Each booster can either increase your focus, improve heart health and gut health, give you anti-inflammation effects, or contain healthy fats for health benefits.

The restaurant offers protein, energy, antioxidants, and wellness boosters.

Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressing a juice means using a hydraulic process to extract the juice from fruits and vegetables. Cold-pressed juices retain most of the fruits and vegetables vitamins and minerals more than regular juices.

Juice Press offers several cold-pressed juices categorized in the following sections: Deep Greens, Greens With Fruits, Antioxidant Fruit or Veggie, and Detox Juices. 

Deep Greens are those that are purely made with vegetables. They have on their menu the Mother Earth juice, which the restaurant considers as their greenest green juice. Mother Earth includes cucumber, celery, kale, swiss chard, dandelion, parsley, lemon, and ginger. Other cold-pressed juices included in the deep greens menu are their Celery Juice, Soul Garden, which includes celery, cucumber, lemon, and kale, Simple Green, and Turmeric Ginger Greens, which includes celery, turmeric, broccoli leaf, swiss chard, ginger, cucumber, lemon, lime, and black pepper.

Their Greens with Fruit menu includes Doctor Green Juice, apple, pineapple, kale, lemon, and ginger. Other cold press juices under this category are Greens + Earth, Love Me, and Love At First Sight.

Under their Antioxidant Fruit and Veggie menu, they have the Lucky Seven Cold Pressed Juice, which includes beet, ginger, carrot, orange, pineapple, apple, and lemon. They also have the GLO and Pure OJ.

Under their Detox Cold Pressed juices are Dirty Detox and Spicy Cleanse. These drinks are recommended for those planning to remove toxins in their digestive system for various health reasons, such as losing weight and improving metabolism.

Immunity Boosters

Juice Press also offers immunity boosters made from fruits and vegetables rich in antibiotics and antioxidants to help improve your body’s immune system. The table below presents Juice Press’ Immunity Boosters Menu and the calories each booster contains.

Immunity Booster MenyAmount of Calories
Ginger Fireball Includes ginger, orange, lemon, cayenne, oil of oregano120 cal
Green Fireball with Greens Includes broccoli leaf, ginger, apple, lemon, acerola, cayenne, oil of oregano100 cal
Spicy Citrus Includes grapefruit, lemon, orange, ginger, cayenne200 cal
Ginger Turmeric Tonic Includes ginger, turmeric, lemon, cardamom, cayenne, spearmint, honey, sea salt70 cal
Volcano Includes ginger, lime, cayenne, oil of oregano60 cal


Juice Press has a full menu of healthy and amazing shots whenever you feel like taking shots of nutrient fireball. The table presents Juice Press’ Shots Menu and the calories each shot contains.

Shots MenuAmount of Calories
Rehab Shot Includes ginger, lemon, cayenne45 cal
65 Nutrients Inside! Includes e3live, filtered water5 cal
Apple Cider Vinegar Includes apple cider vinegar, green apple, ginger15 cal
JP Fuel Includes apple, guayusa, maca25 cal
JP Fuel Extreme Includes apple, guayusa (x2), maca30 cal


Juice Press also serves a wide range of cleansing juices made with ingredients that are rich in antioxidants. Restaurant policy includes that you should order these cleanse 48 hours before picking them up. 

Some available cleansing juices you can order are Original Cleanse, Beauty Cleanse, and Warrior Cleanse, which have higher protein content. You can check out the rest of their Cleanse Menu section for the full list of cleansing juices they offer.

Juice Press Is A Good Vegan Junction

Driving at Juice Press for vegan treats is a good option for your vegan dining (and drinking) experience. It serves several vegan options, including smoothies, cold-pressed juices, bowl meals, and boosters. You don’t have to worry about its vegan friendliness because they use a 100% plant-based ingredient list and avoid using any dairy or egg ingredients.

So, the next time you crave refreshing and delicious treats, Juice Press will welcome you with overflowing vegan goodness.