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What Are The Vegan Options At Philz Coffee? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Philz Coffee? (Updated Guide)

For most people, including me, mornings are made even better with a sip of a hot, aromatic cup of coffee. And when in a hurry, coffee shops along the way are a great help to brighten up the day.

One of the most popular coffee shops today is Philz Coffee. Established in 2003, Philz Coffee has been serving coffee lovers with a cup filled with care, warmth, and connection. More importantly, the shop is not only serving coffee but a variety of food dishes as well.

So, the vegan community is curious about which of their servings are vegan-friendly. The coffee shop allows you to change your milk to almond, soy, or oat milk if you’re vegan. Plus, they are serving vegan courses and snacks for you to enjoy.

Read on to learn more about Philz Coffee, and how to order their servings in a vegan way.

What Are The Coffee Options At Philz Coffee?

Philz Coffee offers a wide variety of coffee selections for coffee lovers. They have three categories according to the strength of the coffee. These categories are namely, Dark and Bold, Medium and Balanced, and Light and Bright. So, you can match your coffee with your mood at the moment.

A good thing about Philz Coffee is their ability to use natural flavors, instead of artificial flavorings (except for their Philtered Soul coffee where they use an artificial hazelnut flavoring). They are also very delicate when it comes to preparing their coffee. They make sure that each cup is prepared manually, a reason why you will not see any espresso-related option on their menu.

Under the Dark and Bold category, the shop offers the following options:

Tantalizing TurkishThis is made with a bitter yet sweet flavor, plus a hint of cardamom.
Jacob’s WonderbarThis is a more chocolatey drink, with hints of fruit flavors.
Aromatic ArabicIf you want big and syrupy coffee, this option is definitely for you.
EtherThis offers a more complex coffee flavor. It is made with cocoa and cherry hints.

Moreover, you can enjoy the following coffee options under the Medium and Balanced Category:

Silken SplendorIf you love a more silky coffee flavor, then this is a good option. Plus, you can enjoy its citrus and toffee hints.
TesoraThis is made with a splash of caramel and vanilla flavor. Enjoy its smoother consistency as well.
PhilharmonicA cup of coffee with a hint of maple and cardamom. If you love a creamier consistency, then this one is the best for you.
Julie’s UltimateThis coffee is maltier and richer in flavor. Plus, you can enjoy some touch of berry in it.
Philtered SoulIf you’re into coffee aroma, this one is the best pick for you. It is also served with a hazelnut flavor that you can enjoy.

Finally, here are the coffee options that you can order if you want a Light and Bright coffee mood for the day:

Greater AlarmA citrusy flavored cup of coffee with a bright touch of brown sugar to enjoy.
Ambrosia Coffee of GodSweet and mild flavor with a hint of berry and honey. Be careful when ordering this and make sure to ask for the removal of honey to be vegan.
Dancing WaterSoft flavor of coffee with a touch of chocolate and almond.
New ManhattanA coffee flavor with a tropical twist by adding hints of citrus and tropical flavoring.

If you’re not into coffee, Philz Coffee also offers its featured collections of several smoothie flavors. Each drink is specified in their Menu section, which can be found on their website.

How To Order Vegan Coffee At Philz Coffee

Generally, you won’t find a vegan coffee at Philz Coffee, except for a black coffee. However, ordering a vegan coffee is easy as you just have to instruct your barista to change the milk into either almond, soy, or oat milk, as we mentioned above. 

Milk is considered a non-vegan ingredient because it is a product of milking animals, such as cows, goats, and buffalos. This has become one of the main problems of coffee lovers out there. Thankfully, several plant-based milk products have become available commercially and were used in coffee preparation among coffee shops locally. Almond, soy, and oat milk are all vegan milk as they are all derived from pure plant-based ingredients.

Take note that some of their coffee contains honey as well. Honey is a non-vegan ingredient as it is a by-product of honeybees. Moreover, cases of animal cruelty are reported regarding the inhumane extraction and processing of honey. This is strictly against the political movement of the vegan community.

It is to be taken note of that the flavors and options at Philz Coffee are changing as time goes by. They are also in the process of integrating more vegan and healthier options for health-conservative customers. You can also adjust the level of sweetness of your coffee according to your preference. 

What Are The Vegan Food Options At Philz Coffee?

Philz Coffee is not only known for its delicately made coffee, but also for its savory menu. This includes their Handmade Food, and several food options according to different regions such as Bay Area and Sacramento, Southern California, Chicago, and D.C. Regional Food.

You can order vegan food under these categories by customizing them. It is important that you advise the staff that you want to remove non-vegan ingredients from your order. To know these, we will be discussing each option that you can find on their food menu.

Under Handmade Food, you can enjoy a toast made with almond butter and jam. However, this toast contains wheat and tree nuts which may cause some allergic reactions. You can also enjoy their Mediterranean Avocado and Egg Toast, but of course, you have to order it without the egg to enjoy it vegan. They also have the Avocado Energy Bowl and Protein Energy Bowl which you can order without the egg. The energy bowls may also contain wheat.  

Moreover, under the Bay Area and Sacramento categories, you can enjoy their Pumpkin Slice, Plain Bagel, Everything Bagel, and Plant-Powered Sandwich. These can all be enjoyed vegan as they are, but it is important to take note that they contain wheat which can cause allergic reactions. The Plain Bagel, Everything Bagel, and Plant-Powered sandwiches can also be enjoyed under the South California and Chicago category.

Under the Chicago category, you can order their Sugar and Spice Donuts. This is pure vegan but may contain wheat and soy as allergens. Lastly, under the D.C. Regional Food category, you can have their Morning Glory (which has wheat) and Cranberry Scone (which has soy and wheat). The Plant-Powered Sandwich can also be enjoyed under this category.

Where Can I Find Philz Coffee?

Finding Philz Coffee is not going to be a complicated thing to do as they have store locations spread all throughout the US. They have stores in San Francisco, Peninsula/South Bay, East Bay, North Bay, Sacramento Valley, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, D.C. Metro, and Chicago.

If you found your hometown, then it’s good for you as it is just a drive away. However, if you live far across these places, you might be wondering how you can enjoy a hot cup of handmade Philz Coffee anytime in the day. Well, it’s a good thing that they have an online ordering system. You can order anytime and anywhere, even when you’re feeling too tired to go out.

Philz Coffee Subscription

Yes, you read that right. If you also feel too tired to order online, you can just have the Philz Coffee monthly subscription of coffee delivery in your home. You can choose either the Build Your Own, Roast Discovery, or Surprise Delivery subscription. 

The subscription offers three main advantages for coffee lovers. First, you never have to worry about running out of coffee. Second, the coffee will be delivered straight to your doorstep, without hidden charges. And lastly, you can easily modify or update your subscription anytime and anywhere.

To know more about the details of the following plans, you can check the subscriptions section on their website.

Philz Coffee Offers A Variety Of Vegan Options

As discussed above, you can easily brighten up your day with lots of vegan options, whether coffee flavors or food meals, at Philz Coffee. You can also choose the coffee strength according to your preference. Plus, you can always adjust the sweetness of your coffee depending on how you like it to be.

Philz Coffee also offers top-notch food servings, where some flavors change according to the Region or store location you are in. In general, you can have their Vegan Pumpkin Slices and Plant-Powered Sandwich for the most vegan option. Take note also of some allergens that the foods may contain.

So, the next time you’ll be needing a hot cup of coffee to waken your day up, or to set your mood for the day, you already know how you can order at Philz Coffee the vegan way.

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