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What Are The Vegan Options At Paradise Biryani Pointe? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Paradise Biryani Pointe? (Updated Guide)

Hearing the term “Biryani” makes you think about rice and meat. That’s right. This Indian-favorite dish has been one of the popular orders made online or in location. But is this something that can be made vegan?

At Paradise Biryani Pointe, you don’t just get America’s best biryani. It also has a special menu for vegetarians and vegans, which sounds great for all of us. Curries, chana masala, among others are what we’re seeing on their menu, and we’re going to check all these to see what they have for vegans.

If you’re an Indian cuisine lover, and on the lookout for vegan options, this page is for you. We will check more items on Paradise Biryani Pointe, and see if they can satisfy your vegan umami taste.

Paradise Biryani Pointe, Your Best Indian Cuisine Chain

Specializing in tandoori and Mughlai dishes, Paradise Biryani Pointe is known for its signature biryani, a combination of meat and rice dish with eggs or vegetables in some variations. The Indian restaurant now has almost 40 spots in 16 states in the U.S. and plans to open more soon.

What’s more amazing about Paradise Biryani Pointe is that they are conscious about their customers’ health, and they use halal meat that’s 100% free from antibiotics and hormones. They source their meat from organic farms.

Paradise Biryani Pointe, most of all, has special options on their menu for vegans, which is something that we’re living for. Yes, they know the way to your heart, our hearts. Let’s check what you can have in case you bump into one of their locations in the U.S.

Paradise Biryani Pointe Vegan Menu

The menu at Paradise Biryani Pointe varies from each location, including vegan options. But overall, the following vegan dishes are offered in most of their spots like California and Michigan.

Take note of its Paneer, which is an Indian cheese sourced from animals like cows and buffalo. However, there’s a vegan substitute for this, which needs verification from Paradise Biryani Pointe.

You may also need to ask about the cream and butter they used on some of these dishes as they might be non-vegan. Just verify it with the restaurant to ensure these are not just for vegetarians but also for vegans.

Nonetheless, these dishes below are great for vegetarians and the like.


  • Cut Mirchi. It’s another type of Mirchi Bajji that’s cut into small slices, cooked in double fry.
  • Gobi Manchurian. Here’s a traditional Indian Chinese dish made with aromatic flavor and spices. Although this can sometimes include chicken and seafood, it’s usually served vegan, and the menu says the same.
  • Paneer 65. With its origins dated back to 1965, Paneer 65 has been a favorite dish made out of cayenne pepper, lime, and ginger.
  • Chilli Paneer. Here’s an Indo-Chinese favorite spicy starter marinated and made with spices, fried in Wok, and cooked in low fire served with a tasty sauce.
  • Gobi 65. This dish was reportedly found in the 65th item on the menu in a military canteen in Tamil Nadu, India. Paradise Biryani Pointe’s menu says it’s also made from lime, cayenne pepper, and ginger.
  • Szechuan Paneer. Here’s another Indian Chinese dish that’s made out of aromatic spices and flavors.


  • Paradise Dal Fry. Here’s a tasty, popular Indian dish made with aromatic spices, tomatoes, onions, and tur dal, also known as pigeon pea lentils. Paradise Biryani Pointe has its own special dal fry that we’re really excited about.
  • Bagara Baingan. Are you an eggplant lover? If so, this dish is for you. It’s made with young eggplants cooked with coconut groundnut sesame paste.
  • Malai Kofta. With fresh Kofta balls come a delicious Malai Kofta cooked in cashew nuts and onion sauce.
  • Kadai Vegetable. It’s made with seasonal veggies and cooked in rich gravy for happy vegan eaters like you.
  • Paneer Tikka Masala. Delicious paneer cubes cooked in Paradise’s special gravy with cream.
  • Mirchi Ka Saalan. If you want you entree with spicy kick, choose Mirchi Ka Saalan. It’s made with long, hot peppers cooked in sesame-based sauce, and spiced with onions, garlic, and other special aromatic spices.
  • Kadai Paneer. Rich special Paradise gravy in a mixture of fresh cheese cubes, capsicum, onions, and tomatoes.
  • Mughlai Paneer. This is a new dish in its Farmington Hills, Michigan location. It’s made with the popular Indian cottage cheese cooked in cashew gravy and coriander.
  • Paneer Kadai. In its Farmington Hills, this is made with Indian cheese cooked in gravy with bell peppers and onions.
  • Mix Veg Masala Curry. This is made with assorted veggies and cooked in pepper, coriander seeds, and onions.
  • Navratan Kurma. With nine different veggies comes Navratan Kurma in a creamy sauce with mild spices.
  • Channa Masala. Here’s another delicious Paradise special made with chickpeas cooked in a mixture of tomatoes, onions, and other spices.
  • Paneer Hyderabadi. This is also a new dish in the Farmington Hills location made with Indian cheese in tomato sauce and tossed with coriander, chili, garlic, and other spices.
  • Mirchi Ka Salan. It’s a dish available in Farmington Hills, which is made with Hyderabadi curry with chili in spiced gravy.
  • Paneer Butter Masala. Here’s another Indian cheese dish that’s grilled and cooked with a butter sauce.
  • Palak Paneer. Here’s a popular curry dish in North India that’s made with cheese, and pureed spinach in hariyali gravy.
  • Veg Makhani. This is another mixed veggies dish cooked in chef’s cream and tomato gravy.
  • Malai Kofta. In the Farmington Hills location, its version is made with cheese and veggie croquettes and simmered in cashew sauce.


As Paradise Biryani Pointe has its signature biryani, the vegetable option is also available in most of their locations.

  • Vegetable Dum Biryani
  • Family Pack Veggie Dum Biryani


Although the traditional bread is vegan-friendly, you may have to verify it with Paradise Biryani Pointe to see if their versions are suitable for those who follow a vegan diet. Remember that butter, cheese, and cream have a wide plethora of vegan versions that can be used in cooking.

  • Plain or Butter Naan
  • Tandoori Roti
  • Garlic Naan


Another set of Paradise Biryani Pointe’s special looks really tempting. But you may have to verify it with them to see if these were prepared vegan.

  • Double Ka Meetha. This is a special bread pudding that’s served with a garnish of almonds and pistachio.
  • Gulabjamon. This may include milk in the making, but you may ask how they prepared it.
  • Qubani Ka Meetha. Here’s a tasty, sweet dessert made with dried dates, apricot, rose petals, and served with ice cream.
  • Rasmalai. This is a delicious cheesecake dumpling in a special Malai sauce with a garnish of almonds and pistachio.


This special is made with a rice and noodles combo alongside vegetables and special spices, cooked in a classic street-side style. To make sure these were prepared vegan, we assume you know the drill.

  • Street Fried Rice. It’s made with long grain rice served with shredded veggies.
  • Street Noodles. This is made with Chinese noodles in shredded vegetables.
  • Chilli Garlic Street Noodles. Served with shredded vegetables, here’s another delicious Chinese noodle with chili garlic.
  • Triple Fried Rice. It’s made with a combination of triple long-grain rice, Hakka noodles, and fried rice.


These beverages can be made vegan-friendly. You may ask Paradise Biryani Pointe to ensure that you can enjoy its refreshing, delicious drinks guilt-free. We actually never know unless we ask.

  • Mango Lassi. This drink is popular during the summer season. It’s made with mango yogurt, milk, some sugar, and sprinkled with cardamom.
  • Thumbs Up
  • Soft Drinks

Paradise Biryani Pointe U.S. Locations

In case you’ll be craving Indian cuisine, here’s the list of U.S. locations of Paradise Biryani Pointe that serve vegan-friendly dishes.

  • Draper, Utah
  • Milpitas, California
  • Dublin, California
  • Santa Clara, California
  • Canoga Park, California
  • Artesia, California
  • San Diego, California
  • Fremont, California
  • Glendale, Arizona
  • Greenwood Village, Colorado
  • Chandler, Arizona
  • Farmington Hills, Michigan
  • Schaumburg, Illinois
  • Herndon, Virginia
  • Fairfax, Virginia
  • Dearborn, Michigan
  • Gates Mills, Ohio
  • Edison, New Jersey
  • Catonsville, Maryland
  • Lawrenceville, New Jersey
  • Lowell, Massachusetts
  • Raritan, New Jersey
  • Norwood, Massachusetts
  • Okemos, Michigan
  • Westborough, Massachusetts
  • Norwalk, Connecticut
  • North Brunswick Township, New Jersey

The Bottom Line

Indian cuisine, traditionally isn’t only delicious that warms up your stomach, but it’s also healthy with plenty of vitamins and minerals that you can benefit from. This includes its vegan-friendly dishes that give anti-inflammation properties, maintain healthy brain functions, and support strong immunity against diseases.

On the other hand, commercialized versions of Indian dishes can also be unhealthy as they’re packed with sugar and fat. What you can do is eat in moderation to avoid any adverse effects. Remember that any food can be healthy when consumed reasonably.

Enjoy your food!