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Are Warheads Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Warheads?

Are Warheads Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Warheads?

Answer: Yes.

Are Warheads Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Warheads?

Despite the fact that they contain many additives, Warheads still remain vegan-friendly.

If you’re a candy lover, you might have been frustrated from finding a candy that can keep up with your vegan lifestyle. In this article, we will talk about a certain brand of candy that might end your frustration, Warheads. 

Warheads is a sour candy brand manufactured by Impact Confections. The candy is popular with its extreme sour flavor, especially among children.

Candies may be a bit problematic for vegan folks because of their gelatin and lactose content. Luckily, most Warheads varieties are gelatin and lactose-free except the Sour Twirls and Warheads Worms.

However, some vegans find Warheads a little bit controversial because of their sugar and artificial color content. Read on to learn more about Warheads, and discover which varieties can be added to your vegan treats list.

What Are The Ingredients Of Warheads Candy?

The classic Warheads candy has the following ingredients. Take note that we will first consider these ingredients as vegan, but we will further discuss some ingredients that are problematic in the vegan community.

SugarArtificial Flavors
Corn SyrupCarnauba Wax
Malic Acid*Corn Starch
Citric AcidBlue 1 (May Contain)
Magnesium Stearate (Processing Aid)Red 40 (May Contain)
Gum AcaciaYellow 5 (May Contain)
Ascorbic Acid

Aside from this, Warheads may contain several allergens. It may contain soy and their derivatives, wheat, and their derivatives, and peanuts and their derivatives. If you have an allergic reaction to these allergens, make sure to check the label first.

Nutritional Information

The nutritional label of the classic flavor of Warheads Classic candy is presented in the chart below. Take note that other varieties of the candy brand have different nutritional information and labels. Moreover, candy manufacturing may also differ from other countries, so always check the labels first.

This nutritional information is based on the suggested serving of the product. It is recommended that the serving size is 2 servings per container.

ContentsAmount per serving
Total fat0 g
Saturated fat0 g
Trans fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium0 mg
Total Carbohydrates10 g
Dietary Fibers0 g
Sugar8 g
Protein0 g

Why Is Malic Acid In Warheads Problematic Among Vegans?

Malic acid is generally a vegan-friendly ingredient, as it is typically derived from fruits and vegetables. However, the malic acid present in Warheads candies is a combination of malic acid and palm oil. Palm oil farming has been a controversial issue among vegans because of the exploitation in its production.

While palm oil is obviously a plant-based product, vegans are against how its production affects the environment, especially the forests. Palm oil production contributes greatly to deforestation which often causes loss of habits to endangered animals. This action raises the alarm for some vegans since they are strictly against any form of animal cruelty.

Now, deciding whether you will still consume the product is purely a personal choice. However, since there is still a huge population of the vegan community consuming and patronizing the product, and the fact that it does not contain any animal product— we will still consider them as vegan friendly.

Do Warheads Contain Beeswax Or Shellac?

Most candies contain beeswax or shellac because these ingredients are good texture agents. This is because they naturally texturize candies and help them retain their original flavors. Despite the fact that this is a very popular ingredient in candy making, Warheads do not contain it.

Are All Warheads Candies Vegan?

No. Let us discuss various flavors and understand why some of them should be crossed out on your list.

Sour Chewy Cubes

Vegan. Add Sour Chewy Cubes to your sweet list as they are definitely vegan-friendly, with the following ingredients:

SugarMalic acid
Corn SyrupSodium citrate
DextroseFumaric acid
Modified corn starchBlue 1 (May Contain)
Corn starchRed 40 (May Contain)
Citric acidYellow 5 (May Contain)
Lactic acidNatural and artificial flavors, artificial color

Sour Twists

Not Vegan. Sour Twists include lactose, which is milk sugar. Milk is generally considered to be non-vegan because it is a product obtained from milking animals, such as cows, goats, and buffalos. The rest of the ingredients of the Sour Twist candy is presented in the table below.

SugarMalic acid
Corn SyrupPalm fat
Wheat FlourSodium Lactate
Modified corn starchBlue 1 (May Contain)
LactoseRed 40 (May Contain)
Citric acidYellow 5 (May Contain)
Lactic acidArtificial flavors and artificial color
SaltTrisodium Citrate
Mono and diglyceridesGlycerin

Sour Dippers

Vegan. Sour Dippers actually have two flavors, Blue Raspberry, and Sour Cherry. Both flavors are vegan and have the same set of ingredients. The full list of their ingredients is presented in the tables below.

For their stick, the following ingredients are present:

DextroseMagnesium Stearate
Citric AcidAnti Caking Agent
Malic AcidRed 40 (May Contain)
MaltodextrinBlue 1 Lake (May Contain)
Fumaric AcidArtificial Flavors

For the powder, the following ingredients are present:

DextroseTricalcium Phosphate
Citric AcidAnti Caking Agent
Malic AcidRed 40 (May Contain)
Silicon DioxideBlue 1 Lake (May Contain)
Fumaric AcidArtificial Flavors

Sour Jelly Beans

Vegan. This is interesting because most jelly beans are considered to be non-vegan because of their gelatin contents. So, this is actually good news for jelly bean lovers out there. The full list of Sour Jelly Beans ingredients is presented in the table below.

SugarCitric acid
Glucose SyrupBlue 1 (May Contain)
Fumaric AcidRed 40 (May Contain)
Modified corn starchYellow 5 (May Contain)
Corn starchNatural and artificial flavors

Super Sour Spray Candy

Vegan. Again, there’s nothing alarming about this variation’s ingredients except the palm oil contents in the malic acid that we have discussed earlier. For the full list of its ingredients (apple flavor), see the table below.

SugarPotassium sorbate
WaterArtificial flavors
GlycerinBlue 1 (May Contain)
Malic acidYellow 5 (May Contain)
Lactic AcidPreservative

Super Sour Double Drops

Vegan. Add this to your candy list as it does not contain any ingredients that can be problematic. See the table below for the list of all its ingredients.

SugarPotassium sorbate
WaterBlue 1 (May Contain)
GlycerinYellow 5 (May Contain)
Malic AcidPreservative
Citric AcidArtificial flavors
Lactic Acid

Sour Cooler

Vegan. This is another Warheads variation that does not include any problematic non-vegan ingredients. Its full ingredients are listed in the table presented below.

DextroseMagnesium Stearate
Citric AcidAnti Caking Agent
Malic AcidRed 40 (May Contain)
MaltodextrinBlue 1 Lake (May Contain)
Fumaric AcidYellow 5 Lake (May Contain)
SucraloseArtificial Flavors

Warhead Worms

Not vegan. Warhead worms contain gelatin. Aside from gelatin, warhead worms variations often include lactose and other alarming ingredients such as glycerin and glycerides. The European version contains lactose, while the American version contains gelatin.

The American version of the Warhead Worms include the following ingredients:

SugarTitanium dioxide
Corn syrupRed 40 (May Contain)
Modified cornstarchBlue 1 (May Contain)
GelatinYellow 5 (May Contain)
Citric AcidNatural flavors
Lactic AcidArtificial flavors

Why Is Gelatin Considered Non-Vegan?

Gelatin is considered non-vegan simply because it is made from animal tissues. Gelatin is mainly made from animals’ tendons, ligaments, bones, and skin.

Gelatin is a popular ingredient in candies because it is a good thickening and stabilizing agent. It is also very affordable and easy to access. Thus, the vegan communities are very careful in selecting and consuming candies because most of them use gelatin.

Fortunately for Warheads, the only variation (so far) that uses gelatin is their American Warheads Worms. All other products are gelatin-free.

Are Warheads Gluten-Free?

Another major problem with candies is their gluten content. For warheads, there are some variations that you should look out for as they have wheat in their ingredients. Those that are gluten-free are their Extreme Sour Hard Candy and Double Drops.

Moreover, there are some variations that are made with gluten such as their Sour Twist candy. Always check the labels for gluten contents, especially if you’re on a strict gluten-free diet.

Warheads Candies Should Be On Your List

Feel free to include Warheads in your vegan treats as most of their variations are vegan. However, you should be careful as some of them contain lactose or gelatin. Sour Twist candy includes lactose and is not gluten-free either. The Warheads Worms, on the other hand, include gelatin.

If you have issues with palm oil, you should watch out for the Warheads variations that include malic acid. You can definitely enjoy the rest of Warheads variations!