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What Are the Vegan Options at Alehouse? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Alehouse? (Updated Guide)

Alehouses are popular pubs in the United States for a beer, coupled with some mouth-watering side dishes on a hot sunny day. They are famous for their non-veg dishes, and the menu shows the dominance of non-veg food. 

For starters, the all-time bestseller of alehouses has always been their finger-licking, delicious, and crispy wings paired with the house’s special homemade dips.

Then, what about vegan options at alehouse? Are vegan options available in an alehouse? The simple answer is “no.” If you are a vegan seeking to drink and chill with vegan dishes, alehouses are not the perfect places for you. You may find some vegan drinks, but there are likely to be very few dishes to satisfy your hunger.

The vegan options are there apart from the non-veg menu, but most of them are cheese-based. The non-availability of vegan products or dishes at alehouses in the United States is due to the popularity of animal-derived foods.

Still, there are few dishes to enjoy with chilled drinks that will satisfy vegans at alehouses. Read on to know more!

What Are Alehouses All About?

Alehouses are walk-in pubs in the States that provide various drinks and fast foods. They are famous for their zingers or crispy chicken wings.

The oldest alehouse in the United States is “The White Horse Tavern.” It is located in New York and was established in 1673. It has been serving ale over centuries to the people of America. The ambiance inside it gives you the true essence of 17th-century American architecture. With its long historical prospect, the quality of food is retained.

They are proud to offer the freshest fishes, clams, slices of beef, and lobsters, along with artisan cheese, honey, and quality poultry products. It is now a fine dining restaurant that offers a wide range of dinner dishes and various wines.

Are There Any Vegan Options at Alehouses?

The prime focus at an alehouse is on the non-vegetarian menu and, to some extent, the veg menu. Also, alehouses have gained popularity for the zingers and cheese-dripping dishes, as mentioned earlier. As alehouses are excellent places for a plethora of drinks, vegan drinks are available to some extent.

However, you can find a select number of vegan options at alehouses, varying from one to the other. They differ from place to place according to demand and popularity.

It is time to have a look over the one vegan food offered by alehouses:


It is a brown rice dish with bell pepper and a roasted corn patty. The vegetable count in the dish is balanced with colors. It has beefsteak tomato, green leaf lettuce, and dill pickle.

The dish is generally served with French fries to enjoy with chilled drinks of your choice. You can add guacamole to the dish for an additional cost.

As you can predict from its name, it is a complete plant-based dish. 

However, it has a meaty texture. The chief ingredients of gardein are soy, pea proteins, wheat, and ancient grains. The simple ingredients make the dish tasty, vegan-friendly, and easy to digest.

All gardein ingredients are vegan and vegan-certified.

Why Is Veganism So Popular?

The popularity of veganism is witnessing rapid growth in the past few years. After its arrival as the just trend in the market, it is now a choice of major mass. The primary reasons for the popularity of veganism are mentioned below.


While the food derived from animals is tasty, it is costly too. The economic awareness of people over the years led to the popularity of veganism. Vegan foods are plant-based and are comparatively affordable and economical to non-veg or animal-derived foods.

Health Concerns

People are shifting to veganism to avoid detrimental health effects. The animals used for consumption are treated with harmful chemicals, which turn out to be unhealthy. Also, the number of diabetic patients and cases of sudden heart attacks is an increasing threat to America.

Lately, the masses are switching to veganism to get all the benefits of a healthy plant-based natural diet. After all, it’s a disease-free, sober life that we all seek!

Concern for Animal Life

Animals are not only subjects of human consumption but are an essential aspect of global ecology. With this motto, many people have turned vegan for the sake of saving animal lives.

It is always wise to balance the ratio between animals and plants. However, with the modernization of restaurants and increased production of consumable animals in farms, slaughters are rapid.

Vegans are unified with the motto to cut down on animal-based derivatives for human consumption.

Should Alehouses Include Vegan Food?

The inclusion of vegan drinks/foods in alehouses will undoubtedly make the vegans happy. Alehouses primarily focus on non-vegetarian fast foods and dining and prioritize audiences who are meat lovers, and there’s nothing wrong there.

However, alehouse chains should now account for the vegan masses as their numbers are spiking with no signs of declining soon. That said, it would be nice to see them incorporating more vegan-friendly options into their menu.

Adding a vegan menu will benefit both the alehouses and the vegan consumers in the future. From the increase in sales to the growth of the audience base, all of them are just a couple out of the 101 reasons they should do it.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of adding a vegan menu at alehouse chains.

More Audience Retention

Imagine a vegan walking into an alehouse, getting their favorite drink but unable to get a vegan-friendly side option to go with it. This loss might turn into a negative vibe that can reflect in their reviews and ratings.

Lately, stats indicate that vegan diets are on the rise. It will be wise for the alehouses to consider vegans to gain more future patrons.

Scientifically proven, whenever a restaurant changes or adds to its menu, it draws more attention. Similarly, adding a vegan menu will attract vegans and create an overall versatility and positivity to its already popular “name.”

The close-knit vegan community will surely share their views on the alehouse that provides better vegan drinks and food. It will further result in rapid growth in reach and new customers.

Adding Variety

Who doesn’t love variety? It excites us when we see options, be it a meat lover, a vegetarian, or a vegan. The addition of a vegan menu will indeed create curiosity in the mind of non-vegans too. They are most certainly to try the vegan menu, too, for a quick taste test. Who knows? If the food is good enough, they might order the same in the future.

So, it is always a wise option to add the vegan menu separately. The alehouses can indeed generate more sales with this move. 

Drinks unite everyone, especially if you’re at a pub. In the same way, vegans are united for their same choice and selection of food. It would be nice to serve food for every appetite.

How Can You Order Purely Vegan Food at an Alehouse?

Ordering purely vegan food of your choice is tough at alehouses. The miscommunication between you and the waiter may end up delivering you the wrong food. You might end up having a veg dish instead of a vegan.

It is better to go through the menu properly and look at the ingredients mentioned. If you don’t get enough info, it’s better to talk to the manager to know everything you want. This can help you to choose a vegan-friendly side to your drinks.

In most cases, the inclusion of dairy products often goes unnoticed at alehouses. It is good to check whether the salads, the beverages, or the main dishes include dairy products or not.

Better communication and a careful approach can sort your problems with ease.

In a Nutshell

It is now time for the world to consider the vast choices of vegans. As for walk-in pubs, they should rethink their menu for vegans.

Alehouses are primarily meant for drinking, along with some quick bites to munch on. However, many alehouses now offer dining features, providing a wide range of main course options with drinks. Vegans may get confused and upset when they cannot find the right food to order at an alehouse.

Within a few years, you can expect alehouses to realize the urgency to add a dedicated vegan menu. That will finally solve the long-standing dilemma of all vegan food lovers!