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What Are the Vegan Options at Barro’s Pizza? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Barro’s Pizza? (Updated Guide)

Pizza is the world’s most popular fast food. Who doesn’t like pizza, after all? It’s many people’s go-to meal whenever they want to splurge on something fantastic. Many people assume that if you are vegan, you will no longer be able to experience this small amount of pleasure. Vegans do not consume animal products, and this definition contradicts all of the animal-based components commonly present in pizza.

Luckily, Barro’s now offers a variety of vegan-friendly selections in addition to a simple cheese-free veggie pizza or salad, such as vegan-friendly roasted vegetables, potato wedges, and roasted vegetables, among other good things.

Ultimately, you can order a customized pizza or choose from a few sides at Barro’s because they don’t usually offer ready-made vegan pizza to order by the slice.

Continue reading to learn what and how to order at Barro’s Pizza for your vegan diet plan.

Barro’s Pizza – A Brief Description

Barro’s Pizza is a family-owned pizza that started when grandma Angelina Barro arrived from Italy in the 1930s and created a pizza like no other. Barro’s Pizza also serves salads, wings, pasta, sandwiches, dessert, gluten-free pizza, wine, and beer.

The Barro’s Pizza family recipe dates back to Grandma Angelina Barro’s house in Italy, where she made pizza and spaghetti. Her recipes have been passed down through generations and are still utilized in the family company today.

Pizza at Barro’s Pizza is defined as a blend of thick and fluffy dough coupled with a perfected tangy and sweet, seasoned sauce—the Barro family secret. They use ample amounts of high-quality mozzarella for the perfect trinity of pizza ingredients.

Barro’s Pizza today has over 45 locations across Arizona, all of which are still owned by the four siblings, and tens of thousands of dedicated customers who can’t get enough of the secret family recipe. As Barro’s has grown and expanded throughout the years, the family has been honored with several awards. Many of the honors the family has garnered for their exceptional customer service and family-friendly atmosphere are listed below.

Top Vegan Options at Barro’s Pizza

Now that you’ve learned a little bit about the history of Barro’s Pizza, it’s time to learn about the many vegan alternatives available at this fast-food business. But remember that the menu at this restaurant differs depending on where you go. So, while one franchise may serve vegan food, others may not.

We’ve gathered a list of some of Barro’s Pizza’s vegan selections below. We hope this list is of some assistance to you!

Barro’s Pizza Vegan Pizza Options

Barro’s Pizza has a vegetarian pizza for you, but be sure to request that the cheese be removed. After removing the cheese, the pizza will just contain the vegan crust, your choice of pizza sauce, and veggie toppings such as onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms.

Listed below are the Bring-Your-Own-type pizzas you can play with Barro’s Pizza to be suitable for your vegan diet. 

  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Sauce, BBQ
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Garlic
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Black Olive
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Green Olive
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Green Pepper
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Jalapeno
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Mushrooms
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Onions
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Pineapple
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Salami
  • Barro’s – Pizza, BYO Topping, Tomato

If you are in a hurry and want to grab a vegan to-go pizza, you can try their Vegetarian Special Pizza. A pizza specially made for vegan customers. It only contains mushrooms, onion, green pepper, black olive, and tomato, with just 128 to 576 calories per slice.

Customize Your Pizza

We’ve got a fantastic recipe for a tasty vegan Barro’s pizza! 

Order a vegetable special pizza with cheese and no sauce, and ask them to use the white pizza mix as the sauce. The sauce is 100% vegan because it only contains herbs, garlic, and oil. Lastly, add a side of marinara sauce for crust dipping if you prefer. 

Barro’s Pizza Vegan Sauce and Sides Options

  • Barros – Side, Chips 
  • Barros – Sauce, Mango Habanero
  • Barros – Sauce, BBQ
  • Barros – Sauce, Honey BBQ 
  • Barros – Sauce, Honey Hot
  • Barros – Sauce, Garlic

Sbarro’s Garlic Sauce is also Vegan-friendly, so use it as a dipping sauce for your pizza. It may not be as delicious as the garlic sauce at Papa John’s, which is unbelievably fantastic, and artery-clogging, but they are still good to try. 

  • Barro’s – Dressing, Italian dressing
  • Barro’s – Dressing, Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Barro’s – Dressing, Poppy Seed
  • Barro’s – Salad Bar, Broccoli Florets
  • Barro’s – Salad Bar, Pineapple
  • Barro’s – Salad Bar, Tomato
  • Barro’s – Salad Bar, Yellow Onion
  • Barro’s – Salad Bar, Carrots

If you order a salad, don’t be afraid to ask for some pizza toppings like bell pepper or olives on it. Normally, the crew won’t mind putting some on your salad, and it really kicks it up a level, providing loads of texture and freshness to an otherwise pretty boring lettuce-filled salad.

Barro’s Pizza Beverages

To round out the vegan eating experience, Barro’s Pizza offers vegan beverages Diet Pepsi, Pepsi, Water, Tea, and Apple Juice for kids. 

Are Pizzas at Barro’s Gluten-Free?

Yes! According to Barro’s Pizza Nutrition and Allergen Menu, There are many gluten-free pizzas at Barro’s. However, there are no gluten-free pizzas that are also vegan-friendly. Since gluten-free pizzas are made with eggs, they are definitely not good for your vegan plate.

Is Eating Pizza Healthy?

Despite its reputation as junk food, pizza may help you live a better lifestyle, especially if it’s vegan. When created with whole-food plant-based components, vegan pizzas are regarded as one of the most healthy and tasty meals available. Vegan pizzas are free of oily, processed, and cholesterol-filled toppings. Instead, they include healthful veggies and herbs, tailored and inventive sauce portions, and plant-based meats. When you stop thinking about animal meat and cheese, your imagination in cooking your own vegan pizza will soar. 

Vegan Pizza Alternative Options

If Barro’s Pizza doesn’t seem to satisfy your vegan cravings, we got your back!

If you are looking for more selections to grab fresh, flavorful pizza without supporting the brutality of the meat and dairy industries, we provide you with a list of restaurants to hop in!

MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza has launched its first vegan meat dish, Plantly’s plant-based Italian sausage crumble. You can also try their original pizza crust, Daiya mozzarella cheese, gluten-free pizza crust, spicy red sauce, red sauce, garlic rub, BBQ sauce, BBQ swirl, balsamic fig glaze, hot Buffalo sauce, and limited-edition romesco sauce.

Little Caesars

The Planteroni Pizza from Little Caesars is topped with field-roast vegan pepperoni. Order it without cheese to make it vegan, and we recommend making your own vegan cheese at home. The service is offered in several chain stores in Los Angeles, Detroit, Miami, San Francisco, New York City, and Portland, Oregon. Participation may vary. This pizza is also available as part of the Slices-N-Stix campaign.

Toppers Pizza

Toppers Pizza has a wide variety of vegan alternatives, including house pizzas, the Vegan Korean BBQ Chicken-Less Topper, the Vegan Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper, and the Vegan Tuscano Topper. Its hand-tossed, thin, Tall Boy crusts and several sauces are all vegan. Toppings like tater tots, plant-based crispy chicken, and roasted garlic may also be customized.

Pizza Pizza

Pizza Pizza, a Canadian pizza powerhouse, has collaborated with Field Roast and Yves Veggie Cuisine to introduce two new delectable vegan toppings: plant-based chorizo crumbles and plant-based pepperoni. Pizza Pizza is quickly becoming a favorite among compassionate Canadians, thanks to its vegan traditional and whole-grain pizza crusts and delectable dairy-free cheese from Violife, which can substitute cow’s milk mozzarella on any of its pizzas.

Pizza Hut

Beyond Meat Pepperoni is the second vegan meat choice available at this multinational pizza brand. Although the business does not currently provide vegan cheese, its new Beyond Pepperoni Pizza may be turned vegan by omitting the cheese.


Vegan pizza is undoubtedly the finest culinary innovation in the world. And it’s only improved greatly at countless chains. PETA has been working with companies to extend their meat- and dairy-free alternatives, and we’re delighted that so many of them now offer vegan cheeses, synthetic meats, and delicious vegetables. Luckily, there are many vegan menus in Barro’s Pizza, but it does not include vegan cheese. However, if you stumble across one of its stores, there are still methods to prepare a vegan dinner.

You may try their vegetable pizza, but make sure to request that the cheese be removed. You may also personalize your pizza, from the dough to the toppings. Their side dishes, sauces, and salads are also available to spice up your meals. However, they must be ordered without any cheese on them. You may also grab their special vegetarian pizza, which is 100% vegan. Finally, you may round out your meal with one of the vegan beverages.