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What Are the Vegan Options at Burger King? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Burger King? (Updated Guide)

Vegan Options at Burger King

Burger King is undoubtedly one of America’s favorite burger restaurants. Serving over 12,000 restaurants operating in over a hundred countries, Burger King’s global reach and impact are massive. Since 1954, Burger King restaurants have been serving a plethora of burgers, fries, shakes, and similar fast-food delicacies.

Burger King has improved their vegan options with the advancement of the vegan movement in recent years. Even before the menu changes, you could order a few vegan items from their menu. With more than one vegan burger and sides to choose from, Burger King is a tremendous fast-food chain to be at as a vegan. 

If you find yourself craving fast food, Burger King is the right place to grab some. No matter where you are in the world, you will find something to eat as a vegan at their restaurants. This article let us have a closer look at the vegan fast-food options offered at different Burger King franchises and restaurants.

How Vegan-Friendly Is Burger King? 

Most vegan options available at Burger King are a twist to their non-vegan items. Therefore, the food can be cooked on shared grills, especially if all you’re doing is asking for the removal of an animal-based protein ingredient. 

While some people might be comfortable with vegan food being cooked on a shared grill, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. In that case, you can ask your food to be prepared separately for absolute vegan authenticity.

How to Order Vegan at Burger King

Burger King has a vast menu, and many of its inclusions are vegan-friendly. From burgers and sides intentionally marketed as vegan-friendly to accidentally vegan foods, you can well-explore their menu.

It is always best to do your research before putting faith in the server for your dietary restrictions. Therefore, continue reading to know all the vegan items you can order at Burger King.

Vegan Breakfast Options at Burger King

The best time to eat at Burger King as a vegan is in the morning. You can choose from a good range of options made of vegan ingredients and methods. Given below are all the vegan breakfast options at Burger King.

  • French Toast Sticks – Accidentally vegan. They might share friers with non-vegan items. Therefore, order them only if cross-contamination is not an issue for you. 
  • Hash Browns – Hash brows are the safest bet for any vegan at any fast-food chain restaurant.
  • Oatmeal – Oatmeal at Burger King is generally made with milk. However, you can ask yours to be made with water to eat as a vegan.
  • Maple Syrup – This is corn syrup disguised as maple syrup. You can add it to your oatmeal or hashbrowns for some extra flavor.

Vegan Lunch and Dinner Options at Burger King

Even though breakfast seems to be the treasure trove of vegan options, lunch and dinner are not great. You can customize some of the food items to make them vegan or choose to get several accidentally vegan items. Whatever you do, you will never go hungry since you can get a heap of french fries as a vegan, no problem. Below are all vegan items for lunch and dinner.

  • Impossible Whooper – This burger made of completely vegan ingredients is your safest and tastiest bet as a vegan. Order yours without cheese and mayo, and you’re good to go. The Impossible burger might be the best vegan burger you can order from any fast-food chain restaurant.
  • French Fries – Here’s where Burger King hits the jackpot with vegans. French Fries are always a safe vegan bet as hashbrowns; however, some restaurants choose to use animal-based oils. Burger King, however, uses vegetable oils to fry French fries. The only problem might be them sharing friers with non-vegan items. 
  • Garden Side Salad – how can you go wrong with a hearty meal of salad? If you’re willing to eat light, you can order this salad as your entire meal. Otherwise, you can get it as a side to your Impossible Burger. The only thing to note is that you must order your Garden Side Salad without the cheese.
  • PB&J Jamwich – America loves PB&J, especially the case with vegans because this delicacy doesn’t employ animal-based proteins. 
  • Meat-Free Sausages – Order as a side or as a main meal. However, Burger King will prepare this item with non-vegan options. Therefore, cross-contamination might be a problem. 

Vegan Desserts at Burger King

Believe it or not, you can get a vegan dessert at Burger King among the several dairy-rich items. The apple pie at Burger King is accidentally vegan and the perfect way to end any meal. Order yours with an Impossible Burger and fries for a hearty and complete meal. You can also order applesauce to add a twist to all your meals. 

Vegan Beverages at Burger King

Most of the shakes, smoothies, and soft serves at Burger King are made from cow milk. However, you can get a variety of vegan-friendly drinks too. Some of them are listed below. 

  • Coffee – Ask yours to be served black, without milk. 
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Capri Sun Apple Juice
  • Minute Maid Orange Juice
  • Hot Tea – Ask yours to be served black, without milk.
  • Frozen Coke ICEE – Accidentally vegan. The main ingredients are sugar syrup and ice.
  • Frozen Fanta Wild Cherry ICEE – A beautiful blend of sugar syrup, vegan artificial flavors, and ice to top any meal.
  • Iced Tea – You have the option to get either sweetened or unsweetened versions.

Quick Vegan Ordering Options 

By now, you have complete information regarding all the vegan options you have at Burger King. Now, let us have a look at the quick ordering options you have. Whether you want a safe vegan ordering option or a quick solution to drive-thru vegan ordering at Burger King, we’ve got you covered.

  • Order a vegan Impossible Whooper. If your server doesn’t know what that means, ask them to get an Impossible Whooper prepared without cheese and mayonnaise. To complete the order, add french fries to the mix.
  • If you’re at Burger King in the morning, you can order Hash Browns along with French Toast Sticks for a hearty breakfast. 
  • If you’re craving something sweet, you can choose the accidentally vegan Dutch Apple Pie. It will surely fascinate your sweet tooth.

Smart Vegan Ordering Tips at Burger King

It is always best to have some tips at hand when you want to explore the menu further. You may end up with delicious tasting options. 

  • Order the Whooper Junior without mayo and meat. Replace the meat patty with hash browns. This dish is a great way to get a healthier vegan burger than the high-fat Impossible Whooper. 
  • Browse the menu beforehand and see if you can cook up any variations. 
  • Ask your server if they have ideas for vegan twists to popular non-vegan items. 
  • If you are at Burger King UK, you can get vegan Onion Rings. However, that is not an option in America. 

The Ultimate Vegan Burger – Impossible Burger

As mentioned before, Impossible Burger is one of the best vegan burgers out there. The patty replaces meat with soy, a plant-based protein fried in sunflower or coconut oil. Another great thing about Impossible Burger is that even the buns are made to be vegan.

All Impossible Burgers are made on different cooking surfaces to allow them to be authentically vegan. Therefore, you do not have to request other cooking surfaces. To make the burger versatile, Impossible Burger can feature mayonnaise and cheese. However, both these ingredients are dairy-rich and hence, not vegan. Even though an Impossible Vegan burger shouldn’t have these ingredients by default, you can ask your server to ask yours to be served without these two ingredients. 

Impossible Burgers are very versatile and filling. You could add a heap of French fries paired with a beverage and topped with the Dutch apple pie to have a hearty meal. 

Burger King Embracing Regional Vegan Requirements

Much like many fast-food chain restaurants, Burger King must adapt to regional dietary requirements. Therefore, many overseas Burger King restaurants offer tempting vegan options. Some of them are listed below:

  • Meatless Nuggets at Burger King Germany 
  • Plant-based Protein Whoopers at Burger King chains in Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Beijing, and China
  • All-vegetarian restaurants at Burger King India
  • Soy Patty Burgers in Burger King Netherlands 
  • Vegan Avocado Muffin at Hungry Jack’s (Burger King Australia)
  • Rebel Whooper without mayonnaise at Burger King UK and Ireland 
  • The Vegan Butcher at most Burger King restaurants in Europe

Wrapping Up 

Whether you want to eat out because of your craving or are eating out to accompany your peers, you will like Burger King. With the advancement of the vegan movement through the efforts of PETA, Vegan Outreach, and the like, Burger King has expanded their vegan menu. However, Burger King had been offering coincidentally vegan food items for a long time.