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What Are The Vegan Options At Chuy’s? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Chuy’s? (Updated Guide)

Chuy’s opened their gates to the public for a delicious and delectable Mexican meal in 1982. Since then, Chuy’s has won their customers’ hearts by giving them lip-smacking food for a satisfied and full belly. They have over 50 different restaurants running across other states. Seeing their popularity and services, you might think to yourself, what are the vegan options at Chuy’s? 

Chuy’s has made its services available to all types of diets, including vegan. They have several items on the menu that are vegetarian and can be further brought down to vegan by replacing dairy options like cheese. Every item on the menu has a vegan variant, so being a vegan, you cannot leave Chuy’s with a tummy that is not full to the brim.

This detailed vegan option guide provides you with all the delicious vegan choices at Chuy’s. After this read, you can bring your next family dinner to this fantastic restaurant and make it your vegan food stop. 

What Can Vegans Order At Chuy’s? 

Chips And Salsa

Talking Mexican food and not considering chips and salsa, there cannot be a more significant embarrassment! Chips and salsa are the go-to Mexican snacks known to every human on this planet. They are so simple yet full of flavor. The best part about chips and salsa is that they are vegan!

At Chuy’s, you can fill yourself up, with chips and salsa, without paying a dime. It is on the house! Their salsa is vegan with some extra zingy flavor. It is perfect for those who enjoy a subtle spicy flavor in their meals. You can jazz it up by adding a side of jalapenos or green chilies to it. 

Special Nachos

Another popular Mexican appetizer is the nachos. Those crispy triangular pieces of tortilla served with some delicious Mexican twists can make your day. And Nachos is a 100% plant product; they contain no dairy or meat. 

At Chuy’s, you can order special nachos that are loaded with beans, jalapenos, lettuce, and tomatoes. They are served with guacamole and pico de gallo. The guacamole is 100% vegan; it does not contain any hidden dairy products or mayo. For vegetarian’s this loaded plate of nachos is served with cheese on top. You can ask them to skip the cheese to make it vegan. 


Salads make a fantastic meal option for vegans. Diced-up veggies with a tasty and creamy dressing are enough to make a nice and comfy meal. The best part about salads is that you can get customize them. You can give the waiter your choice of veggies and dressing and get it made per your liking. There are many salad options in Chuy’s for you to experiment and enjoy. Since there is no separate listing for vegan options, you can opt for those with a ‘no meat’ sign in front of them. You can ask them to skin dairy item additions and sauces that are not vegan.

You can order the guacamole taco salad. It comes with cheese on it, but you can ask the waiter not to add it to your dish. 

You can do the same with the grilled chicken salad. The restaurant will provide you with a vegan version of the same tomatoes and avocado served with salad greens. 

Another excellent salad choice is the Mexican cobb salad. The menu order comes with chicken and cheese, but it tastes good even with the non-vegan addons. If you are going to Chuy’s for dinner, and nothing else appeals to you on the menu, order the large dinner salad. It is a massive serving of tomatoes and cucumber, served with salad greens. You can ask them to jazz up your salad with some guacamole and avocado as well. 

The only vegan salad dressing choice at Chuy’s is cilantro vinaigrette. However, you can ask the server to add some olive oil in the mix to get some Mediterranean tastes.

Tacos And Sopapillas 

Tacos are yet another tremendous Mexican delight – ordering tacos is a must! 

Chuy’s have two vegan taco options with the same delicious taste – the guacamole taco and the bean taco. Both these options come with cheese, but you can ask them not to add it to your meal. As mentioned earlier, the guacamole had no hidden dairy items so that you can eat it without any worry. 

You can also order the bean sopapilla for a fun Mexican meal. This item also comes with cheese on the regular menu. You can skip the cheese, get some salsa and guacamole, and relish the Mexican flavors. 

Veggie Enchiladas 

There is always one item on the menu that makes you go crazy and becomes your only order choice. The same feeling every vegan will get when they take one bite of the vegan veggie enchiladas at Chuy’s. This fantastic plate of food will blow your mind with its flavors. 

Served with spinach, yellow squash, zucchini, onions, roasted chilies, corn in blue corn tortillas, finished with a fantastic ranchero sauce. The only thing you are going to hum after a mouth full of this dish is yum! Who needs cheese when you are having such a great flavor disco in your mouth?

Vegan Tex-Mex Sides

Sometimes you are not very hungry and prefer to munch on the sides. But in a Mexican restaurant, the sides can make a good meal in themselves. The same goes on with the side’s menu at Chuy’s. They have excellent vegan Tex-Mex options available as sides. 

One of the most delicious options is charro beans. This dish is 100% vegan and is made from pinto beans. It is a medium spicy dish that is served as whole beans in a bowl. You can either pair it up with veggie enchiladas or eat it solo, and the taste will remain spectacular. 

Another great option is refried beans. They are served as mush. You can add them to your guacamole tacos with some tomatillo sauce and just get lost in the flavors. 


Rice is yet another vegan dish to explore in Chuy’s. These are not plain steamed rice; they are punched with a lot of rich Mexican flavor. Mexican rice and green chile rice are two great options to try. Both these items are a bit spicy.

However, it is advisable to enquire about the rice dishes before ordering. Some of the joints cook the rice in chicken broth, making them non-vegan. 


Craving Mexican? It would help if you treated yourself with a big fat burrito. A Mexican restaurant cannot skip on a bulky, saucy, rich, and filling burrito being served on their menu.

Chuy’s have a lot of burritos options on their menu. However, only one choice is favorable for vegans, that is the bean burrito. This dish is also served with cheese, but you can ask them to skip the same. Chuy’s burrito will make you moan with its flavor and leave you panting for breath after finishing.

It is a vast, wholesome meal in itself, which you can hog-on with no shame or regret. 


At Chuy’s, you can relish two of their famous sauces, tomatillo and ranchero. Both these sauces are mild in flavor and 100% vegan. Every lick of the tomatillo sauce will give the zingy and juicy taste of fresh green tomatillos. They are blended to perfection with onions and cilantro, with a touch of garlic. 

The ranchero is another mild sauce made with finely roasted tomatoes tossed in caramelized onions. Mixed with some bell pepper and cilantro, this sauce brings authentic Mexican flavors. 


If nothing on the menu sounds great to you, order some beverage. The menu does not offer many drinks, but anything cool and soothing can be a great option. You can enjoy your drink with the complimentary chips and salsa till your friends and family pig out on their meals. 

To Sum It Up

Chuy’s is indeed an excellent choice for all the vegans out there. Their menu has a lot to offer for curbing the hunger of a vegan customer. 

It is still recommended to enquire about the dishes before you order.

Some customers are particular about the vegan dietary restriction. They cannot tolerate even a spillover or a non-vegan food vapor on their meal. In that case, you must ask your server all the necessary details that you feel are important for your knowledge.

The restaurants make customers comfortable and let them customize their meals as per their dietary choices. But since there is no concrete declaration of a vegan meal, you must get things cleared beforehand.