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What Are the Vegan Options at Jamba Juice? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Jamba Juice? (Updated Guide)

Vegan Options at Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is a very famous American company that was founded in 1990. Their specialty is smoothies, juices mainly a mixture of vegetables and fruits. 

Other than these, they also serve predominantly vegan food products. Hence, finding vegan options at Jamba Juice should be easy. The majority of the food items on the menu are animal and dairy-free. According to PETA, Jamba is known for its famous Oatly, vegan oat milk. There is no need to compromise because Jamba Juice is one of the best plant-based chain restaurants. 

Hence, if you are a vegan looking for the best smoothies, juices, and more complete, animal-free, this is the ideal place for you. 

About Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is one of the few American chain restaurants found in numerous states. Considering how veganism has risen, the popularity of this restaurant has also grown over the years. The restaurant has started introducing many more options on the menu that are entirely vegan and tasty. There may be some toppings that aren’t vegan; avoiding these shouldn’t be too hard.


There are many drinks that are entirely vegan. These include juices, smoothies, shots, and many more. 


The smoothies are entirely vegan, made of fruits and vegetables. The seasonal smoothie is the Vegan Pumpkin Smash Smoothie. This beverage combines cinnamon, pumpkin, oat milk, and delicious oat milk ice cream. 

Power smoothies are protein-rich and made of bananas, strawberries, and soy protein. 

  • Apple n Greens – This is a mixture of apples and strawberries, mangoes, peaches, and bananas. 
  • Excellent Greens  A blend of kale, pumpkin seeds, lemonade, peaches, and bananas. 
  • Mega Mango  Strawberries, pineapple, mangoes, and oranges. 
  • Vanilla Blue Sky  Vanilla coconut, almond milk, pineapples, bananas, and Blue Spirulina Boost. 
  • Peach Perfection  Apple strawberry juice, blend of peaches and mangoes. 
  • Smooth Talkin’ Mango – Pineapples, oat milk, organic agave, and mangoes. 
  • Pomegranate Paradise – This is a blend of strawberries, peaches, mangoes, and pomegranate juice. 
  • Strawberry Whirl – This is a mixture of apples, strawberries, and bananas. 

All these smoothies come under different categories for all fruit or all vegetables. Peach Perfection, Mega Mango, and Pomegranate Paradise are all-fruit smoothies. 

Smoothies for Kids

They have a separate smoothie menu for kids. 

  • Strawberries Gone Bananas – This is a blend of apples and strawberries with a hint of bananas too. 
  • Blueberry Strawberry Blast Off – A mixture of berries, mainly blueberries, bananas, and strawberries. 


Before ordering any of these smoothies, it is vital to ask the server whether the toppings are wholly vegan or not. 

Although most of the toppings are vegan, there are some blends like Matcha Green Tea Blast, Chocolate Protein Smoothie, Cold Brew Coffee Blends, Chocolate Moo’d Smoothie, and Peanut Butter Moo’d Smoothie. There are very few smoothies that can’t be made vegan. 


Besides the wide range of smoothies, Jamba Juice also serves several vegan options regarding fruit and vegetable juices. These juices are ideal for those who prefer a refreshing, non-creamy, entirely plant-based drink.

Known primarily for this product, Jamba Juice makes its juices straight from naturally produced fruits and vegetables. Here are the options in juices that you can choose from:  

  • Purely Carrot – A simple, delicious juice made from fresh carrots. 
  • Cucumber Orange Cooler – A refreshing blend of fresh orange juice, cucumber juice, apple juice, and lemon juice.
  • Great Greens – This is a mix of fruit and vegetable extracts made of fresh lemon juice, cucumber juice, apple juice, and fresh spinach juice. 
  • Orange Carrot Twist – A two-ingredient mixture of fresh orange and carrot.
  • Orange Supreme – A delicious mix made of freshly juiced oranges, carrots, apples, and bananas.
  • Veggie Vitality –  Juiced apple, carrot, and spinach.
  • Purely Orange – An absolute refresher of a drink with only orange juice.

All the juices come in three different sizes – small (16 oz), medium (22 oz), and large (28 oz).


Apart from juices and smoothies, there are various snacks and healthy bowls. You may also find a few baked goods that are dairy and meat-free as well. 

Baked Goods 

The baked goods are Apple Cinnamon Pretzels and PB Banana Toast. The former is purely vegan. It also has a blend of cinnamon, yeast, applesauce, and dehydrated apples. It tastes best when it is slightly heated to get more apple flavor and cinnamon. 

PB Banana Toast is made of multigrain bread, blueberries, chia seed, and peanut butter. You just need to skip the honey.


When it comes to bowls, Jamba Juice has some of the best 100% vegan ones. Oatmeals are also on the menu with excellent taste. 

Steel-Cut Oatmeal is very creamy, and it comes with soy milk. This oatmeal is rich in protein and tastes best when consumed with a few delicious toppings. The toppings for this oatmeal include strawberries or blueberries along with coconut. You might want to avoid adding brown sugar crumble and apple toppings for pure vegan oatmeal. 

Island Pitaya Bowl has a unique and delicious blend of frozen papayas, bananas, strawberries, mangoes, and pineapple juice. The mixture of all these has a refreshing taste, and to make it fully vegan, you should avoid adding honey as a topping. 

Whirl’d Famous Acai Primo has a blend of soymilk, bananas, coconut, and strawberries. The toppings for this bowl include strawberries, bananas, granola, and blueberries. 

Nutty Almond Butter includes peaches, almond butter, bananas, and unsweetened almond milk. 

Vanilla Blue Sky includes coconut and almond milk. This beverage also has a blend of pineapple and banana. You can top it with blueberries, granola, goji berries, and coconut chips.


Jamba Juice has an impressive addition to their menu called shots, a small amount of blended juice freshly squeezed from the healthiest fruits and vegetables. 

They are easy to drink in one sip and are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Moreover, they are delicious and flavorsome to have as well. All their shots are entirely plant-based, therefore making excellent vegan options. Here are the shots that Jamba Juice serves: 

  • Ginger Shot – A quick mix of orange, lemon, ginger, and cayenne pepper.
  • Turmeric Shot – A healthy dose of turmeric along with orange juice and lemon juice. 
  • Wheatgrass Shot – You get pure wheatgrass juice and juiced apple and lemon.

All the shots come with a total energy of 25 calories and vegan ingredients. Other than these wholesome shots, Jamba Juice also offers the cayenne version of the shots. 

  • Ginger Lemon Cayenne – It comes in a blend of lemon juice, ginger juice, and cayenne pepper. 
  • Ginger Orange Cayenne – You drink a quick dose of fresh orange juice and ginger extracts with cayenne pepper. 

Family Packs 

In a great offer perfect for vegan families, Jamba Juice offers some of its products in family pack versions. Let’s take a look at the options you have in family packs: 

  • 6-Pack Shots – You can choose from 3 variants of shots in any possible combination for this package. Moreover, you get one free at the price of 5 shots. 
  • Snack Pack – Snack Pack is an excellent option for couples, serving two smoothies with two baked items. You can choose Apple Cinnamon Pretzel, Sourdough Pretzel, or Sweet Belgian Waffle.

Wrapping Up 

Having healthy snacks is one of the best choices you can make. Hence, adding some bowls or oatmeal that are vegan is very beneficial. As mentioned earlier, many food options and drinks are only made of fruits or vegetables.