Vegan Options At Kung Fu Tea

What Are The Vegan Options At Kung Fu Tea? (Updated Guide)

Kung Fu Tea is the largest and most popular tea brand in the United States. Founded in the year 2010 by four phenomenal people: Michael, Ray, Allen, and Sean, they pioneered bubble tea in the US and established the National Bubble Tea Day on 30th April 2018, their eighth anniversary.

However, despite describing themselves as the ‘OG of Bubble Tea’ that makes use of milk, the people working at Kung Fu Tea take immense pleasure in serving and taking care of their vegan customers. Therefore, they have included some exceptional and innovative vegan-friendly beverage options in the menu.

Kung Fu Tea is very transparent about its way of working, ingredients used in the beverage, and how many calories it constitutes. Have a look at the various vegan drinks and options provided by Kung Fu Tea in the form of tea and slush that you must try.

What Are My Vegan Options At Kung Fu Tea?

Kung Fu Tea is one of those beverage places where you can find and select your vegan options with ease in the form of simple tea and punches. Few of the classic drinks provided by Kung Fu Tea make use of honey and dairy products. However, you can ask them to make it vegan, and they’ll do that for you without creating any fuss.

Now, let us first look at the classic vegan beverages that Kung Fu Tea provides. Afterward, we’ll move on to the vegan drinks served by them in the form of punch or slushes.

Classic Tea

Kung Fu Tea pioneered bubble tea and is one of the primary types of tea served by them. However, they provide various vegan classic tea options as well. The majority of them make use of syrups as their main ingredient.

The sugar syrup used in the tea constitutes water, oligo, glucose, and fructose. Also, if it’s a flavored syrup, it’ll contain some extra but vegan elements to make sure that you’re able to taste that flavor in your classic.

The following are some of the delicious classic vegan tea options and the ingredients used in them by drinking, which you can start your day on a pleasant note.

Kung Fu Black Tea/Kung Fu Green Tea/Kung Fu Oolong Tea

These three classic teas are placed at the top of the Kung Fu Tea’s menu because of their simplicity and the refreshing flavor that they provide. All three of the classics make use of cane sugar syrup as their primary ingredient.

In addition to it, the Kung Fu Black Tea includes black tea along with bergamot oil. At the same time, both green and oolong teas use only green tea and oolong tea as their ingredients and the syrup.

Winter Melon Tea/Winter Melon Green Tea

Kung Fu Tea provides classic teas in various unique flavors, and winter melon is one of them. Both of the traditional beverages make use of winter melon syrup. The syrup includes all ingredients of regular sugar syrup and additional winter melon juice and flavor and caramel colors.

The regular Winter Melon Tea includes water along with the syrup. At the same time, the winter melon green tea makes use of green tea as a replacement for water.

Longan Jujube Tea

The Longan Jujube Tea is yet another classic flavored tea provided by Kung Fu Tea. It’s the only vegan tea that doesn’t make use of any sugar syrup in it. Instead, it is made up of water along with longan and jujube jam.

The jam is further made up of water, sugar, fructose, and potassium sorbate, along with longan, jujube, caramel, and some spices as a surprise element for the taste. 

The above list constitutes only the vegan classic tea options at Kung Fu Tea. Read further to know the other vegan punches provided by Kung Fu Tea. (By punches, we don’t mean the literal Kung Fu punches and moves. Those punches are not served at Kung Fu Tea.)


The following are the various flavored punches that Kung Fu Tea serves. 

Lemon Black Tea/Lemon Green Tea

Both of the top punches offered by Kung Fu Tea are vegan. If you don’t prefer having a jam in your beverage and are bored of the classics, you should try these as they are the only punches that don’t make use of jam.

Both of them make use of lemon juice along with cane sugar syrup instead of Jam. The Lemon Black Tea makes use of additional black tea, whereas Lemon Green Tea makes use of green tea.

Mango Green Tea/Orange Green Tea/Grapefruit Green Tea/Passionfruit Green Tea/Strawberry Green Tea

Kung Fu Tea makes sure that their vegan customers don’t miss out on any flavor provided by them. Therefore, they have created various green tea punches with typical sugar syrup ingredients and green tea.

All of the different punches, such as mango, orange, grapefruit, passionfruit, and strawberry green teas, make use of additional jam for a spectacular and refreshing taste.

Lychee Punch/Lychee Black Tea

Who doesn’t love the fruit lychee? Guess what? Kung Fu Tea offers another flavor called Lychee Punch or Lychee Black Tea. Both of the vegan punches include lychee jam and water in them. In addition to it, Lychee Punch uses extra green tea, and Lychee Black Tea uses different black tea and bergamot oil.

Rosehip Lemonade/Winter Melon Lemonade/Strawberry Lemonade 

Kung Fu Tea also makes lemonades in a variety of flavors. Some ingredients such as water, lemon juice, and syrup of that particular taste are common.

The Rosehip Lemonade includes an additional rosehip powder in it along with the simple cane sugar syrup. Whereas Winter Melon Lemonade consists of the respective flavored syrups and Strawberry Lemonade has strawberry jam in it.

Peach Oolong Tea

If you’re looking for a punch that doesn’t make use of the conventional flavors in them, Peach Oolong Tea is the one for you. It’s made up of oolong tea and peach jam that gives it a distinctive taste and look.

Sunshine Pineapple Tea

In similarity to Peach Oolong Tea, the Sunshine Pineapple Tea is also made up of not-so-conventional flavors. It includes Green tea along with Pineapple jam to give it a sunshine look and taste.


Kung Fu Tea provides a variety of vegan slushes to break the myth that beverages are limited to tea and shakes. The majority of the slushes only constitute water along with the syrup of the particular flavor. However, some of them might include simple sugar syrup and flavored jam.

The following are some of the best vegan slushes served by them.

  • Red Bean Slush
  • Mango Slush
  • Pineapple Slush
  • Passionfruit Slush


Apart from the various beverages, Kung Fu Tea provides vegan toppings that you can add on top of your drink. The following are the different vegan toppings offered by them that you can have along with your beverage.

  • Nata Jelly
  • Mango Jelly
  • Read Bean
  • Herbal Jelly
  • Popping Bubble (Mango, Grape, and Coffee)
  • Crystal Bubbles

Additional Fruity Beverages

Kung Fu Tea provides the following additional vegan beverages to ensure that everyone gets the beverage of their choice. The vegan fruity drinks mentioned below aren’t confined to a particular category and have a unique taste of their own.

  • Brown Sugar Ginger: It’s a revitalizing beverage made up of water, ginger syrup, and brown sugar syrup.
  • Rosehip Pineapple: As the name suggests, it includes water, rosehip powder, and pineapple jams.
  • Caribbean Breeze: It’s a fruit juice made up of papaya, guava, pineapple, and passion fruit.
  • Blue Island Punch: It’s an energy drink that is blue. It includes lychee and peach jam in it.

Are There Any Vegan Options In Kung Fu Tea Apart From Beverages?

No, Kung Fu Tea is famous for the different types and categories of beverages, especially bubble tea, which is also not vegan. Apart from the drinks, they just provide additional toppings and no side dishes.

Wrapping Up

When Kung Fu Tea said that they care about every customer of theirs, they meant it. They have included various vegan options in their menu, keeping in mind the rapid rise of veganism. They did so to make sure that everyone gets to taste the flavor of their choice in the form of a beverage, if not in another food form.

In addition to the classic tea, punches, and slushes, they also provide various additional vegan fruity beverages along with toppings. Therefore, Kung Fu Tea can be considered one of the first places you should try if you’re tired of the same old conventional vegan flavors.

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