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What Are the Vegan Options at Miller’s Ale House? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Miller’s Ale House? (Updated Guide)

Miller’s Ale House is one of the most popular fast-food joints in America. It has an elaborate menu with multiple options that fit the liking of every individual. It is famous for its hand-breaded boneless chicken zingers. 

Even though MLA’s menu is non-veg heavy, there are quite a few options that vegans can enjoy. You can have a good, fulfilling vegan meal if you go to Miller’s with your friend. The listed items on the menu might not be vegan, but there are vegetarian options.

You can request the restaurant to remove the animal-based ingredients from the mix and make it vegan. 

Are you curious to know more about their vegan options? Read till the end!

What Is Miller’s Ale House?

Miller’s Ale House is a friendly family eatery that first opened in 1988 in Jupiter, Florida. Jack and Claire Miller opened this small neighborhood restaurant that was enjoyed by everyone around. 

Soon, it became a popular hangout joint serving freshly prepared delicious food with chilled beer. 

Just a mere look at the menu will make you drool. As mentioned earlier, it is famous for its chicken zinger. These zingers are tossed in a delicious sauce of your choice and create fantastic bar food to munch on. 

Apart from that, it has a great listing of pasta, steaks, generous salads, sandwiches, and tons of appetizers to hog with your mates. 

If you have sports maniacs on your team, gather them and get to MLA for a fun night of delicious food and memories. 

Vegan Options at Miller’s Ale House

The menu doesn’t have dedicated vegan dishes for the guests. But there are a lot of vegetarian dishes that can be made vegan on request. This might be limited, but at least you won’t sit hungry while your group enjoys a scrumptious feast!

Let’s look at the vegan options that Miller’s has to offer. 


Salads make one of the best dishes a vegan can ask for. Luckily, Miller’s offers two great salads dedicated to their vegetarian guests. These salads have a few minor additions that you can eliminate to make them 100% vegan.

Since it is a raw preparation, the restaurant won’t mind taking your request.

House Salad

The house salad is one delectable dish on the menu. Made with Roma tomatoes, red onion, field greens, and cucumber, this salad is light, fresh, and filling. 

The actual preparation comes with cheddar cheese and croutons. You can ask your server to hold the cheese and croutons and use the non-dairy-based dressing to prepare your salad. The freshness of the ingredients will be enough to make it a delicious meal. 

Apple Cranberry Walnut Salad

This is another great salad on the menu. It has a luxurious taste prepared with grapes, walnuts, apple cider vinaigrette, and lush green crisp romaine. 

The restaurant adds blue cheese crumbles to make the salad richer. You can ask the server to eliminate these blue cheese crumbles while serving you. This salad is undoubtedly a party for your palate!


If you love burgers, MLA has a mouthwatering collection to offer. Each burger is made with the most wholesome ingredients that make them delicious.

Unfortunately, it has not been generous to its vegan or vegetarian audience. There is only one veg burger option on the entire menu. But it is worth giving it a try. 

Gardein Burger 

The Gardein Burger in Miller’s Ale House is the only green burger on the menu. If you ask them to hold the cheese and fry the buns in oil instead of butter, it can be turned into a vegan-friendly burger. 

The patty is prepared with a fantastic assortment of brown rice, bell pepper, and roasted corn. This melt-in-mouth patty is added with green lettuce, some dill pickle, and fresh beefsteak tomatoes. 

With a serving of extra crispy and golden fries, this burger makes a fantastic meal for vegans. Even though it is the only option, it is one of the best options. 


If you aren’t starving and just joining your group of friends to watch a football game, you can consider munching on some sides at the restaurant. 

Few options are vegan-friendly. Hence, you can rely on them guilt-free.

French Fries

Who does not love French fries? The starchy goodness of potatoes deep-fried to perfection is all you need if the world ends today. 

French fries can be enjoyed at any time of the day without any supplements or additions. They make a great munching snack and are enough to stuff your tummy.

Miller’s also has the option of loaded fries. Though it will have cheese on it, you can ask the restaurant to remove the dairy items and load it up with some pickles and olives. 

Sweet Potato Fries

If you love French fries but are concerned about your calorie intake, then sweet potato fries are just the right choice for you. 

Sweet potato is a delicious vegetable that becomes even more appealing when presented in the form of deep-fried goodness. They make an excellent option for vegans and can be hogged on as a tummy-filling meal. 

Baked Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables

The versatility of potatoes makes them one of the best vegetables on the planet. And Miller’s Ale House makes sure to use it in all possible forms. 

Baked potatoes are fun to eat and are very tasty when seasoned to perfection. Pairing them up with some char-grilled seasonal vegetables make a delicious dish for lunch or dinner. 


Thank God beer is vegan!

Being a sports bar, Miller has some of the finest brews for their guests. Beer can be paired with a meal and makes a great drink to be enjoyed with friends.

Apart from beer, MLA also has a great selection of cocktails and other alcohol options that you can explore. 

It serves coca-cola products under fountain drinks. So if you don’t feel like having liquor, you have the option of soda instead of just water. 

Why Are People Opting For Veganism?

Veganism was something that started as a trend a few years back. Now, it has become a lifestyle choice for many people. 

The primary reason to go vegan is to live a cruelty-free life and stay away from harming animals in any way possible. 

Of late, a lot of people are adopting veganism for the numerous health benefits that it offers. 

Nutrition Rich Diet

Vegan meals are rich in particular nutrients that lack animal-based produce. Vegan diets primarily consist of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. This loads up a meal with essential minerals and vitamins like potassium, folate, magnesium, vitamins C, A, and E. 

However, the nutrient enrichment depends on how well the vegan diet has been planned out — a poorly prepared diet results in a deficiency of essential food nutrients that can cause health problems. 

Weight Loss

A lot of people swear by vegan diets when it comes to losing excess fat. The same has been supported by extensive research too. 

Since vegan diets are comparatively low in calories, they provide a balanced meal without the additional calorie load. Instead, the diet focuses on cutting down extra fat in the body, making us thinner and leaner. 

Lowers Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases

There might be one or two people in your knowledge who are suffering from some other form of cardiovascular disease. Though there are genetic reasons for the same, these ailments are strongly impacted by our diet. 

A diet loaded with red meat, oils, and other fats is an open invitation to a heart attack. It increases bad cholesterol levels, leading to clogged blood vessels. 

A vegan diet contains food items like legumes, fiber, and vegetables. Having a well-planned vegan diet minimizes the risk of heart disease and keeps your circulation system healthy. 

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

Since the calorie content in a vegan diet is low, the blood sugar levels stay within the acceptable limits of a vegan diet. 

Lower blood sugar levels reduce the additional stress on the kidney, thus improving kidney function. As a result, people on a vegan diet have a lower chance of developing type 2 diabetes. 


By now, you must have realized that Miller’s Ale House might not be the best choice for vegans, but it is good enough to enjoy a meal with friends. 

Even though the primary focus is on meat items, their veg options aren’t that disappointing. At least you wouldn’t have to sit unsatisfied and hungry while your friends enjoy stuffing their faces with food.

So, if your friends choose to go to Miller’s Ale House, you can get on board without worrying about what you will get to eat!