What Are The Vegan Options At O’Charley’s? (Updated Guide)

  • By: Daniel B.
  • Date: December 22, 2021
  • Time to read: 6 min.

Eating at a southern-style restaurant like O’Charley’s might be frustrating since it’s very difficult to find vegan entrees. However, if you have been dealing with this frustration for quite a long time, you already know the trick to make yourself a vegan plate at any restaurant— customize the ingredients they have.

And for those who are new to this kind of situation, don’t worry because we will discuss how you can fill your plate with pure vegan meals at O’Charley’s. As I’ve mentioned earlier, O’Charley’s does not offer vegan main courses. However, we can find ourselves in some of their side dishes and salad menus.

O’Charley’s offers sides, farm salads, salad dressings and add ons, brunch sides, and kid sides that are vegan. Read on to learn more about how you can order them as 100% vegan-friendly dishes.

What Does O’Charley’s Offer?

Before transitioning to veganism, you might have been a fan of southern-style dishes. O’Charley’s provides customers meals that are prepared the southern way, from golden brown strips of chicken tenders to butchered, savory grilled steaks and salmon. But hey, we all know that these are all off-limits to your vegan diet, so we have to be a little creative now.

Despite the fact that the restaurant is known for savory meat dishes, there are still vegan options that you can find at O’Charley’s. Just a reminder that the restaurant is not made for vegans and you have to ask for assistance for the removal of some of their ingredients, like meat and cheeses. You can check their website’s menu section for the full list of the dishes they serve.

Now, let’s talk more about the vegan meals that you can order at O’Charley’s and how to specifically order them.

Vegan Side Dishes At O’Charley’s

Let’s start off with some vegan side dishes that you can order at O’Charley’s. Just an important reminder that their french fries are not vegan, so let’s cross it out on our list. But don’t worry because you can still enjoy their baked potato, broccoli without butter, and grilled asparagus without butter.

Allergen Contents Of Side Dishes

Because of their butter contents, the broccoli and grilled asparagus side dishes contain milk. Aside from this, the baked potato contains soybean oil. The broccoli side contains milk, soy, and soybean oil. Finally, the grilled asparagus contains milk, soy, and soybean oil as well. You should ask for the removal of butter to avoid consuming milk. If you have an allergic reaction to soy and soybean oil, you should also avoid ordering the following side dishes.

Nutritional Content

We made you a chart of each meal’s nutritional and calorie contents to better guide you in choosing your orders. Just a reminder that preparations may vary from store to store, so it’s still best to ask for the staff’s assistance.

Side DishesCaloriesCalories from fatTotal fatsSaturated FatsTrans fatty acidCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydratesDietary FibersSugarsProtein
Baked Potato200101 g0 g0 g0 mg730 mg50 g6 g6 g8 g
Broccoli11070 8 g2.5 g0 g0 mg450 mg6 g3 g0 g3 g
Grilled asparagus60455 g2 g0 g0 mg290 mg3 g2 g1 g2 g

Farm Fresh Salads

Well, for their salads, all of them include some meat, cheese, and eggs. What you can do is to order them without these ingredients and you can already have your vegan salad. Just a reminder to always double-check the ingredients served to you and ask clearly that you wanted a vegan salad to achieve better service.

If you want to know the allergen contents of their farm fresh salads, you can check their Allergen Information Sheet. Moreover, you can also check their Nutrition Information Sheet to check their calorie and nutritional contents.

Salad Dressings And Add Ons

Sadly, there is only one vegan salad dressing option that you can try at O’Charley’s— the balsamic vinaigrette. You can either choose between their 2 oz or 3 oz servings. Aside from this, you can also opt to choose avocado as an add ons to your salad. 

Allergen Contents Of Dressings And Add Ons

Their avocado add ons do not include any allergen contents. Moreover, if you have any allergic reaction to soybean oil, you should avoid their balsamic vinaigrette as it includes some. (Tragic, I know.)

Nutritional Content

The chart below shows you the nutritional and calorie contents of the balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing and the avocado salad add ons.

Side DishesCaloriesCalories from fatTotal fatsSaturated FatsTrans fatty acidCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydratesDietary FibersSugarsProtein
Balsamic Vinaigrette, 2 oz (Dressing)28023026 g4 g0 g0 mg90 mg12 g0 g12 g0 g
Balsamic Vinaigrette, 3 oz (Dressing)42035039 g6 g0 g0 mg135 mg18 g0 g18 g0 g
Avocado (Add ons)80707 g1 g0 g0 mg0 mg4 g3 g0 g1 g

Brunch Sides

If you’re a fan of toasts for brunch, you can at most order two vegan toast brunch side dishes at the restaurant. You may choose from O’Charley’s white toast or wheat toast.

For allergen contents, the white toast contains soybean oil and soybean lecithin. Moreover, the wheat toast includes barley, oats, soy, soybean oil, and wheat. So, if you have any allergic reactions to the following allergens, you should avoid ordering the following brunch sides.

Nutritional Content

The chart below shows you the nutritional and calorie contents of the White Toast and Wheat Toast brunch sides.

Side DishesCaloriesCalories from fatTotal fatsSaturated FatsTrans fatty acidCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydratesDietary FibersSugarsProtein
Wheat Toast2201809 g1.5 g1 g0 mg350 mg27 g2 g2 g5 g
White Toast2201809 g1.5 g1.5 g0 mg390 mg29 g1 g4 g2 g

Kids Sides

O’Charley’s has in their menu a kids section wherein most of the dishes are still non-vegan. If you and your kids are into veganism, there are still some side dishes that you can order for them. You may order their applesauce, broccoli without butter, and mandarin orange slices. These might not satisfy your kids’ tummies, but it’s still good that they have some options for them.

For their allergen contents, the applesauce has no allergen contents. The broccoli, because of the butter, contains some milk. It also contains soy and soybean oil. The mandarin orange slices also have no allergen contents.

Nutritional Content

The chart below shows you the nutritional and calorie contents of the applesauce, broccoli, and mandarin orange slices.

Kids SidesCaloriesCalories from fatTotal fatsSaturated FatsTrans fatty acidCholesterolSodiumTotal CarbohydratesDietary FibersSugarsProtein
Applesauce5000 g0 g0 g0 mg0 mg13 g1 g11 g0 g
Broccoli11070 8 g2.5 g0 g0 mg450 mg6 g3 g0 g3 g
Mandarin Orange Slices6000 g0 g0 g0 mg10 mg15 g1 g14 g1 g

What Are Vegan Restaurant Alternatives To O’Charley’s?

There is no need to miss southern food so much when you transition to being a vegan. A lot of vegan restaurants scattered all around the states are serving soul food nowadays. The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, more commonly known as PETA, has given its Top 5 Best Vegan Restaurant that offers Southern-style food. 

  1. Trio Plant-Based 

First on our list is the Minneapolis Trio Plant-Based, which offers 100% plant-based meals for vegan folks. Its bestsellers include their famous For Your Soul Bowl and their vegan burger called Mac Attack.

  1. Souley Vegan

Like the Trio Plant-Based, Souley Vegan in Oakland, California, also offers signature plant-based dishes. It is popularly known for its welcoming ambiance with a specialty of Louisiana-style southern food.

  1. Drop Squad Kitchen

A boutique-style 100% plant-based restaurant located in Delaware, which offers its customers a wide range of food options ranging from savory to sweet treats and smoothies.

  1. Oh Vegan Soul

What’s better about Oh Vegan Soul is that they use their platform to raise awareness about veganism not just with their savory vegan meals, but other vegan ideas such as vegan mayo, organic clothes, and a vegan ebook guide.

  1. Veltree

The green walls of Veltree in Charlotte, North Carolina will give you the ultimate vegan vibes. The restaurant allows you to customize your own vegan meal by providing you with a wide selection of plant-based ingredients.

O’Charley’s Is Not Ideal For Vegan Folks

Indeed, there are only a few vegan options that you can have at O’Charley’s. If you’re looking for a southern-style course that would typically fill up your stomach with huge proteins, the restaurant may not satisfy you that much. However, if you’re just for side dishes and some bowls of salad, the restaurant can be a good place to visit.