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What Are the Vegan Options at In N Out? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at In N Out? (Updated Guide)

Vegan Options at In N Out

In N Out Burger is a hotspot for burger lovers along the West Coast. It is present in over 300 locations in the Southwest, with a rich and long history dating back to 1948. While it is famous for its burgers, milkshakes, and fries, the vegan options at In N Out are limited.

In N Out is not very vegan-friendly, with all their burgers comprising beef patties. The only vegan options include the Veggie Burger and the fries. The sauce characteristic of the fast-food chain contains non-vegan ingredients, except ketchup and mustard sauce. Several beverages, however, are vegan.

In N Out Burger has a unique, “typical Golden Coast flavor” palate to offer. Its non-vegan status can feel unfortunate, but you can still enjoy it. Read further to learn more about the vegan options at In N Out.

The In N Out Veggie Burger

The Veggie Burger is essentially a vegetarian sandwich. It does not contain any meat patties, and the non-vegan sauces are switched for a ketchup and mustard spread. The main composition involves a toasted bun, lettuce, fresh onion, and tomato. The buns contain wheat and gluten, however.

It may not strike you as one of the most delicious vegan options at In N Out, but it will provide a classic dining experience. If you are vegetarian, you can enjoy the veggie burger with some cheese. It will be as good as grilled cheese!

You can shuffle up the veggie burger with a few changes in its ingredients.


In N Out gives you the freedom to choose from four forms of onion for your vegan burger. Here are the onion variations at your disposal:

  • Fresh, sliced onions (the default)
  • Whole grilled onions
  • Grilled and chopped onions
  • Raw chopped onions

You can add as many onion options as you like.

Yellow Chilies

Yellow chilies are an excellent addition to your vegan veggie burger if you look for a zingy taste. You can decide to include whole or chopped yellow chilies in your meal. You can also ask for them as a side.

Customize the Bun

In N Out is open to your preferences regarding the extent of the toastiness of the burger buns. If you enjoy a hot and crisp burger, you can request a double-toasted order. You can ask for a soft bun for your burger as well.

The Popular In N Out Fries

In N Out is famous for its irresistible fries. Fortunately for vegans, these fries do not contain any animal products. The In N Out menu states that the French Fries are “fresh, hand-cut potatoes prepared in hundred-percent sunflower seed oil.” 

According to the allergen information bulletin, French fries do not contain egg or egg products, milk, or associated items.

A closer look at the menu and In N Out’s food options shows that the restaurant does not fry any other items in this oil. You do not have to worry about cross-contamination.

With the In N Out fries, you can select from three degrees of crispiness. These range from standard to “light well” and “well done.”


In N Out’s popular and enjoyable sauce spread has mayonnaise at its core, making it non-vegan since mayonnaise contains eggs. The only vegan options at In N Out in terms of sauces include tomato ketchup and mustard sauce.

If you choose to have a veggie burger free of the typical In N Out spread, you will have a saucy base free from egg and milk products.

Vegan Beverage Options at In N Out

In N Out is famous for its mouth-watering milkshakes. However, there is no vegan alternative for them. You do have an assortment of other vegan beverages to choose from. Here is a list of the vegan options at In N Out:

  • Coca Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • 7UP
  • Dr. Pepper
  • Root beer
  • Lemonade
  • Minute Maid light lemonade
  • Iced tea
  • Coffee (without milk)

What Does PETA Say About In N Out and the Shortage of Vegan-Friendly Options?

It has been years since customers began to request vegan options at In N Out. PETA has also been continually urging the fast-food chain for the same. Despite these efforts, In N Out is yet to introduce proper vegan food items.

According to PETA, it is high time In N Out included vegan burgers and beverage options in its menu. PETA has a petition open for customers and vegan burger lovers to sign. You can be a part of this crusade to convince In N Out to add a vegan burger to its menu.

The amount of vegans in the nation has experienced an exponential increase. This development makes it vital for the popular burger chain to consider the masses’ opinions. The demand for vegan burgers is higher now than ever before.

Does In N Out Plan on Changing Its Menu?

Organizations like PETA, Vegan Outreach, the Good Food Institute, and more have put forward their appeals in this direction. In N Out, however, has remained mostly silent on the matter.

In N Out has not offered any significant indications about its plans for the future.

Why Does In N Out Need to Start Serving Vegan Dishes?

In N Out has consistently maintained its proud position as a staple on the Western and Southwestern coast. It has tended to a vast customer base for more than 70 years. In fact, it is one of the most popular burger chains in California.

California has an immense and extensive population of vegan people. It boasts the largest number of vegan restaurants and food joints in the entire country, with the figure standing at 168. The city of Los Angeles has around 30 vegan eateries.

With such a significant presence of vegans in the state, In N Out should strive to be inclusive. The restaurant and vegans can mutually benefit from an introduction of vegan options at In N Out.

In addition to becoming more accessible, In N Out will also succeed in making a significant impact through this change. The current social and environmental backdrop plays a major role in this narrative. An increasing number of people are turning towards food chains that cater to the global requirement of sustainability and empathy.

What Are the Gluten-Free Options Available at In N Out?

The bun bread that In N Out uses for its burgers is not gluten-free. However, you can opt for a ProteinStyle variation. In this case, the restaurant replaces the bun with lettuce. You can order a vegan form of the ProteinStyle burger too.

As for the beverages, In N Out offers all its drinks in gluten-free forms. It would be best to be cautious of the hot cocoa since it may contain wheat.

Other Burger Chains With Vegan Options

If you are vegan with a fondness for burgers, you will be glad to know that there is plenty of choices. PETA has assessed the vegan-friendly nature of several burger restaurants and chains. Here are some of them:

Burger Chains with an A Grade by PETA

  • Bareburger: Barebuger offers a dedicated vegan menu with six types of customizable vegan burgers, a range of vegan shakes, and more.
  • Burger 21: Burger 21 serves an animal-free patty.
  • BurgerFi: BurgerFi has a Beyond Burger on its menu.
  • Burger King: Burger King has a vegan version of the Whopper.
  • Carl’s Jr: Carl’s Jr. offers to incorporate the vegan Beyond Burger patty into a burger of your choice.
  • Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers: Freddy’s Frozen Custard & Steakburgers is ready to serve you with a palatable vegan burger bun and patty- remember to ask for the elimination of cheese and Freddy’s Famous Fry Sauce.
  • Johnny Rockets: Johnny Rockets has a delicious vegan garden black bean patty with several vegan sauce options.
  • Red Robin: Red Robin allows you to enjoy a vegan burger patty consisting of quinoa.
  • TGI Fridays: TGI Fridays also offers the Beyond Burger.
  • White Castle: You can ask for vegan Veggie Sliders at White Castle.

Wrap Up

Several fast-food chains are evolving and introducing vegan options. Unfortunately, the vegan options at In N Out are very slim.

While In N Out does not offer many vegan food options, several burger chains do. It is high time to steer efforts toward a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle.