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What Are the Vegan Options at Rainforest Cafe? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Rainforest Cafe? (Updated Guide)

The popularity of veganism has risen to a large extent. Hence, many restaurants have come with vegan food items on their menu. Moreover, different vegan options at Rainforest Cafe have attracted many people for animal-free and healthy food. 

Rainforest Cafe is a chain restaurant in different parts of the US and Canada. Most of the food items are either salads or burgers. Although vegan food has not been introduced in this restaurant, completely animal-free food items are slowly being introduced.

Rainforest Cafe is also widely known as one of the top restaurants in Disney World. Moreover, the food items on the menu also vary in different chains and locations. Hence, the availability of vegan food items, along with the service of being able to avoid certain seasonings that are animal-based, should be checked. 


Most of the food items at Rainforest Cafe are meat or seafood. However, there are many vegan side dishes. Seasonal vegetables are at the top of the vegan list.

Other than these vegetables, many more sides are vegan and healthy at the same time. Those mainly include potatoes and fries, along with a few chips. 

Appetizers are completely animal-based because the restaurant predominantly serves chicken, bacon, and seafood as their specialty. Along the same line, enhancements are also mostly shrimps, which aren’t vegan. 

Hence, it is essential to note a few customization services available in the restaurant to make their best by including only plant-based food items.  


Most of the time, sides are junk food with excessive carbs or fats. However, vegan options at Rainforest Cafe, which are mostly sides, are very healthy. 

  • Mashed potatoes that are red-skinned are also very famous in this cafe. The taste of these potatoes is also unique. Since these are red-skinned and come with various seasonings, this brings more flavor to the mashed potatoes. 
  • Safari fries are yet another very delicious potato side. However, while ordering this, the seasonings and some ingredients might have to be avoided to make it a completely vegan food item.
  • Tortilla chips are an excellent option for vegans who want to consume something relatively light but animal-free at the same time. 

There are a variety of burgers that are served along with these sides as well:

  • Rainforest Burger is one of the most popular burgers, made of lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickles. Just omit the cheese – the burger’s flavoring can easily be brought in with pickles and mushrooms.
  • Beyond Burger is also a perfect choice for vegans. However, cheese should be avoided in this one as well. This burger is made of a plant-based patty and similar ingredients. This burger has a special spice sauce that can easily replace the cheese for a more vegan meal. 

Soups and Salads

There are vegan salads as well as animal-based ones. 

  • Paradise House Salad is a mixture of greens. It also contains carrots, tomatoes, croutons, and cucumbers. The dressing of the salad is custom. These dressings should be appropriately chosen for vegans as the server might include animal-based products if they are not given instructions. 
  • Amazon Corn Chowder is a predominantly animal-based salad that contains bacon. However, if the bacon is avoided, it becomes an entirely healthy, animal-free salad. 

This salad includes corn, potatoes, peppers, and many more. While ordering, you can specify not to add meat, making the salad vegan and delicious for your taste. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many vegan soups. The soup section includes mainly chicken soups. 

Pasta is loved by many, and thankfully Rainforest Cafe has a variety of meat-free pasta dishes. The pasta in this menu section is mainly plant-based, and the only thing that should be avoided while ordering is cheese. This makes it completely dairy-free.

  • Anaconda Pasta is a very famous one in this restaurant. It has white sauce, pepper flakes, garden vegetables, and the like. Cheese can be avoided while ordering. 
  • Rasta Pasta is a chicken meal, but the other ingredients are spinach, broccoli, red peppers, etc. Although the main component of this pasta is sauteed chicken, it can be omitted.


As for desserts, there aren’t many options apart from the Key Lime Pie. 

The other cakes, mainly brownies and cheesecake, are not entirely dairy-free and contain eggs. 

As for the kid’s section, there are many options in desserts that are animal-free and delicious. 


There are many drinks, and a majority of them are vegan. They also provide drinks with a unique logo that allows you to keep the glass after you drink from it.

The drinks are Island Daiquiri, Mongoose Mai Tai, Cheetah Rita, Beso Del Sol, Red Sangria, and Green Python. All these drinks have a hint of rum. Mongoose Mai Tai has a bit of orange and pineapple flavor. On the other hand, Cheetah Rita has lime juice mixed with Silver Tequila. Panama Punch, Coronarita, Moscow Mule, and Dragonberry Mule are additional drinks. 

Under non-alcoholic drinks, there are quite a few drinks. However, they are all iced drinks, perfect for the hot weather. Smoothies and Freezes can be personalized with almost any flavor, fruit, or other. 

Strawberry Lemonade and Swimming Hole both have the flavor of lime. However, syrup is added to these drinks, either Monin Mango Syrup or Blue Curacao Syrup. Brazillian Freeze and Rainforest Ricky are mainly fruit juices with a bit of twist that come along the ice. 

Kids Food and Drinks

There are many vegan options in the Rainforest Cafe for kids as well. Although most burgers or sandwiches are meat-based pasta, pizza can be completely plant-based. Those food items are especially for children below the age of nine years. 

A few more burgers and sandwiches can be made vegan by changing or avoiding certain animal-based add-ons. 

As for sides, the kids’ menu section is also quite vast in terms of plant-based food items. There are fresh fruits, steamed vegetables, corn, applesauce, and many more. Mashed potatoes and Safari Fries are also some of the most famous sides. 

Unlike the other menu section, the kids have various vegan options.

There are also vegan desserts for kids:

  • Lava Mud is a pudding filled with gummy worms and Oreo cookies.
  • Tuki’s Ice Cream Sandwich is vanilla flavored and is absolutely delicious. 

As for drinks, the kids have apple juice and other soft drinks as their options. Capri Sun Roarin’ Waters is also quite a popular drink among children. 

Summing Up

With the rise of veganism, the Rainforest Cafe has put more vegan options on its menu. Although their sides are mostly vegan, they have been bringing up more vegan items in their appetizers and the main course, especially in burgers and sandwiches. 

Moreover, some meals can be customized, and meat products can be avoided. This, however, depends on the restaurant, the service they provide, and the availability of vegan alternatives.