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What Are the Vegan Options at Viva Chicken? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Viva Chicken? (Updated Guide)

Viva Chicken is a great casual dining restaurant in America. As the name suggests, it specializes in charcoal fire rotisserie chicken. The restaurant delivers hot, flavorsome, and delicious chicken in the most wholesome way possible. 

Viva Chicken has a very interesting menu that can be customized for vegan dietary restrictions. It has many delicious options loaded with vegan-friendly ingredients and made with the same amount of deliciousness. 

For some, these options might appear limited. The primary reason for the same is that it is a restaurant that specializes in chicken. So, most of its veg options include sides, salads, or soups. But if you are going with a group, at least you won’t be left hungry or disappointed. 

Read on to learn about the vegan options at Viva Chicken. 

What Is Viva Chicken?

Viva Chicken is a popular casual dining restaurant winning customers’ hearts by serving hot, fresh, and delicious chicken. It started as a small shop on the streets of Peru. 

It soon gained the attention of the patrons because of its authentic Pollo a la Brasa recipe

Viva comes with a promise to deliver authentic and unique flavors of streets wrapped in a classy yet casual way. Every dish on the menu is a rollercoaster of flavor and aroma, and it will take your taste buds on a wild ride. 

The restaurant aims to provide the utmost convenience to its customers. Be it the in-room dining experience or take-out, you will get everything fresh and hot. 

The founders and owners, Chef Bruno Machhiavello and Randy Garcia, strive to make Viva Chicken a Charlotte-based company. It is a company passionate about the food it puts out. It cares about its customers, employees, and the community. 

Vegan Food at Viva Chicken

Even though it is famous for its flavorsome chicken, Viva’s menu has quite a few options that vegans can enjoy. 


Salads make a wholesome meal. It is crunchy, fresh, nutritious, and delicious. You can never go wrong with a good and well-prepared bowl of salad. 

Viva Salad

Viva salad delivers everything that you would expect from a healthy salad. 

It is made with fresh garden greens, crunchy green cucumbers, red onions, juicy tomatoes, exotic avocado, and a special balsamic dressing. A look at the menu will salivate your mouth, and you will feel the craving for it. 

The original recipe serves the salad with feta cheese. You can ask the server to hold the same to make your salad 100% vegan. 

Quinoa-Stuffed Avocado

Quinoa is one of the most nutritious additions to a meal. It is rich in fiber and protein and can make your meal wholesome and delicious. 

The quinoa stuffed avocado is a lip-smacking dish on the menu that you must give a try. It is made with organically sourced quinoa mixed with fresh avocado, red pepper, and balsamic vinaigrette. 

The menu mentions the addition of Rocoto mayo in the mix. You can eliminate the same to keep the dish vegan. 

Limena Chopped 

Limena Chopped is a dish that brings you a tsunami of Peruvian street flavors. Though this dish has some non-vegan elements that uplift its taste, you can still try it by holding those ingredients.

It is made with the crunchiest leaves of a kale romaine mix tossed with solterito. Solterito combines Peruvian corn, edamame, and queso fresco, a type of cheese. 

All this delicious goodness is mixed with crispy chickpeas, bacon, and aji amarillo ranch dressing. Since bacon, queso fresco, and ranch dressing are non-vegan, you can ask the server to eliminate the three from your preparation. 

You can request a vegan dressing option to replace the ranch. 

Andina Power Food

As the name suggests, this dish is a powerhouse of nutrients and loaded with energy. It is made with the most blessed ingredient provided by mother nature to fill your heart with joy.

It combines kale romaine mix, organically sourced quinoa, topped with seasonal fruits, and rich edamame. These nutritional components are tossed with some toasted almonds, red pepper, and tangy passion fruit vinaigrette. 

This dish is all you need to turn your day around. It is 100% vegan and an absolute joy to eat. 

In the Mixes

This section contains a selection of freshly prepared bowl meals. These meals are wholesome and make an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. 

Tacu Bowl 

Apart from the famous rotisserie chicken served by the restaurant, its tacu bowl is also quite famous. It is made with aromatic rice that is either cilantro or jasmine-infused.

Add some canary beans, salsa criolla, rich, creamy avocado, and some green onions to this delicious bowl of aromatic rice. Salsa criolla is a vegan condiment made with onions and tomato infused with lemon. This bowl is such a joy to indulge in. You won’t just be satisfied with the meal; you will go home with a big smile. 

Arroz Chaufa 

This dish brings you a seamless amalgamation of Asian and Peruvian flavors. 

It is an amazing combination of fried rice, red peppers, fresh green onions, ginger, and a delicious Peruvian soy sauce. The original recipe is served with egg in the mix. You can ask your server to hold the egg and make this dish absolutely vegan-friendly. 

Sandwiches and Wraps

Sandwiches and wraps make a fun meal when hanging out with friends. They are healthy and casual. A well-made wrap or sandwich can be enough to keep your hunger satisfied.

Inca Wrap 

The Inca wrap is like a mixed bowl wrapped in a slice of soft and delicious bread. It contains aromatic rice, which you can choose; cilantro or jasmine. The rice is topped with canary beans, the amazing salsa criolla, and some fresh avocado. 

The Inca wrap is like eating the famous tacu bowl, just in a more handy way. 


The sides always keep your hunger at bay if you don’t feel very happy with the main menu. Viva Chicken has many vegan-friendly sides you can enjoy a meal with if you don’t want to order mains. 

French Fries

Who can say no to some crispy golden French fries? Mad with superior quality potatoes, cut in sleek and long beauties, fried to perfection, and delivered to you all hot and crispy. 

Fries make an amazing and fun meal. All you need is an excellent dipping sauce and a drink to go with it. Your meal is sorted!

Green Beans and House Salad

The house salad is usually an essential mix of vegetables tossed in a vinaigrette. It is not a very flavorsome choice, but it is rich in nutrients and makes a healthy choice. You can get a combination of the house salad with green beans to munch on. 

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet potato fries are the best option for those who cannot keep their hands off fries and still need to eat healthily. These fries are as crispy and delicious as regular fries. But they come with the healthy goodness of sweet potatoes. 


Viva Chicken has a unique drinks menu. It is limited to three drinks which are prepared fresh every day. It offers a different taste, making it a must-try on the menu. 

Herbal Limeade 

This drink is made with essential kitchen ingredients but is absolutely delicious. 

This drink will instantly give you a refreshing feeling, a perfect flavor combination of lime, basil, and rosemary with a hint of mint. 


Maracuya is the local Peruvian name for passion fruit juice. It is prepared regularly with fresh passion fruit to give a zingy tangy flavor to your taste buds.

Chicha Morada

This drink has some unique ingredients in the mix. That makes it fun, and you must try a drink on the menu. It is made with a combination of Peruvian purple corn, cinnamon, clove, apple, pineapples, and the goodness of limes. 

This drink is healthy, spicy, tangy, and sweet. All the flavors you need to make you jump with joy. 

Summing Up

Viva Chicken might be famous for its chicken, but its menu is quite promising and satisfying for vegans.

Because of the instant mix-it construction of most dishes, it is easier to request customization without altering the core recipe. 

Every ingredient used is fresh, high-quality, and organic. Viva Chicken is a place where you wouldn’t feel left out as a vegan on the table. So, the next time your group plans to visit Viva Chicken, don’t hesitate. You will be amazed by the diverse menu it has to offer.