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Are Monsters Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Monsters?

Are Monsters Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Monsters?

Answer: Yes.

Are Monsters Vegan? Can Vegans Drink Monsters?

Are Monsters Vegan?

Monster Energy contains taurine, so you may think that it is non-vegan. We know that taurine is an animal by-product. But we want to break this bubble for you. Monster Energy is vegan, even with the presence of taurine, and we can tell you why.    

To be precise, most Monster Energy drinks are vegan. But this cannot be said about all the products because there are a few exceptions. The company has confirmed that the taurine and L-carnitine they use are vegan-friendly.

Besides, there are some variations to the list of ingredients in Monster Energy. It differs from location to location. Here, you will explore which of the Monster Energy drinks are suitable for you as a vegan. You will also learn which ones you should avoid.

Monster Energy Is Vegan: The Reason

As mentioned above, even though animal derivatives, taurine and L-carnitine, are vegan. It is because the company uses synthesized or plant-based ingredients for Monster Energy. These ingredients are not collected from animals.   

However, it is essential to note that this is not the case with all Monster Energy products. One of their products, Java Monster, is non-vegan as it contains milk. Besides, some countries use non-vegan ingredients too. One such ingredient is carmine which is used in Monster flavors.  

In the United Kingdom, a version of Monster Ultra Red contains carmine. The way carmine is produced is disturbing for vegans. It is made by crushing up beetles and is not vegan-friendly.   

So, all the lines of Monster Energy except the Java Monster line are vegan-friendly.

Monster Energy: A Brief History

Monster Energy was introduced by Hansen Natural Company almost 20 years ago. Monster Energy, introduced in 2002, is now known as Monster Beverage Corporation. Its market share of energy drinks is 35% per 2019 data, meaning it’s the second-highest after Red Bull.    

The company sells its Monster Energy drinks in 143 countries worldwide. Besides, they offer 34 flavors to customers in 9 different beverage styles.    

A highlighting factor is that the company is famous in the sports and music industry. It sponsors various sports events like Bellator MMA, MotoGP, BMX, motocross, skateboarding, etc.    

They also promote music brands like Iggy Azalea, Fetty Wap, 21 Savage, Strange Music, and more.

Its core Monster Energy line includes Java Monster, Hydro, Juice, Dragon Tea, Extra Strength, Muscle, Rehab, and Import.

A Glance at the Ingredients

Since Monster Energy claims to use vegan-friendly ingredients, it is a good idea to look at them. However, some of its variants are not vegan-friendly. Here is the list of ingredients that Monster Energy uses in its products:   

  • Glucose
  • Sucrose
  • Taurine      
  • Citric acid      
  • Sodium citrate  
  • Carbonated water 
  • L-carnitine 
  • Caffeine     
  • Panax ginseng root extract
  • Guarana seed extract      
  • Benzoic acid   
  • Sorbic acid      
  • Sodium chloride
  • Niacinamide    
  • Inositol 
  • Glucuronolactone  
  • Pyridoxine hydrochloride   
  • Riboflavin   
  • Maltodextrin 
  • Sucralose  
  • Cyanocobalamin
  • Natural flavors
  • Added color

A common rumor claims that taurine is extracted from bull semen. It is circulating assuming that Red Bull has taurine, too, as with Monster Energy. However, these are just rumors.   

As for the fact, earlier, taurine was derived from animals. That is not the case anymore because it is created synthetically. It is important to note that Monster Energy claims to use taurine extracted from plants.

Non-vegan Monster Energy Drinks to Avoid

A highlighting factor is that the human body has 0.1% of taurine. If you are cautious about not consuming anything that is not vegan, you need to be away from only two products. It depends on your location but below are the two flavors you should avoid: 

Monster Energy Ultra Red

Consumption of Monster Energy Ultra Red depends on your location. If you are a North American, you don’t need to worry. You can drink Monster Energy Ultra Red because it is vegan-friendly for you.   

However, if you reside in the UK or some European country, you must avoid Ultra Red. In these countries, Monster Energy Ultra Red is sold with a slight change in the ingredients. This version contains cochineal, which is also known by the name E120 or carmine.   

Carmine is not suitable for vegans because it is extracted from scale insects. It has a natural red color. So, you will need to find another vegan-friendly drink if you are in the UK or Europe.

Monster Java

Monster Java is another range of Monster Energy drinks containing milk. Yes, not a very happy option for vegans. But worry not! You have the alternative if you want to try this flavor as a vegan. It is because Monster Energy has launched a new edition of Monster Java. 

The new edition contains milk, but that won’t be a problem for your vegan diet. It is because Monster Java’s new edition contains oat milk, a plant-based milk alternative. Also, oat milk is extracted from gluten-free oats.

As for now, Monster Java is available in North America. It is known by the name Java Monster Farmer’s Oats. You can try this new flavor to bring some change to your routine diet!  

Is Monster Cruelty-Free?

It is to be noted that Monster Energy is not certified as cruelty-free. You can go through the supplier code of conduct and the environmental sustainability pages of Monster Energy. Yes, there is no information related to animal testing policy.   

Whenever you consume an energy drink, whether after workouts or on a dull day, you must be careful of the additives; it’s natural to get confused looking at the labels of energy drinks. It is because, in most cases, additives are not mentioned on the labels.   

It isn’t very reassuring not to know what additives you’re consuming through your energy drink. However, we learned that some of these additives are good for your body but not that much for others.   

Another highlighting point is that sports drinks contain artificial food dyes tested on animals. These sports drinks include the Monster Energy range, electrolytes, protein, and other energy drinks.  

Besides, the food dyes tested on animals include carmine, red dye 40, and yellow dye 5. Carmine is an additive in one of the Monster Energy products called Monster Ultra Red.   

  • Carmine is prepared by drying and crushing cochineal beetles. In the final stage, these beetles are boiled to make carminic acid. Indeed, it is a cruel act.   
  • Red 40 is vegan, but that doesn’t mean it comes without any cost to animals. It is routinely tested on animals. Besides, it is contaminated with benzidine and carcinogens. Both are harmful to animals.   
  • Yellow 5, also known as tartrazine, is a yellow coloring tested on mice and rats. It is produced from petroleum products.   

Is Monster Energy Good for Your Health?

We can’t argue that Monster Energy provides a tremendous energy boost. There is no doubt about it. But do you ever ponder about the health benefits of these drinks? Well, we would like to break that bubble for you. 

After a good, long-hour workout in the gym, consuming this drink is not great for your body. The mixture of chemicals in one can of Monster Energy does more harm than good if you consume it regularly.  

Various health organizations like the WHO have confirmed the potential risks of consuming energy drinks. According to a report in the Journal of the American Health Association, caffeinated energy drinks can raise blood pressure.

Some of these risks are mentioned below, and we hope you make an informed decision regarding your pre- and post-workout diet.  

  • There is a risk of type 2 diabetes. It is because energy drinks contain caffeine, reducing insulin sensitivity in your body. 
  • If you take energy drinks regularly, there is a chance of caffeine overdose in your body. It can cause palpitations, nausea, and high blood pressure. At times, people vomit and deal with convulsions and, in a worse case, die.  
  • Regular energy drinks can make you book appointments with dentists. Yes, energy drinks are not suitable for your dental health and can cause cavities.  
  • There is a risk that people become obese. Besides, it can even cause late miscarriages.  

Summing Up

In simple terms, there is caffeine and sugar in energy drinks. It means that if you consume it regularly, you’re harming your body. If you’ve been doing it for a while, we recommend getting a full-body checkup from your doctor.  

Also, if you plan to continue or start drinking Monster drinks, ensure to take them moderately. Check out Monster Energy and find out a suitable vegan drink for yourself. We want your recommendations in the comments below. Would you please share your feedback?