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Is Naan Bread Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Naan Bread?

Is Naan Bread Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Naan Bread?

Answer: No. There are multiple ingredients in Naan bread that make it non-vegan.

Is Naan Bread Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Naan Bread?

Can Vegans Eat Naan Bread?

Unfortunately, vegans cannot enjoy the fluffy texture and the deliciousness of naan bread as it is non-vegan due to its ingredients.

Veganism does not restrict you to a particular diet 24/7, but it cordially gives you the freedom to explore a variety of different cuisines. Now, this does not mean that you should promptly scoot off to try out sushi or kebabs. Of course, there are certain limitations. 

The same principle applies to Asian cuisine as well. Asian cuisine is one of the most remarkable cuisines of the world with its occasional dash of spices. When it comes to crowing the king of Asian cuisine, the title goes to none other than the naan bread.

Its fluffy texture and limitless combinations with different foods make it a must-try for everyone. Sadly, vegans need to opt-out. Why? Read on to find out! 

Why Is Naan Bread Not Vegan?

To declare a food item vegan or non-vegan, one must scroll down the ingredients list. The same goes for the delightful naan bread. The concept of veganism firmly resides in the oath of not consuming any animal or any animal-driven products. However, the ingredients in naan bread make it a strong candidate to defy the promise of veganism. There are multiple ingredients in naan bread that make it non-vegan. Thankfully, these ingredients are not miscellaneous, so they are prominently mentioned in every recipe and specifically on the packaging of store-bought naan bread as well. 

Check out this list of non-vegan ingredients in naan bread!


Yogurt is responsible for giving naan bread its fluffy texture and rich flavor. It also makes the dough of the naan bread rise to its desired consistency. Unfortunately, yogurt comes from milk, and this fact forbids yogurt for vegans.


Milk is used while preparing the dough of naan bread and during the kneading of the dough. It’s responsible for giving the naan bread the soft and fluffy texture that makes it melt in the mouth. Sadly, milk obtained from an animal is another forbidden food item for vegans, which crosses naan bread from the vegan’s grocery list.


We also use eggs to prepare the dough of naan bread. Eggs give naan bread its moist texture. But again, eggs are not vegan-friendly and therefore make it impossible for a vegan to consume naan bread. 

Ghee Or Butter

Asian cuisine is merely incomplete without using ghee, or in simpler terms, butter. We get ghee by heating milk for a very long time. Ghee enrichens the texture and flavor of naan bread and cannot be consumed by vegans at any cost. 

Vegan-Friendly Substitutes for Naan Bread

Finding vegan-friendly substitutes for naan bread is not a very strenuous task. Vegans can prepare their naan bread at home without using non-vegan ingredients. A simple replacement and switch of components can allow vegans to experience naan bread’s richness and smoothness like every other person. These are the possible replacements that you as a vegan can conduct while making naan bread:

For Yogurt

Instead of using yogurt, you can use either yeast or baking powder in the preparation of dough to make it vegan-friendly.

For Milk

Instead of milk, you can either use oil, water, soy, or almond milk for kneading the dough to give it a similar texture.

For Eggs

Eggs are not the crucial ingredient required for preparing naan bread. Some experts emphasize not using eggs in naan bread as they can sometimes harden the dough.

For Ghee

To replace ghee, you can quickly run off to your nearest grocery store to purchase vegan butter that you can use to make naan bread.

Apart from naan bread, a tasty yet straightforward substitution is chapati or flatbread, which requires only flour, salt, oil, and water. 


Veganism is anything but boring. That is why vegan experts have found equally commendable replacements for naan bread ingredients to give vegans a similar experience. So rush to your kitchen and get your cooking pots ready! Nothing is going to stop you from making that vegan naan bread.