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What Are the Vegan Options at Tom and Chee? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Tom and Chee? (Updated Guide)

Tom and Chee is a prominent food brand known for its grilled cheese sandwiches and homemade soups. Intending to melt the hearts of people with cheese, which is available in vegan form as well, along with a soothing soup, Jenny Rachford opened the first branch of Tom and Chee in Cincinnati.

However, Tom and Chee are not limited to sandwiches and cheese. Over the years, they have added various vegan options to their menu in the form of soups, loaves of bread, and even cheese, so that everyone gets to taste the cheese in its best condition.

Their out-of-the-box spin on the different ingredients and food items resulted in them getting featured on many television shows such as Man vs. Food Nation, Amazing Eats, ABC’s Shark Tank, and The Chew, which increased their popularity immensely.

Here, we have a look at the various vegan options provided at Tom and Chee that you can relish when searching for homely food.

What Are My Vegan Options at Tom and Chee?

One of the best traits about Tom and Chee is how transparent they are when it comes to sharing the ingredients used in any particular dish along with the nutritional value. However, there are different menus provided by Tom and Chee depending on the outlet’s location.

To know about the various vegan options, we went through the most prominent and accessible Tom and Chee Court Street Menu and made a list of the different vegan options.

Classic Tomato Soup (Homemade Soup)

Tom and Chee is famous for its classic soups that provide the warmth of home. The Classic Tomato Soup on their homemade soup menu is entirely vegan. However, it’s not an ordinary vegan soup. The soup is made with thyme, onion, and garlic, all the flavors that go exceptionally well with tomatoes.

Apart from these three vegetables and herbs, you can also add various veggies as toppings to your soup.

Side Items

The vegan menu provided by Tom and Chee is not confined to Sandwiches and Soups. It offers various vegan side dishes that you can have alongside your soup and elevate its flavor.

Fruit Salad

The vegan menu by Tom and Chee is incomplete without including a fresh fruit salad in it. The fruit salad is nothing but a blend of the various seasonal fruits available during any particular time of the year.

Potato Chips

Tom and Chee serve plain salted potato chips that would go along exceptionally well with your sandwich and soup. However, you would need to check if the Tom and Chee outlet near you has the potato chips of your desired flavor on their menu or not. Every potato chip flavor might not be available in every outlet.

Loaves of Bread

All the loaves of bread made and served by Tom and Chee are vegan. Be it regular white bread, sourdough, wheat dough, or rye bread. None of them make use of any product derived from animals.

However, the classic glazed donuts by Tom and Chee aren’t vegan because the glaze is made up of dairy products.


Tom and Chee provides various veggie toppings that you can add on top of your soup and elevate its flavor.

  • Bell pepper
  • Carrot
  • Cucumber
  • Garlic hummus or seasoning
  • Lettuce
  • Mushroom
  • Onion (fresh or fried)
  • Pickle
  • Tomato

Apart from the veggies, the following are some of the additional vegan toppings provided by Tom and Chee for you to choose from.

  • Almond
  • Banana
  • Basil
  • Blueberry compote
  • Cherry pepper
  • Cranberries
  • Graham crackers
  • Lemon candy
  • Strawberry


The following are some of the beverages that you can order at Tom and Chee.

  • Fountain drink
  • Juice
  • Water (bottled)

Now that we’re talking about the variety of vegan food options provided by Tom and Chee, read further to know the various customizable vegan food options offered by Tom and Chee. 

Customizable Vegan Options at Tom and Chee

Apart from the various vegan options in Tom and Chee’s menu mentioned above, you can also customize the following different food options as per your dietary preferences.

This brilliant and exciting feature provided by Tom and Chee would help you make your meals.

Handcrafted Melts and Sandwiches

As we said earlier, Tom and Chee want everyone to enjoy cheese, irrespective of their dietary preferences. Besides all the delicious vegan food options provided by Tom and Chee, you can ask them to customize a unique handcrafted melt or sandwich for yourself! 

This is as simple as approaching the staff present there and ask them to customize the melt for you. More often than not, the staff is quite approachable and the restaurant menu is adaptable. When they ask you about the type of cheese, you can say ‘Vegan Cheese’ or ‘Fancy Cheese,’ which is cheddar-type Tesse Vegan Cheese.

In addition to the vegan cheese in your customized melts and sandwiches, you can also ask them to add vegetables in your veganized melt as toppings.

Apart from the customization, you can ask them to veganize their existing classic Grilled Mac and Cheese and Crunchy Garlic Chicken. In the Crunchy Garlic Chicken, the staff can remove the chicken and make a sandwich that would comprise only vegan ingredients such as bread, vegan cheese, wheat berry, sauteed onions, tomatoes, garlic aioli, and kettle chips. 

Kids’ Meals

Tom and Chee also offer a separate meal for kids for children aged twelve years or less. Fortunately, kids don’t usually have to worry a lot about their diets. The kid’s meal includes an independent side and drinks for the kids. In addition to it, the meal also includes American Cheese and Hearty White Grilled Cheese.

The grilled cheese sandwich can be customized into a vegan grilled cheese sandwich. The staff at Tom and Chee would use vegan cheese instead of regular one.

Soup of the Day

Tom and Chee have a different soup for every day of the week for their customers. The ‘soup of the day’ is more like a unique, surprising element that would attract people to the outlet. It would also give you a glimpse of the various flavors provided by Tom and Chee.

It’s rare for Tom and Chee to have vegan soup as their soup of the day. However, you can ask the staff present there if the soup can be veganized and enjoy it.

Things to Remember While Placing a Vegan Order at Tom and Chee

We explored the various menus provided by Tom and Chee and have provided you with some of the best vegan options.

However, while ordering any vegan food item, you should inform the staff working at Tom and Chee in advance that you’re a vegan.

It’s crucial to inform them about your preference because the items mentioned above are not explicitly vegan. Therefore, the staff at Tom and Chee may make use of butter for cooking or grilling your sandwiches.

So, if you inform them that you’re vegan while placing your order, they’ll use soy butter to prepare your vegan order.

Can You Customize Sandwiches and Soups?

Yes, grilled sandwiches and soups can be veganized by replacing and using various additional ingredients. 

Although all the grilled cheese sandwiches use cheese in them, they can be replaced by various vegan cheese options available in the market. You can use the different types of vegan cheese together to create a fantastic vegan grilled cheese sandwich.

The following are some of the best vegan cheese brands available in the United States.

  • Dr. Cow
  • Good Planet
  • Heidi Ho
  • Just Like
  • Kite Hill
  • Miyoko’s Kitchen
  • Parmela Creamery
  • Punk Rawk Labs
  • Tesse
  • Tofutti
  • Treeline Cheese

Apart from the grilled sandwiches, even soups can be veganized. You can avoid using any dairy product like cream in your soup. Instead, you can make it using vegetable stock or making a stew and having it with rice or any bread.

Wrapping Up

Tom and Chee are a remarkable food place you should visit if you’re searching for vegan sandwiches, soups, and sides. Despite being famous for its grilled cheese sandwiches and use of cheese in almost every dish of theirs, they still provide vegan options on their menu as they make use of vegan cheese.

The vegan options are melts, soups, potato chips, and beverages, along with kids’ meals.

So, what are you waiting for? Go through the various vegan options provided by Tom and Chee and explore their menu now!