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What Are the Vegan Options at Velvet Taco? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Velvet Taco? (Updated Guide)

Velvet Taco is a trendy taco restaurant that serves one-of-a-kind, premium tacos. Founded in Dallas in 2011, Velvet Taco was launched to break the stereotype that tacos are typically associated with Mex-Tex Cuisine. 

Currently, they have 17 company-run stores with one central licensed location. While this may not be a huge number, the restaurant has dedicated a special drive-thru pickup window and takeout window. 

The restaurant is mainly known for its exotic tacos and boozy margaritas that most people enjoy. But what about vegan food? Are there any good vegan options at Velvet Taco? Unfortunately, their menu still lacks a rich variety of vegan food.

That being said, they still have a few vegan options. In this article, we will walk you through these options to help you find the best. 

Let’s get started, folks!

What Is Velvet Taco?

As mentioned before, Velvet Taco is a unique taco restaurant that Randy Dewitt founded in 2011. The whole ambiance of this fast-casual restaurant is very whimsical, and they have a very quirky menu. 

As the name suggests, the restaurant is mainly famous for its wide range of exotic tacos. However, certain varieties like the Grilled Flank Steak and great steak taco are a must-try for every taco lover. 

The Grilled Flank Steak taco is one of the most loved varieties as it has just the right amount of toppings with queso Blanco, portobello, Mexican oregano, and grilled red onion.

Thanks to Velvet Taco’s authenticity, the restaurant has now expanded to owning 17 company-run stores. However, they only have one licensed location. That being said, Velvet Taco is still a major hub for all Taco connoisseurs. 

What Are the Vegan Options at Velvet Taco?

Velvet Taco has a wide range of menu options, but most of them are loaded with meat. But what about the vegan options? Is there something at Velvet Taco for all our green-thumbed friends? 

Sadly, no, Velvet Tacos do not have a lot of vegan options on their current menu. The struggle of incorporating fully vegan food options into a heavy meat-based menu can be pretty challenging. 

However, with the rise of veganism, more and more restaurants are coming up with new, creative ways of upgrading their restaurants to include vegan-friendly food

And as of now, Velvet Tacos has not made the upgrade yet. That being said, they still have a handful of vegetarian options, out of which only one is entirely vegan. 

The good thing here is that you can veganize these vegetarian options if you want to try them. There are plenty of ways you do this, and you can get the help of the friendly staff at Velvet Taco as well. 

However, if you do not follow a rigorous vegan lifestyle, you can try out the following options if you ever feel like indulging in some tasty tacos.

Want to know what they are? Keep reading to find out!

Nashville Hot Tofu

It is one of the most popular vegetarian options at Velvet Taco, and it is fully made of fresh plant-based ingredients. They are:

  • Ranch crema
  • Napa slaw
  • Crispy tofu
  • Flour tortilla
  • House brined pickles

The ingredients might seem extremely simple, but Velvet Taco has managed to pack a robust flavor into this so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Fried Paneer

If you are someone who enjoys the taste of freshly fried paneer, then this is a must-try for you. 

It has a tangy, exotic taste, making it a unique vegan option in today’s Velvet Taco menu.

The ingredients here are:

  • Tikka sauce
  • Tomato chutney
  • Thai basil
  • Flour tortilla
  • Raita crema 

Falafel Wrap

Whether you love meat or only prefer vegan/vegetarian food, a juicy falafel wrap is something you cannot resist. 

The ingredients of this dish are directly sourced from plants, and they are:

  • Arugula
  • Tahini crema
  • Pickled Fresnos
  • Tomato
  • Pickled red onion
  • Avocado
  • Lettuce wrap
  • Pea ‘tendrila’

Queso Blanco

Another great vegetarian option at Velvet Taco is the Queso Blanco. Thanks to its Italian ingredients, the dish has a very significant taste, which is relished and enjoyed by most people. 

The ingredients used to make Queso Blanco are:

  • Salsa verde
  • Heat sauce
  • Cilantro sprig
  • Charred tomato salsa
  • Blue chips

Out of these five options, only one happens to be a fully vegan dish: the falafel wrap. 

Unfortunately, the other options have specific ingredients like toppings and sauce that make use of sour cream. They may also use other dairy-based ingredients to make these vegetarian dishes.

You can still enjoy these options if you follow the vegan lifestyle, with a few exceptions. But if you follow veganism seriously, Velvet Taco is not the best place to grab a quick bite. 

Is It Possible to Convert Vegetarian Options to Vegan Options at Velvet Taco?

Yes, you can do this! The best thing about Velvet Taco’s vegan menu is that the vegetarian options can be veganized as per your preference. 

It is also extremely easy, thanks to the simple nature of tacos. All you need to do is remove the vegetarian ingredients and swap them with vegan alternatives. For example, if you would like to try the vegan version of the Nashville Hot Tofu taco, you need to find a vegan alternative, like the tahini sauce for the ranch crema, and swap them.

Naturally, the crema is what makes a particular taco unique and flavorful. However, if you are a strict vegan, you will have to settle for other types of vegan-friendly sauces, even if it makes the end product’s taste much less appealing.

However, we understand that the process of finding a vegan alternative and then swapping it can be quite a hassle. It is also a very time-consuming process. In that case, you can opt for the Falafel wrap, which is the only fully vegan option available at Velvet Taco.

On the other hand, if you would like to veganize a vegetarian recipe, you can talk to one of the employees at Velvet Taco. Once you tell them your issue, they will sort it out for you in no time.

Velvet Taco also launches an exclusive “WTF” Taco every week featured on their website and social media handles. In short, these surprise tacos that do not exist on the usual menu. 

The best thing about the WTF Taco is that, sometimes, they can be a fully vegan taco as well. They even launched a full 100% vegan taco once! So, it is best to keep your eyes wide open and always stay on the lookout regarding this offer.

Common FAQs Regarding Velvet Taco

Since this funky taco restaurant has minimal vegan options, people often get confused between which items are vegan-friendly and which are not.

In this section, a few common FAQs have been included so you can be more confident the next time you visit Velvet Taco!

Is Velvet Taco a Dog-Friendly Location?

If you have a cute canine companion on your trip to Velvet Taco, you might be wondering whether or not the place is welcoming to dogs. Thanks to the huge spacious patios, Velvet Taco is a dog-friendly restaurant. 

You can chill and unwind with a nice meal in your hand your best friend is seated right beside you. Moreover, you can also share your food with your dog as they are all safe and delicious.

Can You Get Alcohol at Velvet Taco?

Yes, you will be delighted to know that Velvet Taco is big on alcohol! In fact, the most popular drink in this restaurant is the margarita. They are power-packed with the finest booze in town, and they pack a lot more than your regular margaritas.

Do They Have a Drive-Thru?

Yes, as mentioned earlier, Velvet Taco does have a drive-thru which has been an extremely convenient service during the global pandemic. These services are available at multiple locations, but it’s best to check with a location near you to see if they still provide this service.

Is This Brand a Franchise?

As per the info seen on Velvet Taco’s official website, the company is not a franchise yet.

Final Words

Velvet Taco is a highly delightful, quirky restaurant to visit if you are a taco lover. They have a wide range of interestingly flavored tacos, including buffalo chicken, rotisserie chicken, spicy tikka chicken, picnic chicken, chicken & waffle, and so much more. 

The restaurant usually uses various interesting ingredients to spice up their tacos, and a lot of these dishes include animal-based sources. That is what gives their tacos that unique, distinctive flavor.

However, as far as vegan options go, Velvet Taco has an extremely poor number of choices available. The falafel wrap is the only variety. They have five vegetarian options that can be veganized if you follow a very strict vegan lifestyle. 

If not, you can enjoy these vegetarian dishes as is. If not, you might want to look for another place with more vegan taco options because Velvet Taco is not a great choice.