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Is CSR Golden Syrup Vegan? Can Vegans Use CSR Golden Syrup?

Is CSR Golden Syrup Vegan? Can Vegans Use CSR Golden Syrup?

Answer: No.

Is CSR Golden Syrup Vegan? Can Vegans Use CSR Golden Syrup?

Later in this article, there will be a discussion on the nutrition facts of this syrup.

This article will look to solve these queries as well:

Let’s start the discussion by briefly discussing Csr golden syrup.

What Is CSR Golden Syrup?

CSR golden syrup is a product that is 100% natural; it is manufactured in Australia, has a flavor of sweet caramel, and contains a toffee aroma. You can add this syrup to baked goods or spread it on bread. The golden syrup is also rich in:

  • Antioxidants
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins

CSR Golden Syrup Nutrition Facts

  • Energy: 88.2 KJ
  • Protein: 0.021g
  • Carbohydrates: 5.18g
  • Sugar: 5.18g
  • Sodium: 9.8mg
  • Potassium: 33.5mg

Is Maple Syrup Vegan?

Unfortunately, most types of maple syrup are not vegan as they contain animal products. However, some brands in the market sell organic varieties of maple syrup:

Log Cabin Maple Syrup

  • Light 
  • Sugar-free
  • Original


  • Original
  • Sugar-free
  • Light

Hungry Jack

  • Butter
  • Light
  • Sugar-free
  • Brown sugar
  • Original

Aunt Jemima

  • Sugar-free
  • Original
  • Butter
  • Butter-lite
  • Country rich

H-E-B/Kroger Generic Maple Syrup

  • Sugar-free
  • Original

Great Value (Walmart)

  • Pure maple syrup

Abbie’s Pancake Syrup

  • Classic

Maple Grove Farm Syrup

  • Pancake syrups
  • All maple syrups

Butternut Mountain Farm’s Syrup

  • All varieties

Eggo Syrup

  • Original

Kirkland Maple Syrup

  • Original

Wholesome Maple Syrup

  • All varieties

Why Are Most Maple Syrups Considered Non-Vegan?

While you can point toward the deforestation caused by maple syrup planting, the real reason most maple syrups are not vegan-friendly is that they contain honey. There are other non-vegan, milk-derived ingredients in maple syrups as well.

Other Vegan Syrups

Brown Rice Syrup

Brown rice syrup, also known as rice malt syrup or rice syrup, consists of just two ingredients:

  • Filtered water
  • Brown rice

This syrup is a natural sweetener and is a rice extraction. The brown rice goes through fermentation, which reduces the substance and breaks down the starches until the rice develops a syrup-like texture.

Like other natural sweeteners, you can add brown rice syrup to coffee and tea. This syrup is a perfect replacement for sugar, and you can eat it along with waffles, pancakes, and oatmeal.

The most popular brand of rice syrup is Lundberg Family Farms. Brown rice syrup has:

  • Calories: 150 (per two servings)
  • Natural sugar: 22g

Yacon Root Syrup

Yacon syrup is extracted from the roots of the Yacon plant. This plant is from South America and originated in the country of Colombia. The Yacon plant has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

The consistency of this syrup is similar to molasses and is high in prebiotics like insulin and low in calories. A bottle of Yacon root syrup has:

  • Calories: 13 (per tsp.)
  • Sugar: 3g

You can also use this syrup to substitute sugar and add it to hot drinks like coffee and tea.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct of cane sugar. To make the syrup, raw sugar cane is boiled twice; a dark liquid will emerge once the boiling process is complete. This black-colored, sticky syrup is rich in both magnesium and calcium. The Blackstrap Molasses contains the following:

  • Calories: 58 (per tbsp.)
  • Natural sugar: 15g

Date Syrup

Date syrup is a vegan-friendly sweetener and is made from organic California dates. The main ingredient of this syrup is Medjool dates which have a naturally sweet flavor. The syrup is so sweet that only a few drops are good enough for coffee and oatmeal.

This syrup is rich in vitamin D, iron, magnesium, and potassium. Date syrup also has:

  • Calories: 60
  • Sugar: 13g

Monkfruit Sweetener

Monkfruit sweetener is natural and is extracted from monk fruit. Monk fruit is grown in Southeast Asia and is popular among keto dieters as it is low in carbohydrates and a sugar substitute.

This sweetener contains no calories and is probably 100 to 250 times sweeter than sugar. Monkfruit sweetener is also rich in antioxidants. In this sweetener, there are:

  • Calories: 0
  • Alcohol sugar: 4g

Health Benefits of Consuming Maple Syrup (Organic)

  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Contains more calcium than milk
  • It has a low glycemic index, which makes it a perfect substitute for sugar
  • Low-calorie content
  • High in manganese, which helps the brain function properly
  • Rich in riboflavin, it improves the immune system of the body
  • High in potassium, which helps reduce risks of stroke and hypertension

Foods to Avoid as Vegan

While most vegan dieters know what foods and ingredients they should avoid, it is still essential to refresh your memory once in a while. This is what vegans should avoid:

Certain Additives

Most additives come from animal products, such as:

  • E471
  • E422
  • E322
  • E210
  • E542
  • E631
  • E904
  • E901

So vegan dieters need to read the ingredients before they consume a product.

Carmine or Cochineal

Ground cochineal insects are crushed and then used to make a carmine. Carmine is a type of natural dye that gives color to many food products.


Gelatin is a thickening agent from pigs’ and cows’ skin, connective tissues, and bones.


Isinglass is similar in appearance to gelatin and comes from fish bladders. This ingredient is often used to make wine or beer.

Natural Flavorings

Some ingredients of natural flavorings come from animal products. An example of this can be castoreum, a flavoring derived from the secretion of beaver anal scent glands.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Products that are enriched with omega-3 fatty acids cannot be considered vegan. This is because some omega-3 fatty acids are derived from fish. However, omega-3 fatty acids that come from algae are vegan-friendly.


This substance comes from the female Lac insect. Shellac is sometimes used as an ingredient for candy food glaze.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 usually comes from fish or lanolin, which is found in sheep’s wool. However, vitamin D3 has vegan alternatives, such as vitamin D2 and D3, derived from lichen.

Dairy Ingredients

Vegan dieters should avoid lactose, whey, and casein, as they are all derived from dairy.

Food That Might Contain Non-Vegan Ingredients

Bread Products

Some baked goods, such as bread and bagels, contain an amino acid called l-cysteine. This amino acid is a softening agent and comes from poultry feathers.

Wine and Beer

Sometimes manufacturers of wine and beer use casein, egg white albumen, or gelatin in the winemaking process or beer brewing. Sometimes, isinglass is also an ingredient for wine and beer.

Caesar Dressing

Some types of Caesar dressing use anchovy paste as an ingredient. Anchovy paste comes from fish.


There are some types of candies such as Jell-O, Gummy Bears, and Marshmallows that contain gelatin. Some candies also have a coating of carmine or shellac.


Some varieties of French fries are fried in animal fat.

Deep-Fried Foods

The batter typically used to make deep-fried foods such as vegetable tempura or onion rings contains eggs.

Non-Dairy Creamer

Many of these creamers classified as non-dairy contain casein, a protein that comes from milk.

Vegan Sugar Substitutes

Yacon Root Syrup

As the name suggests, Yacon root syrup is an extract of the Yacon plant. This plant is from Colombia in South America and has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.

This syrup has a consistency similar to molasses and is a perfect substitute for sugar for vegans. The Yacon syrup has low-calorie content and is rich in prebiotics like insulin.

A bottle of Yacon syrup contains approximately:

  • 13 calories (per tsp.)
  • 3g of sugar (per tsp.)

You can add this syrup to beverages such as coffee and stir it thoroughly. You can also use Yocan syrup as an ingredient for baking goods. If you are also a fan of low-carb diets, the syrup is good for you, as it is low in carbohydrates.

Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap molasses is a byproduct and is derived from the refining process of cane sugar. To make blackstrap molasses, raw sugarcane is boiled twice. When boiled a third time, a dark liquid appears and is known as black molasses.

This syrup is rich in:

  • Calcium
  • Magnesium
  • Iron

A tablespoon of molasses contains the following:

  • 15g of natural sugar
  • 58 calories

Many people take molasses as a dietary or natural supplement and mix it in a warm cup of water before consuming it. Molasses is also an alternative to sugar, and you can also use it as a baking ingredient.

Black molasses also provides these benefits:

  • Makes your bones stronger
  • Improves heart functioning
  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Lowers the anxiety levels

Date Syrup

Date syrup is a popular sugar alternative among vegan dieters and is made from organic California dates. These dates are naturally sweet and dry. One tablespoon of this date syrup contains:

  • 13g of sugar
  • 60 calories


In this article, we answered the question about the vegan status of CSR golden syrup. This article also contains information about other vegan syrups you can eat.

There is also a discussion on maple syrup in this article and whether it is vegan-friendly or not. Towards the end of the article, you will find a list of ingredients vegans need to avoid and vegan-friendly sugar substitutes.