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What Are The Vegan Options At Buscemi’s Inc? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Buscemi’s Inc? (Updated Guide)

Sandwiches and pizzas have been a staple to food culture all around the world. And when veganism steps in, both can offer good quality plant-based versions. These two, alongside other dishes that Buscemi’s Inc, also known as Original Buscemi’s Inc, are what we are going to talk about on this page.

Buscemi’s Inc, to this date, offers one of the best original Italian square pizzas and sandwiches that have been the cream of the crop in the restaurant’s almost seven decades of existence. Luckily, Buscemi’s offers vegetarian subs for their dishes, and that’s what we’re really excited about. Plus, its Detroit-style pizza by the slice has been making the rounds!

So if you’re in the Michigan area or nearby and are looking for fresh, original pizzas or sandwiches, let’s take a virtual trip to Buscemi’s Inc.

Buscemi’s Inc, Your Original Pizza And Subs

Buscemi’s Inc had its humble beginnings in 1955 when Detroit native Paul Buscemi bought a small party shoppe. He then started his own food line perfecting the now-famous East Coast hoagie sandwich and his home-style Italian pizza recipes.

His original sandwiches, Torpedo Italian and Baby Submarine have been such a famous dish in the Michigan area, as well as his Italian pizza with the perfect sauce, dough, and other fresh ingredients available. Most of all, Paul Buscemi’s famous Detroit-style pizza had been a huge hit that they had to bring it back in 2016 after Paul decided to scratch it off their menu some years ago.

According to his son, Anthony Buscemi, who stepped in shortly after finishing school, his father stopped making Detroit-style pizza because it required too much work. The specialty pizza is made by putting the cheese straight into the dough and topped with Buscemi’s original sauce and pepperoni.

Both Anthony and Paul decided to form the company by franchising in 1974, and Buscemi’s Inc has grown to over 45 locations in Michigan. Buscemi’s Inc has consistently made it to the Top 100 Pizza Chains by Pizza Today Magazine.

Buscemi’s Inc Vegan Alternatives

Now here’s the fun and exciting part. Checking out vegan options at non-vegan restaurants can be challenging, but we will make it easier for you. Buscemi’s Inc offers wonderful vegetarian subs for those who follow a veggie diet, but this doesn’t mean it’s safe for vegans as the cheese used may not be vegan-friendly.

Nevertheless, the safest way to eat out at Buscemi’s Inc is to ask the staff how the dishes, especially the pizza, were prepared and if there are vegan alternatives for you. The prices will vary by location, so make sure to check it out too.

Let’s go through the menu that can be possibly modified or is offered plant-based.

  • Pizza By The Slice
    • Square Cheese and 1 Topping. This comes in 8-piece, 12-piece, and 24-piece tray pizza with one extra topping.
    • Round Cheese and 1 Topping. It comes in Large and X-large sizes with one extra topping.
    • Toppings Choices: Mushrooms, Green Peppers, Onions, Black Olives, Hot Peppers, Pineapple & Extra Cheese. They also offer Double Cheese toppings with an additional charge.

Pro Tip: Ask whether or not the cheese is vegan-friendly. Famous plant-based cheeses are Baked Cashew Mozzarella, Aquafaba Mozzarella, Raw Almond Parmesan, Gouda, and Cheddar, among others. So be sure to ask before munching on their delicious and tempting Italian pizza!

  • Specialty Pizza. This is available in a square with 8-piece slices of pizza for large and 10-pieces for x-large. For round, large has 8-piece pizza and x-large has 12-piece. The party tray gives 24 slices.
    • Make Your Own. As vegans, this is our favorite part, as it allows you to choose five toppings on your own. And that means veggies. Rejoice!
    • Veggie. This includes mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and black olives, with banana peppers as optional. It’s also our favorite and definitely one for the books!
  • Calzones and Pizza Rolls. This is made with fresh-baked dough filled with tasty ingredients, brushed with garlic butter, and sprinkled with delicious parmesan cheese.
    • Build Your Own. Here’s another favorite dish on the menu where you can choose up to four delicious toppings. You know the drill, right?
  • Italian Specialty Subs. This is where Paul Buscemi’s famous Baby Submarine and Torpedo sandwiches fall. But because they involve meat, it’s not an option for vegans. However, they have one specialty menu that we would be happy about. Once again, always check more about the cheese and dressing used.
    • Vegetarian. Its’ served with provolone, mushrooms, green peppers, onions, hot peppers, tomato, lettuce, and Buscemi’s famous Italian dressing.
  • Cheese Stix. It’s available in small size with six pieces cheese stix, and large size with 18 pieces cheese stix.
    • Original. Made with parmesan and garlic butter.
    • Cheese. It’s prepared with 100% mozzarella, parmesan, and garlic butter.
  • Salads. It’s available in small and large sizes.
    • Greek Salad. It’s made with feta cheese, beets, lettuce mix, red onions, black olives, hot peppers, and Greek dressing. For feta cheese and Greek dressing, you may have to ask for vegan options. Yes, this is Greek Salad, but who cares if you need plant-based? Go for it!
    • Garden Salad. This includes tomatoes, lettuce mix, onions, cucumber, and peppers. It’s definitely one of our go-to salads!
  • Bake Yourself A Pizza. This allows you to buy an unbaked pizza to bake by yourself at home. Pretty exciting, right? Just get the vegan-friendly option!
    • Family Tray 12-piece Pizza. Only square is available for this with cheese and a choice of one topping.
    • Family Tray 6-piece Pizza. It’s made with cheese and one topping.
  • Side Orders.
    • Potato Wedges. This is served with ranch or ketchup. Choose the guilt-free one!

Buscemi’s Inc Locations

If you plan to visit Michigan or nearby and are craving original Italian pizza, and the Detroit-style one, Buscemi’s Inc is literally everywhere in the state. Check these locations out, and enjoy a slice of their famous pizza or more!

  • 3176 Rochester Rd., Troy
  • 34611 Mound Rd., Sterling Heights
  • 40428 Van Dyke, Sterling Heights
  • 4043 17 Mile Rd., Sterling Heights
  • 32746 Van Dyke, Warren
  • 1950 E. 11 Mile Road, Warren
  • 2228 Crooks Rd., Rochester Hills
  • 8315 Hall Rd., Utica
  • 33111 Schoenherr Rd., Sterling Heights
  • 1065 E. 9 Mile Rd., Hazel Park
  • 27980 Hoover Road., Warren
  • 24845 Van Dyke Avenue, Centerline
  • 100 W. University St., Rochester
  • 42990 Garfield Rd., Clinton Township
  • 31007 Groesbeck Hwy., Fraser
  • 5915 25 Mile Rd., Shelby Township
  • 30360 Gratiot Avenue, Roseville
  • 22044 Gratiot Avenue, Eastpointe
  • 20750 Hall Rd., Clinton Township
  • 1325 W. Huron, Waterford
  • 31328 Harper St., Clair Shores
  • 24720 Harper St., Clair Shores
  • 58880 Van Dyke, Washington
  • 37450 Harper Rd., Clinton Township
  • 21790 23 Mile Rd., Macomb
  • 695 S. Maple Road, Ann Arbor
  • 29230 23 Mile Rd., near I-94, Chesterfield
  • 54800 Gratiot Ave., near 25 Mile
  • 9811 Dixie Hwy., Clarkston
  • 15213 Kercheval, Grosse Pointe Park
  • 29965 South River Rd., Harrison Township
  • 715 S. Main St., Lapeer
  • 33614 Plymouth Rd., Livonia
  • 1386 N. Monroe St., Monroe
  • 37820 Green St., New Baltimore
  • 5071 North Dixie Hwy., Newport
  • 680 W. 8 Mile Rd., Northville
  • 1433 Military, Port Huron
  • 67070 Gratiot Ave., Richmond
  • 211 E. St. Clair, Romeo
  • 4210 Sashabaw Rd., Waterford

America’s Best Vegan Pizza Shops

While Buscemi’s Inc doesn’t offer a full-blown vegan pizza alternative except for its delicious vegetarian options for pizza, there are so many spots in the U.S. that you can try. We handpicked these shops, and we highly recommend them for you to check out.

Here’s our top list.

  • Freesoulcaffé, Tustin, California
  • Double Zero in New York, California, Massachusetts, and Maryland\
  • The Pizza Plant, Los Angeles, California
  • Screamer’s Pizzeria, Brooklyn, Newyork
  • Blackbird Pizzeria, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Pizza Pi, Seattle, Washington
  • Kitchen 17, Chicago, Illinois
  • Ammazza, Atlanta and Decatur, Georgia
  • Evel Pie, Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Sizzle Pie, Portland, Oregon
  • Picazzo’s Organic Italian Kitchen, Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Cruzer Pizza, Los Angeles, California
  • Marquis Pizza, Denver, Colorado
  • Ian’s, Madison, Wisconsin
  • Blaze Pizza (over 300 locations nationwide)
  • Mellow Mushroom (over 200 locations)
  • MOD Pizza (over 400 locations in the U.S. and the UK)
  • Pizza Rev (over 30 locations)
  • Pieology (over 140 locations)
  • &Pizza (36 locations)
  • Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, North Carolina, and 25 locations

How Healthy Is Vegan Pizza?

In the simplest words, yes, vegan is definitely healthy, and we can’t stress this enough. With every plant-based ingredient that it includes, you’re safe. Unlike regular pizza that’s high in sodium, calories, and carbs, the vegan pizza’s fresh ingredients sourced from plants are non-greasy, unprocessed, and with little to zero fats and cholesterol.

Eating vegan pizza also saves a lot of animals from slaughtering, which makes us really happy, doesn’t it? So the next time you crave pizza, consider the animals. They matter the most. And there’s nothing better in life than to be healthy at all times.

The Bottom Line

Buscemi’s Inc is not a vegan pizza spot, but it offers vegetarian options that you can consider. Just always ensure that you’re eating the right way by asking the staff how these veggie alternatives were prepared. Also, you can buy an unbaked pizza from them, which is a great way to bake it on your own and add healthier ingredients at home.

Lastly, homemade pizza is still recommended as you can control the ingredients used. After all, home-cooked dishes are always the best!