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What Are The Vegan Options At Golden Krust? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Golden Krust? (Updated Guide)

Being a vegan can be challenging when you want to eat out with family and friends. Restaurants mostly offer regular food, so finding something vegan on the menu is not easy. Good thing there are vegan options at Golden Krust such as the Beyond Meat Jamaican beef patty.

The vegan options at the Golden Krust’s menu include the Beyond Beef Jamaican-style patties. The iconic chain in New York City recently launched their vegan patties as they tested spicy and mild vegan-friendly pastry pockets in some branches. Their vegan versions are made with vegan beef from Beyond Meat, which is known to provide plant-based protein.

The Flavors of Golden Krust Patties

A Jamaican-style patty basically looks like a semi-circle pastry loaded with vegetables, meat, and spices. If there’s something that is similar to Jamaican patties, it would be baked empanada. Both are made with flavorful seasoning that includes herbs and spices.

With 125 branches in North America, the Golden Krust Caribbean restaurant chain offers Mild and Spicy vegan flavors for their Jamaican beef patties. Originally, they offered them through handheld savory pastry pockets to test if customers will love them. Today, these vegan version patties are available in select locations including in New York City, Toronto, Boston, and Hartford.

The latest options are created using Golden Krust’s three-decade-old family recipe. To imitate the beef flavor, they use Beyond Meat’s 100% vegan-friendly Beyond Beef product. It’s perfect for the new patties because of its taste, cooking, and looks just like the real ground beef.

Mild With Beyond Meat

The Golden Krust Mild with Beyond Meat patties is made for adventurous meat-eaters and vegetarians who want to enjoy healthy options when eating in restaurants. This filling has a savory mild flavor made from Beyond Beef and wrapped with the signature flaky golden crust. This is a convenient snack after school, for lunch, or as a midnight snack.

Spicy With Beyond Meat

The Golden Krust Spicy with Beyond Meat patties is made with authentic Jamaican spices to bring out the savory spicy flavor. The filling is wrapped in layers using the tender golden crust. These pre-cooked patties only need to be reheated in the oven for at least two minutes.

Spicy Beef Flavor

The Golden Krust Spicy Beef patties are the food brand’s top seller among the flavors currently available. It has a yummy spicy beef filling that is beautifully wrapped in 20 layers of flaky golden crust. This variant contains soy and wheat and has zero trans fat.


Some customers say that spinach veggie patties are not vegan because they contain margarine. However, the restaurant is open for queries about their products so you can always ask if you’re not sure about the food you want to eat in this restaurant. While the greens are delicious and the boiled green bananas taste like potatoes, some of them don’t indicate if they are vegan or not.

When it comes to spicy Jamaican foods, people tend to believe that it’s not healthy. You can actually find mildly spicy Jamaican-style foods that suit your taste buds. Also, many people think that it contains too many carbs when in fact it really depends on the options you have.

Ultimately, a lot of people say that Jamaican food is not vegan-friendly. The truth is, Jamaican food contains more than 50% plant-based ingredients. And with the new patties that Golden Krust serves, you have the vegan options that you’ve been looking for. They taste like ground beef, but they are actually plant-based beef-flavored filling.

What Is Vegan At Golden Krust?

Golden Krust serves meat products with vegan options now available. Some of the most popular fully-cooked and ready-to-eat snacks you can order include the Beyond Meat Jamaican patty, vegan sides and bread, spinach and soy veggie patties, and some imported products from Jamaica.

If it’s not clearly stated on the label, you can always ask the staff if it’s vegan or not to make sure you’re getting plant-based beef patties and other packaged foods from the restaurant chain. Also, you can check the list of ingredients to see if there are some potential allergens that may cause food allergies.

Eating out and wanting something vegan doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you’re craving beef patties. All you need to do is directly ask a representative from the store to find what you are exactly looking for. To help you, here are the vegan options you can order from your nearby Golden Krust restaurant:

  • Vegetable Patty
  • Beyond Mild Vegan Beef Patty
  • Beyond Spicy Vegan Beef Patty
  • Spinach Patty
  • Greens
  • Coco Bread

The Ultimate 5-Star Review From A Celebrity Vegan

Grammy-winning pop singer Lizzo raved about the newest vegan-friendly Beyond Meat Jamaican-style patty on her Instagram. She went live to show her fans how the meatless patty gave her extreme mouthgasm with every bite. Lizzo has been living a vegan lifestyle for seven months now and bragged about how the Golden Krust patties taste like real beef patties.

On a TikTok video, Lizzo was seen cooking up her version of vegan patties. Since then, the popular Caribbean Food Chain has seen a significant increase in its social media engagement including some direct questions from customers. She was promised to receive a box of Jamaican-style plant-based beef patties from Golden Krust after the launching.

According to Steven Clarke, the spokesperson of Golden Krust, the Beyond Beef patties are created to taste as original as real beef patties. The goal is to offer vegan options for folks who stopped consuming beef for some health reasons. The vegan pastry is also seasoned in the same manner as regular beef patties are seasoned.

Benefits Of Vegan Beef Patties

The vegan options at your favorite Golden Krust restaurant branch are certified non-GMO and plant-based. They are made with the healthiest ingredients and baked to perfection in order to provide flaky pockets that you can enjoy for lunch, dinner, or daytime snacks. The main benefit of these foods is that they are healthy and delicious at the same time.

The plant-based protein patties have an authentic Jamaican flavor that is both tasty and healthy. One serving of Jamaican veggie patty contains 293 calories, 35.9 g of total carbs, 5.1 g of protein, 15 g of fat, and 34 g of net carbs. The following are the benefits of eating vegan patties from Golden Krust:

  • The delicious flavor is perfectly achieved by using plant-based seasoning that contains organic Jamaican herbs and spices.
  • Vegan version patties don’t have carcinogens, hormones, saturated fat, and dairy that regular burger patties usually contain.
  • Vegan options are loaded with nutrients, protein, and fiber. The essential dietary nutrition that you need to stay healthy and looking young.
  • Plant-based foods such as Golden Krust Jamaican beef patties are good for the planet because they don’t involve farming and producing animal products. This means vegan foods create less greenhouse gas emissions than meat-based food products in the market.
  • Vegan options are more economical compared to quality, organic, and grass-fed meat products. You can save money while maintaining your overall health and well-being.
  • Unlike typical meat patties, vegan versions have lower calories and body fat content. So there’s no need to worry about getting high cholesterol level after enjoying your favorite Golden Krust beef patties in Mild and Spicy flavors.
  • Plant-based protein patties obviously have better quality proteins. This prevents you from getting obese even if you eat them every day.

Key Takeaway And Tips

Golden Krust is a Caribbean restaurant chain that produces authentic Caribbean food in more than 125 franchise restaurants across North America. It was established 30 years ago and still operates today to offer healthy and delicious patties and snacks for meat-eaters and vegetarians.

The menu is filled with patties, breakfast food, soup, bread, and more to provide what the customers exactly want. With their recent experiment, the food brand decided to offer vegan options to diners who want to enjoy good food that means vegan-friendly and savory at the same time.

If you compare the vegan patty and the original beef patty from Golden Krust, you will appreciate the plant-based version as a great alternative. The coco bread and the vegan patty make a good combination.