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What Are The Vegan Options At Nothing Bundt Cakes? (Updated Guide)

What Are The Vegan Options At Nothing Bundt Cakes? (Updated Guide)

Bundt cakes are among the most popular and delicious forms of sweets in the States. Nothing is better than a warm, fluffy slice of a perfectly made Nothing Bundt cake. Their popularity only seems to be increasing. However, vegan options at Nothing Bundt cakes do not yet exist.

So if you are planning to get vegan cakes, Nothing Bundt might not be the best place for you to order. Their website states in bold that all their cakes contain eggs and milk. But you aren’t entirely out of luck. Nothing Bundt Cakes may offer to customize their cakes to your vegan needs. It is up to the specific location of their franchise and the chefs there.

You may also try your hand at replicating their famous bundt cakes right at home with vegan ingredients! 

This article will provide you with the entire menu of Nothing Bundt Cakes and discuss their ingredients in detail. You will also find a complete list of alternative bakeries or brands that offer vegan-friendly cakes! 

So read on to learn all about vegan options at Nothing Bundt cakes and some fantastic vegan alternatives to Nothing Bundt Cakes. 

The Complete Menu of Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt cakes serve a diverse array of bundt cakes in terms of flavor and size. Since its inception in 1997, it has spread its branches all over the US, opening bakeries in major US cities. Unfortunately, they have failed to keep up with the time demands and are among the most non-vegan-friendly cake bakeries. 

Let us look at their popular flavors and verify whether there are any vegan options at Nothing Bundt cakes.

Classic Vanilla

The most popular flavor at Nothing Bundt Cakes is classic vanilla. It is known for its rich and creamy texture and delicious vanilla flavor. They often market the classic vanilla as a cake that anyone will love. 

However, it is not vegan by any means. The cake does contain both eggs and milk. So if you want to enjoy Nothing Bundt Cakes as a vegan, you will have to ask them to customize the cake for you. You can also make one at home. This one is not too complicated to make at all! 

Red Velvet

Nothing Bundt Cakes’ red velvet flavor is a homage to their Southern heritage. The prospect of a rich red velvet cake may be tempting. 

However, vegans should note that this one, too, is entirely non-vegan. 

The cake is sprinkled generously with chocolate chips, which is a big no-no for vegans. It might be possible to ask your local Nothing Bundt Cake bakery to hold off the chocolate chips in your cake. You would, however, also need to ask them to substitute the milk and eggs for vegan-friendly options. If the bakery cannot provide you with that, don’t worry. You can always make a decadent red velvet bundt cake at home with vegan-friendly ingredients! 

White Chocolate Raspberry

The star of Nothing Bundt Cakes is a fresh raspberry puree cake. Widely popular, it is renowned for its moist and creamy texture. You would think they might have a vegan option for this one, but the answer is negative. 

The white chocolate batter within which infuses with the raspberry puree, is not vegan or dairy-free, to be honest. You might try your luck by requesting to use a vegan white chocolate alternative for your order. 

Vegan white chocolates are pretty readily available in the market. So you can try your hand at making this cake in your kitchen. You know the key ingredient – fresh raspberries! 

Carrot Cakes

Carrot cakes are one of those classic cake flavors we grew up having at our grandmother’s house. Nothing Bundt’s carrot cakes are a favorite of many. Yet, they have failed to include a vegan option for this classic flavor as well. 

Carrot cakes are, however, incredibly simple and easy to make. You can ask Nothing Bundt Cakes for a vegan alternative, or you can get cooking yourself! All you need are garden-fresh carrots to make your cake stand out. We can easily replace our traditional ingredients with vegan-friendly ones! 

Pecan Praline

Pecan praline bundt cakes are one of the signatures at Nothing Bundt. They claim that the flavor will remind you of your grandma’s Streusel cakes. However, this decadent flavor also does not cater to vegan consumers. They incorporate both milk and eggs to prepare this cake.

You have two options if you wish to taste the goodness of pecans and pralines in your bundt cake. You can request the bakery to prepare a vegan-friendly cake personalized to your requirements. Or you can whip up a delicious pecan-infused vegan-friendly cake by yourself. We promise it will be just as tasty. 

Chocolate Chip Cake

The Chocolate Chip Bundt cakes at Nothing Bundt Cakes are perhaps their only attempt to cater to consumers with diverse food preferences. Apart from its traditional preparation, the bakery does include a gluten-free option for this particular cake. 

However, vegans must note that gluten-free does not mean vegan friendly. Unless you live under a rock, a food item must not contain any trace of animal products to be vegan-friendly. Gluten-free means using ingredients that do not contain gluten, the protein found in wheat, barley rye, etc. So this particular cake flavor at Nothing Bundt Cakes is also not inclusive of a vegan diet. 

The good news is that chocolate choco-chip cakes can easily be made vegan-friendly by using vegan chocolates and egg substitutes. So ask the bakery if they can make one for you, or try making one at home! 

So, Nothing Bundt Cakes is the last place a vegan cake lover should visit if they are hunting for readymade cakes. There are currently no vegan options at Nothing Bundt cakes. However, the management has repeatedly assured us that they are in the process of including vegan cakes. So we can hope for a more diverse menu in the future. 

Are There Any Alternatives To Nothing Bundt Cakes? 

Meanwhile, let us turn you to other options. Baking a vegan cake at home may be the perfect way to be safe; it is also quite a hassle. Much to your luck, there are excellent bakeries with delicious vegan-friendly cakes on their menu. 

Here is a list of some of the most popular ones: 

Baked Vegan Sweets

Based in Long Beach, CA, baked vegan sweets are a paradise for vegan cake and cookie lovers. It is relatively new but is already a hit among CA residents. They offer entirely vegan cakes, cookies, and other sweets. Vegans will not be disappointed. 

Zucchini Kill Bakery

Located in Austin, Texas, they are known for introducing a punk rock theme in their baked goods. Delicious and cool-looking – their cakes and other items are inclusive of vegan diets! 

You can enjoy their baked goods from anywhere in the US as they ship nationwide. Some of their delicious vegan goodies include Vanilla Cream Coffins, Crack Cake, and Chocolate Cream Cheese Cupcakes! 

Yvonne’s Vegan Kitchen

Los Angeles residents can run to this bakery whenever they crave delicious vegan cakes. Not only are the cakes here wholly vegan, but they are also gluten and sugar-free. Check out their online menu and order vegan-friendly versions of your favorite cakes!

Eric Mckenna’s Kitchen

Eric Mckenna was one of the vegan and gluten-free bakery movement pioneers. So you can be sure his menu will be bustling with vegan and gluten-free options! 

His kitchen has branches in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Orlando. You can select from their varieties of cakes or order a customized one. Do not miss out on Mckenna’s revolutionary bakery if you are looking for great vegan cakes.

Most of the bakeries mentioned in this list are perhaps not as massive as the Nothing Bundt Cake franchise. Yet, they win in their attempt to create a diverse menu, keeping people’s food preferences and needs in mind. Most of them have nationwide shipping, so you can get delicious vegan cakes at your doorstep. 

It is worth mentioning that you can pick up excellent vegan cakes from your grocery shop as well. Brands like Rubicon, Just Desserts, and Better Bites Bakery offer delicious vegan cakes. Check your local Target, Walmart, or Whole Foods to find their unique products. 

Final Thoughts

The vegan movement is at its peak now, and every day, more people are embracing veganism. Finding vegan alternatives to popular food items is not that difficult anymore. Franchises like Nothing Bundt Cakes may not yet include vegan options in their menu. But that doesn’t mean they won’t do so shortly.

We hope this will help our beloved vegans find great alternatives for cakes and baked goodies that satisfy their cravings. While Nothing Bundt cakes are not yet serving vegan, many new and small bakeries are winning hearts with great items!