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What Are the Vegan Options at Tropical Smoothie? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Tropical Smoothie? (Updated Guide)

Tropical Smoothie is a trendy cafe based in the United States. Famous for its smoothies and drinks, it is also a great place for sandwiches, wraps, salads, and even flatbreads. The cafe even started serving bowls recently. The Tropical Smoothie is presently serving more than 850 locations across the globe. 

Although a trendy cafe worldwide, they fall short of their options for a vegan diet. If you are a vegan, you must look carefully to find a suitable choice for a fulfilling meal.

Vegan Options at Tropical Smoothie

There are a handful of vegan options at Tropical Smoothie that you can try here, which taste well and should be on your list. The food options mentioned below are free of meat and dairy.

  • Avocolada
  • Blueberry bliss
  • Detox island green
  • Jetty punch
  • Muscle blaster with pea
  • Peaches’ n silk
  • Sunrise Sunset

The drinks mentioned above serve well for a vegan diet as they contain absolutely zero traces of dairy products. All they have are fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Some entree options can satisfy your hunger. The following options contain chicken, but you can always ask for a vegan chicken at Tropical Smoothie. 

  • Baja chicken bowl or wrap (minus cheddar)
  • Cali chicken club flatbread (minus mozzarella, mayo, and bacon)
  • Thai chicken bowl or wrap
  • Supergreen Caesar chicken bowl or wrap (minus parmesan and dressing)
  • Hummus veggie wrap (without ranch dressing and black pepper)

Provided you customize these options according to your needs, you will have a good meal to enjoy at Tropical Smoothie. 

Vegan Menu at Tropical Smoothie

If you visit this cafe’s online menu, it would be an excellent option to go by each entree or smoothie ingredient to check if that’s suitable for your diet. 

To make your task easier, read below to know what you can order. 

Baja Chicken Bowl

Contains grilled chicken with rice, avocado (smashed), red onion, black beans, cheddar, and roasted tomato salsa. You can ask them to use vegan chicken and remove cheddar for a vegan diet.

Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl

Grilled vegan chicken served with romaine, tomatoes, parmesan in the shredded state, spinach, and parmesan crisps. You get a healthy vegan meal if you ask them to remove parmesan.

This vegan option is full of green vegetables and tastes delicious. 

Buffalo Chicken Bowl

This bowl contains Buffalo sauce, which makes the meal even yummier and vegan-friendly. Other ingredients in this bowl include tomatoes, mozzarella, romaine, and lite ranch. You could ask them to remove mozzarella and ranch to make your Buffalo vegan chicken bowl even more vegan-friendly. 

Hummus Veggie Bowl

One of the best options for vegans at Tropical Smoothie, the hummus veggie bowl does not require any customizations if you remove the black pepper cheese. It has all the vegan-friendly ingredients such as smashed avocados, romaine, black beans, rice, pickled red onions, and tomatoes. 

Wraps at Tropical Smoothie

Tropical smoothie serves you wraps in the vegan category as well. Their wraps are similar to the bowls mentioned above. All they do is replace the bowl with a wrap-style meal.

The ingredients stay the same, and you can make the same customizations.

Why Does Tropical Smoothie Have Vegan Chicken?

Unlike many globally known cafes, Tropical Smoothie has taken a step towards making the restaurant more vegan-friendly. Vegan chicken is made from a substance extracted from plant-based sources, such as soy and peas. Tropical Smoothie will not even charge their customers extra money if they ask for this chicken option. 

Why Don’t They Serve Tofu?

Although tofu is a perfect option for vegan diets and is excellent for health, it cannot give you a very good texture for chicken. If you are a vegan but crave the texture, you would love this new vegan protein that the restaurant has added to its menu. 

The restaurant says they are slowly becoming successful in attracting a new section of society that loves the vegan diet. This is broadening their visitor circle.

Other Restaurants Improving Their Vegan Game

Apart from Tropical Smoothie, several other restaurants worldwide are improving their vegan menu and attracting large crowds. 


A popular restaurant chain spread over the entire globe; Chipotle has started testing its vegan-friendly protein that is mainly based on tofu. 


Even a popular ice cream chain such as Baskin-Robbins has started serving vegan ice cream options that taste delicious and are mouth-watering. This chain serves a total of three flavors under the vegan category. 

Chocolate chip cookie dough, chocolate extreme, and coffee caramel chunks are free of dairy products, and any vegan can have them without thinking twice. If you want, you can also have a couple of flavors for sherbet. Watermelon splash and daiquiri ice are sure to make you go crazy over these vegan options at Baskin-Robbins. 

Blaze Pizza

Blaze Pizza is also an excellent option for vegans, even if they want a fulfilling messy burger. This restaurant’s cheese is free of any dairy and keeps the ingredients meat-free. You can order crusts that are vegan and gluten-free. Their pizzas consist of other elements: basil, red onions, vegan chorizo, green peppers, and olive oil. 

These ingredients make Blaze pizza super popular among the vegan crowd. 

Buca Di Beppo

A very popular American-Italian restaurant, Buca di Beppo is what you need if you want your entire meal to be vegan-friendly.

Starting with the appetizers, you could go for bruschetta and ask them to remove the cheese. You can create several pasta portions here containing all the ingredients you choose from the menu. They have an entire list dedicated to vegetarian and vegan customers that usually find themselves out of options. 

The toppings here are also vegan. For instance, you can ask for garlic toppings, pepper, or veggies. Get your veggies roasted if you want an added flavor. Other options include vegan salads. 

Burger King

Burger King has a plethora of options that vegans and vegetarians can choose from. Their burgers are meat-free. You can also get veg sausages along with some fries and make a perfect meal. You can also ask for Dutch apple pie and even toast sticks that serve well for a vegan diet. 

Summing Up

Tropical Smoothie has several options for you in its vegan menu. To make the most out of this opportunity, you will have to make certain customizations in your order, and you will have a vegan meal prepared in no time at a reasonable price.

Check out all the vegan options mentioned above, along with their descriptions. This will help you make a suitable choice when ordering vegan at Tropical Smoothie.