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What Are the Vegan Options at Universal Studios Orlando? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Universal Studios Orlando? (Updated Guide)

Universal Studios Orlando has a total of three parks with a variety of restaurants. These parks are located in Volcano Bay, Florida, and Adventure Islands. Many people visit these 3 locations to celebrate vacations and trips. As these parks are pretty well-known worldwide and are famous spots for tourist attractions, they provide everything a traveler might need during his travel. This includes dining restaurants and stalls. 

Vegan Options at Universal Studios Orlando

A major concern of the people traveling to these parks is the availability of the food they prefer. As these locations mostly attract tourists, it naturally means a wide variety of people from around the world visit these parks, including vegans and non-vegans. Keeping in mind that these people are traveling through cities and countries, getting access to their preferred food is their biggest concern. 

This problem is especially relevant to vegan people as this group of people almost always find it hard to find vegan food. Many vegans visit the three parks of Universal Studios Orlando every year from different countries and cities. They usually stay for a while, usually for several days and weeks. The question is: do these locations provide vegan food for this group of people?

Yes, absolutely. The three locations of Universal Orlando have a bunch of dining restaurants and general stalls which provide vegan food. A few restaurants are entirely vegan, while a few offer non-vegan and vegan options simultaneously. Some restaurants have only non-vegan options available, but vegans can tweak and readjust them to make them vegan. 

Naturally, a location as huge as Universal Orlando caters to all groups of people, including vegans and vegetarians. This guide will help you find the right vegan restaurant for you.

Universal Studios Orlando – Florida

This Universal Studio’s park is in Florida, which is considered one of the US’s biggest states. Florida is a famous tourist attraction spot and is visited by many travelers and tourist groups worldwide. The vegan options that can be found at this location are as follows:

Classic Monsters Cafe

The Monsters Cafe is a well-known dining restaurant located in Universal Studios, Florida. The cafe provides quick dining-in and takeaway food services. Many people can be seen inside this cafe at all times, and it is one of the most famous restaurants on the premises. 

The restaurant provides food options for all groups of people, whether it be vegans, vegetarians, or non-vegans. Anyone can stop by and get their hands on a quick meal. 

The vegan options provided by the cafe are jackfruit sandwiches, vegan French fries, and much more. In addition to this, a bunch of fruit amalgamations is also offered by the restaurant. 

If you’re a vegan and looking for a vegan-friendly location to stop by, this is your place. 

Auntie Anne’s

This location also provides quick dine-in and takeout services. It is a restaurant with numerous branches around the world, especially in big cities. This plays a part in making the restaurant a prominent food spot for people at the park. 

Auntie Anne’s caters to vegans, non-vegans, and vegetarians. The vegan options are very few, but the non-vegan options can easily be tweaked to make them vegan. 

An original pretzel without butter is a vegan option here. Other options include all sorts of pretzels they have available on the menu, but you have to request no butter for all of them.


Starbucks needs no introduction whatsoever. It is one of the most well-known locations in the entire world. It offers options for all groups of people, vegans included. 

Starbucks’ vegan options include certain beverages that have to be tweaked and adjusted so that no non-vegan ingredient goes into them. There’s a whole list of ingredients accessible to the employees working at Starbucks. They regularly check to avoid getting any of those ingredients in the beverages asked to be made vegan-friendly. 

Universal Studios Orlando – Islands of Adventure

The Islands of Adventure is the second park of Universal Studios in Orlando. These Islands are considered some of the most breathtaking islands in the world. They have been filled with fun and adventurous stuff by the authorities. 

Vegan people from all around the world visit this location. The vegan options you can find here are:

Confisco Grille

This is a restaurant located in the Islands of Adventure which provides full-time service. The service is fast, and the restaurant can be seen as crowded most of the time. 

The vegan options provided by Confisco Grille are veggie wraps, vegan pad thai, and vegan chipotle sausage. They also have vegan hummus on the menu. Along with this, they provide a signature vegan pizza prepared without cheese. 

Cafe 4

Cafe 4 is another widely known restaurant at this location. This cafe is preferred by a large number of people and can be seen full at most times. The service provided by the café is fast and full-time. 

They have food options for vegans, non-vegans, and vegetarians on the menu. This cafe has many vegan options, which are not just refreshments but proper meals to avail. 

The vegan options include a bunch of pizzas. Yes, you heard that right. This cafe has vegan pizzas on its menu. However, the pizzas have to be ordered without cheese. They include veggie pizza and plain cheese-less pizza. 

Other than pizzas, vegan spaghetti and salads are also available. The spaghetti is entirely made out of vegan-friendly ingredients. 

Thunder Falls Terrace

As apparent by the name, this restaurant is a big one. Thunder Falls Terrace provides services full-time and is quick with its work. The restaurant can be seen getting filled and emptied again within minutes. 

They provide all food options for all groups of people. Vegans are lucky at this location as they offer full-course vegan meals, not just sides and snacks. 

The vegan options include vegan rice bowls, rice mixed with lime and cilantro, and all sorts of beans to go along with the rice. They also have corn on the menu, but it must be ordered without butter. Vegan French fries and different kinds of salads are offered on the menu. 

Universal Studios Orlando – Volcano Bay

Volcano Bay is a tourist attraction spot and a highly visited place. It is insanely beautiful, and the views at this bay are incredibly magnificent and breathtaking. Hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Volcano Bay monthly. 

As people worldwide visit this place, it includes many vegans. Keeping this in mind, various vegan food services are available at this location to facilitate this particular group of people. 

Following are the most prominent restaurants for vegans-friendly food choices: 

Kohola Restaurant and Club

This restaurant is also considered a social club. It’s basically a reef restaurant and is quite well-known at the location. Many visitors are always gathered outside and inside the restaurant to avail the opportunities. 

It is called a social club, as the restaurant vibe is pretty chill. It has a cozy environment and is like a small club.

The vegans are the luckiest at this location as Kohola Restaurant provides full-course vegan-friendly meals to its vegan customers. These meals are not just adjustments and tweaks in the standard menu but actual vegan food options

The options include a burger platter that goes by the name of the Impossible Burger Platter. This platter contains a burger and some sides, which are all entirely plant-based. The burger’s patty is made out of plant-based ingredients and the sides. 

A vegan sushi roll is also available on the menu. There are also various salads. 

Whakawaiwai Eats

Vegans can avail all sorts of meal options at this location without making any significant tweaks to the regular options. 

The vegan options include a pizza that is cheese-less and ready-made. This pizza is generally longboard-styled. Other vegan options include certain greens and salads. The vegan hummus and the fruit salad of this location are widely known among tourists. 


Bambu is by far the most popular location at Universal Studios Volcano Bay. It is widely known around the world and instantly became the attraction spot for most travelers visiting. 

Bambu provides food options for vegetarians, non-vegans as well as vegans. The vegan options at this restaurant include a sandwich that is made out of avocado. A vegan burger and a bunch of salads are also on the menu. 

Wrap Up

Universal Studios Orlando is a world-known location for tourists. Many visit along with families or with travel groups for vacations and trips. 

The vegan options offered by many locations mentioned above provide a variety of vegan options for these people. Follow this guide if you’re a vegan or about to visit one of these parks.