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Are Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips?

Are Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips?

Answer: No.

Are Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Chips Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Miss Vickie's Jalapeno Chips?

Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips are not vegan. Only Miss Vickie’s Original Chips Flavor is vegan. The rest of the flavored chips are unfortunately non-vegan.

Potato chips are perhaps our most often go-to food whenever we need a good snack for movies, family or friend bondings, or even when we just want something to eat. What makes it better is that it comes at a very affordable price, is pretty much accessible, and is easy to find in supermarkets. Thus, vegan potato chips have made their name and become very popular.

One of the popular brands of potato chips is Miss Vickie’s. Some of the best-selling flavors of the brand are its Original Flavor, Jalapeno Flavor, Sea and Salt Flavor, Sour Cream & Herbs, among others. Given its wide range of flavors, people in the vegan community are curious whether which flavor is vegan. Also, the brand is continuously updating its flavor list, so we might get some new vegan flavors sooner.

Read on to learn more about Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips, and some of the most popular alternatives that you can definitely try once you crave some crispy potato chips.

What Are The Non-Vegan Ingredients Of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips?

Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips has one non-vegan ingredient, which is whey. Let us now discuss why whey is considered non-vegan by explaining where it comes from.

Why Is Whey Non-Vegan?

Whey is considered a by-product of cheese production. By definition, a by-product is an incidental product produced apart from the main product being manufactured. To produce whey, the liquid portion from curdled milk is being strained off. And most often, this liquid is turned into whey powder by using food processors.

Fortunately, there are several vegan whey alternatives that can be found on the market. These protein powders are mostly soy-based protein, so it is very friendly to use in products. If you want to eat some potato chips, make sure to avoid those that contain whey. Or, you can simply take a look if they use a vegan alternative instead to help you out.

Nutritional Content Of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips

The table below presents the nutritional information of Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips per recommended serving. According to its label, a pack of Miss Vickie’s Chips is equivalent to 1 serving. Vegan or not, potato chips are unhealthy and may pose risks to your health if you don’t consume them in moderation.

Nutrition Contents Amount per serving
Total fat11.0 g
Saturated fat1.5 g
Trans fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium170 mg
Total Carbohydrate23 g
Dietary Fiber2.0 g
Total Sugars2.0 g
Protein3.0 g
Vitamin D0 mcg
Calcium10.0 mg
Iron0.9 mg
Potassium500 mg
Vitamin C8%

What Miss Vickie’s Chips Flavor Is Vegan-Friendly?

There’s only one flavor identified as vegan-friendly. I know it’s a bit frustrating, but it’s actually better than having no vegan flavor to enjoy at all. So, let’s take a look at its ingredients and why this product is considered vegan.

Original Miss Vickie’s Chips Ingredients

Actually, the original flavored Miss Vickie’s Chips contains only 3 ingredients. Yes, you read that right. These ingredients are potatoes, vegetable oil (sunflower/canola/corn oil), and sea salt. The following ingredients are all vegan, so we can say that this potato chip flavor is a totally vegan-friendly snack.

Original Miss Vickie’s Nutritional Content

The table below presents the nutritional information of Miss Vickie’s Sea Salt Chips per recommended serving. According to its label, a pack of Miss Vickie’s Chips is equivalent to 1 serving. The following nutritional information is subject to change, so it is still best advised to read the labels carefully before buying the product.

Nutrition Contents Amount per serving
Total fat12.0 g
Saturated fat1.5 g
Trans fat0 g
Cholesterol0 mg
Sodium125.0 mg
Total Carbohydrate23.0 g
Dietary Fiber2.0 g
Total Sugars1.0 g
Protein3 g
Vitamin D0 mcg
Calcium10.0 mg
Potassium520 mg
Vitamin C10%

Moreover, the original or sea salt flavored Miss Vickie’s Chips do not contain any allergen, so it is safe to consume for those who are sensitive to allergens.

Miss Vickie’s Non-Vegan Chips Flavors

Now we will talk about other flavors and what makes them an off-limit snack for vegans.

First is the Sea Salt And Vinegar Flavor. This flavor contains lactose and buttermilk. Both ingredients are animal products, thus, vegans need to avoid them. Lactose is sugar that is found in milk. And it is a no-brainer that the main source of milk are milking animals, such as cows, goats, and buffalos. Buttermilk is a combination of milk and vinegar, thus it is still a non-vegan ingredient.

Vegans do not only partake in the diet because of health reasons. Primarily, they want to advocate fighting against animal cruelty done by corporations in their manufacturing products. Fortunately, there are companies that offer alternatives to common non-vegan products such as milk, cheese, and other animal products.

Second, Sour Cream And Herbs. This flavor contains sour cream, whey, and buttermilk. We have already discussed why whey and buttermilk are non-vegan, so let’s focus now on sour cream. Again, sour cream is made from milk. Even though sour cream is made with organic milk or with cows that are treated in a humane way, vegans still do not consume it because it is still an animal product.

Third, let’s take a look at Miss Vickie’s Farmhouse White Cheddar Flavored Chips. Well, obviously this one contains cheddar, which is a common type of cheese. Apart from the cheese, it also contains whey and butter.

What Are The Vegan Alternatives To Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips?

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, most commonly referred to as PETA, has made a list of the vegan chips you can try. These chips can be your alternative snack to non-vegan Miss Vickie’s Flavored Chips. So, the next time you’re dying for a perfect vegan snack buddy, all you have to do is check these amazing finds out!

Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos

If you’re into exciting flavors, such as combining sweet and spicy, then Spicy Sweet Chili flavor by Doritos is definitely a must-try for you. These flavorful chips can be used as nachos or you can fantastically pair guacamole with it!

Enjoy Life Plentil Chips

Have you ever heard of chips made with lentils before? Well, this might be a good chance to try it out with Enjoy Life Plentil Chips. Lentils are basically legumes that are a very good source of protein. The brand has 6 flavors all in all, which includes Sea Salt, Thai Chili Lime, Dill & Sour Cream, Garlic and Parmesan, Margherita Pizza, and Moroccan Spice.

Fritos Original Corn Chips

Fritos Original Corn Chips are classic chips that you can find anywhere. Aside from its 100% vegan, you can do so much with a bag of Fritos Original Corn Chips, from making tacos to making monster meals. So, you should definitely give this a try and add it to your shopping list.

Kettle Brand Maple Bacon Potato Chips

This might sound like breakfast, but it’s definitely best when you crave some flavorful, savory potato chips along the way. The sweet, smoked bacon flavor of these chips will definitely give you a different perspective on the world of chips!

Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips Is Not Vegan

While it’s very disappointing to hear that Miss Vickie’s Jalapeno Chips is not vegan, you should not feel sad because the brand actually has a vegan flavor, which is their Original Chips. Plus, the brand is continuously developing new flavors, so all we can do for now is hope and pray that new vegan flavors will be out soon.

If you’re getting impatient with Miss Vickie’s new flavors, there are countless vegan chips that you can most definitely try. While we have enumerated some of them, there are still many brands out there!

Now, all that is left is to find something to drink that goes along well with these amazing chips. If you don’t know which restaurant offers a lot of variations of vegan juices, then this article about the vegan options at Clean Juice may easily help you out!