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Is Country Crock Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Country Crock?

Is Country Crock Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Country Crock?

Answer: It depends. The brand offers the original butter spread tub, baking butter sticks, and plant butter. Only their plant butter is vegan-friendly.

Is Country Crock Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Country Crock?

Since 1945, Country Crock has been making health-friendly products using farm-grown vegetables as their primary raw materials. And at the same time, since forever, people have been asking, “Is Country Crock vegan?”

Well, there is no one answer, like how there is no one product under Country Crock. The brand offers its original butter spread tub, baking butter sticks, and plant butter. Besides, they also have their limited butter editions.

To find out if any of the goods are suitable for vegans, let’s thoroughly check all the products.

Country Crock Butter Tubs

The Country Crock butter tubs are not vegan.

Have you ever looked at a product and assumed it was vegan? Well, this is the case for most people. There were several occasions when I almost bought a product that was not vegan. And most of the time, it was the ingredient list that helped me choose the right ones. No matter how inviting the product packaging may be, the ingredient list always gives it away. It has the appearance of vegan-friendly food, yet most vegans don’t use it. 

That is because it is not vegan.

And its ingredient list reveals it. While it is made from farm-grown healthy vegetables and oils, the product component also involves vitamin D3. This subtle ingredient makes all the difference. Vitamin D2 is suitable for vegans, but not vitamin D3. Since the latter’s production involves animals, with the common source being sheep wool oil, it’s a big no for vegans and from vegans.

However, I won’t deny how many vegans overlook this element and continue to consume products that contain this component. Its association with the vegan diet remains to be a misconception and ignorance. Adding on, it also contains allergens like soy. Therefore, this product may not be the best choice for those prone to allergic reactions.

However, if you insist on buying a vegan butter spread, then Earth Balance is a healthy alternative you can consider. Don’t worry; it is a certified vegan product. However, keep reading, and you may find your perfect butter within this brand.

Country Crock Baking Sticks

The Country Crock baking sticks are not vegan.

A cake doesn’t feel like a cake when butter is not added. It misses the bounce and fresh aroma. Butter is an essential ingredient when baking. Therefore, as a vegan, I had to find an alternative butter that tastes and produces the same effects as dairy butter. So, let’s see if the Country Crock baking sticks pass the test. The Country Crock baking sticks are available in salted and unsalted options. Their primary ingredients include vegetable oils, salt, water, soy, whey, distilled monoglyceride, etc.

Yes. You read that right! There are two non-vegan components. And they reveal why the baking sticks are not vegan.

First, whey is a dairy product. It is the remaining liquid after the churning process of milk. Even though the milk may have been produced safely, it involves animals. Therefore, it counts as a non-vegan element. Second, the presence of distilled monoglyceride immediately makes the product not suitable for vegans. It is one of the subtle components that people often overlook. Good thing I noticed it before I could give a verdict.

If you still haven’t found an alternative baking butter stick, then you can check out Miyoko’s organic vegan butter. It is perfect for baking as well as spreads. It is free from GMOs and palm oil. However, stay long enough, and you’ll soon discover the vegan alternative that Country Crock provides.

Country Crock Plant Butter

Unlike its original buttery spreads, Country Crock’s plant butter is perfect for vegans.

As you watch the butter melt upon the steamy toast, you cannot help but drool. However, as a vegan, you may not have many options for alternate butter. And it was likewise in my case but not until I came across plant-based butter, especially the ones which Country Crock distributes. It has almost the same taste yet totally different ingredients. You are buying butter made from plants! Now, ain’t that very convenient?!

For making the product, Country Crock uses plant oils like palm, soybean, canola, etc. In addition to these, specific oils are also in use. For example, the Country Crock plant butter sticks are available in olive, almond, and avocado varieties. And the Plant butter tub spread is up for grabs in olive and almond essence.

“Now, hold up; I saw you mention palm oil. Are you aware of how the production of this oil has been affecting orangutans and other wildlife habitats?”- if you’re a pro-vegan, this statement must have probably come out of your mouth. And you’re not wrong.

As vegans, our top priority is the safety of animals and their homes. Therefore, I would like to respond and assure you that Country Crock under Upfield is an active RSPO member. They support and practice only the usage of sustainable palm oil. Hence, the palm oil used in their products is not harmful to the animals and the environment. So when next time you go shopping, you can confidently add Country Crock plant butter to your cart. 

As a vegan, I always check the ingredients no matter how much the product claims to be vegan. And this practice is such a game-changer because it helps me choose the right goods. For example, several products may appear vegan-friendly until you notice their ingredient list.  And that is why I had automatically scanned through its components before I could justify whether the Country Crock plant butter was vegan. And guess what? It is entirely safe. There was not even a single trace of any animal product. And apart from being dairy and gluten-free, it is also free from artificial additives and preservatives. 

But isn’t it just margarine? No, it is not. Most people have the misconception that plant butter is synonymous with margarine. However, Country Crock plant butter is undoubtedly not margarine, and here’s why: margarine usually tends to have some dairy components. It contains a lot of trans fat and makes up 80% of fat. But these characteristics are not the case with plant butter. 

Another false idea people tend to believe is that vegan butter is on the expensive side. The plant butter price may surprise you then because it is far from costly.  

Health Benefits

Besides being one of the cheapest vegan options, this plant butter also has numerous health benefits. To begin with, it is healthy for your heart. One of the common health risks of dairy butter is heart issues. And Country Crock significantly eliminates this problem by providing zero trans fat plant butter. It is cholesterol-free and has very low saturated fats. 

However, our body needs fat. Therefore, we must make sure to consume only healthy fats like monounsaturated fats. You can prevent LDL levels from rising and blocking your arteries. Since plant butter is primarily made from plant oils, its high monounsaturated fat content is a health boon. And it is an ideal alternative not only for vegans but also for those who are lactose-intolerant. This product will also keep your mind at ease, knowing that its production does not harm the surrounding. Plus, a safe environment means a safe living place for you. 

Now, just because it is plant-based, it doesn’t mean you can blanket your toast with shovels of butter. It is still butter, after all. The primary vegetable oils used in these products are rich sources of omega-6. However, increased intake of this component is unhealthy. Therefore, to be cautious of your health, use the butter in appropriate amounts. 

If you have any allergies, read the ingredient list thoroughly. The Country Crock plant butter may contain common allergens like soy, almond protein, etc. 

If I still haven’t convinced you, you can check out Peta’s list of brands that provide vegan butter alternatives. And besides Country Crock (which is listed second), the catalog will also help you discover new options. 

Ingredients to Avoid

Some ingredients are visible, which we know we are to avoid. For example, we automatically avoid butter that has dairy elements. However, there are those non-vegan ingredients that people overlook or ignore. So, to help you, I have made a quick list of some of the minute components you should avoid when buying butter:

  • Casein
  • Whey
  • Glycerides
  • Vitamin D3
  • Palm oil

To Sum Up

With their latest plant butter addition, Country Crock caters to vegans.

And apart from the plant butter, the remaining products (including Country Crock’s limited edition butter) are not vegan-friendly. Now that you know your goods, you can shop with ease and confidence. And always remember to check the ingredients before you put any new product into your cart!