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What Are the Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse? (Updated Guide)

The Texas Roadhouse is one of the popular western-style restaurant chains. The restaurant operates about 500+ stores worldwide, with most stores in the United States. The highlight of Texas Roadhouse is its delicious rolls. But if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you won’t be satisfied with Texas Roadhouse’s options.

Vegan Options at Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse might not be an excellent option for vegans. A steakhouse like Texas Roadhouse can be a bit of a disappointment if you prefer plant-based cuisine. However, there are still a few options available in the restaurant that you can happily enjoy.

With this vegan options guide, we aim to provide you with a detailed review of the vegan choices on Texas Roadhouse’s menu.

The House Salad

Salad is one of the most attractive vegan options in a steakhouse restaurant like Texas Roadhouse. Though there might be non-vegan additions to the salad, specify your dietary restriction while placing your order. 

Here are a few non-vegan options you can stay clear of while ordering a salad:

  • Eggs 
  • Cheese
  • Croutons
  • Chicken

The restaurant staff will prepare a delicious vegan salad for you using olive oil and vinegar on request. Combining fresh greens with the continental flavor of olive oil and vinegar can be a deliciously light treat for your taste buds. 


Steamed or boiled corn is an all-American classic. You can enjoy a rich and juicy cob of corn at any time of the day. A well-seasoned cob steamed to perfection can make you drool by just its sight. 

At Texas Roadhouse, the menu offers ”Buttered Corn.” To make it vegan, you can ask them to serve the same to you without butter. To jazz it up a little, you can carry a nutritional yeast shaker with you. Adding a bit of this delicious yeast seasoning can enhance the flavor as well as the nutritional value of the corn.


Veggies are an absolute favorite of almost all vegans. They are obviously plant-based, delicious, and loaded with nutrients. You can enjoy them steamed, fried, or even boiled, based on your liking. Just season them well, and you have a tasty bowl of health. 

You can ask the restaurant to provide you with a side of steamed veggies without butter at Texas Roadhouse. Though the options are only broccoli, carrots, and baby corn, you can still enjoy a healthy meal with your friends and family. 

Steak Fries

Vegan or not, fires have the heart of every individual. And luckily, those delicious crispy golden fries are absolutely vegan! Going to a steak house like Texas Roadhouse, you can have their delectable steak fries, even if you can’t have their famous rolls. 

If asked, the restaurant refuses to categorize its fries as vegan. The fryer used for the fries is the same as the fryer used for the chicken. Many vegans are uncomfortable with this situation. Some even don’t agree with spillovers or vapor coming from non-vegan fryers.

Therefore, if you don’t have any issues with common fryers, these amazing steak fries are a must-have on their menu. 


Applesauce is yet another classic favorite of many. Ask them for some applesauce if you are not interested in any of the menu items. It is not just lip-smacking good; it is also confirmed vegan. 

Sauteed Mushroom and Onions

Sauteed veggies are extremely simple and yet so delicious. Almost every restaurant across America serves onions and mushrooms. Why not mix it up and get yourself a snack?

At Texas Roadhouse, you can ask the restaurant to prepare sauteed onions and mushrooms. They will prepare the same for you in olive oil and some great seasoning. If you are concerned about the pans using butter for cooking, make sure you let your server know. 

You can also ask for additional veggies like corn or carrots to jazz up your sauteed veggie side. 

Country Veg Plate

The country veg plate also goes by the name of the veggie plate. It is not a fancy separate meal on the menu. This dish is simply a combination of any four sides of your choice. Since all the vegan options are primarily on the sides menu, this item makes an appropriate choice for many.

The House Peanuts 

Texas Roadhouse is known for serving unlimited amounts of salted peanuts for free! Every table has a continuous supply of peanuts, which you can enjoy till your stomach gets full. 

So, if you get disappointed by the minimal options available on the menu, you can order a beer or some other drink and pig out on these salted peanuts. The best part is you don’t have to pay a nickel!


Who doesn’t like a lovely glass of margarita? Texas Roadhouse is famous for its sassy margaritas. With those delicious salted peanuts and a pitcher of their perfect margarita, you don’t need anything else to enjoy your evening. 

Other Drinks

If you are not a big fan of margaritas, you can ask for chilled beer or non-alcoholic beverages. If nothing suits your palate, then water is always there!

Beware of the Potatoes

A lot of people believe that potato items on the menu are vegan. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Texas roadhouse. Even though their baked and sweet potatoes will make you drool uncontrollably, you should keep away from them. 

Before putting them in the oven, the baked potatoes are coated with bacon grease. This leads to a huge disappointment as they could make a great choice for vegans. The same goes for their sweet potatoes and mashed potatoes as well. 

Deceptive Non-Vegan Items

A vegan might get a bit frustrated after looking at the menu of Texas Roadhouse. Many potential food options could have had vegan alternatives, but the restaurant hasn’t made them available. 

The restaurant is known for its rolls. But there is no single option that lets you enjoy a vegan roll. Even vegetarian options are not vegan-friendly because they contain eggs and butter. 

The green beans on the side’s menu are also a disappointment in the name of greens. The dish contains bacon, which could have been a potential best-seller for vegan people.

Seasoned rice is another veg item that vegans cannot consume. The broth used for cooking the rice is chicken broth. Vegans cannot opt for fried pickles as well, as they contain eggs in their batter. 

To Sum It Up

Texas Roadhouse can’t be your go-to vegan restaurant option. Unfortunately, their vegan menu is so limited and scarce that you might be left quite disappointed.

If your friends or family are hell-bent on going to Texas Roadhouse for a meal, you can either get drunk (remember their margaritas?) or choose healthily and enjoy their salad options.