Are Gushers Vegan

Are Gushers Vegan? Can Vegans Eat Gushers?

Answer: Yes. Gushers don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients.


Details On Gushers

Gushers are fruit snacks introduced by Betty Crocker in 1991. They are jewel-shaped snacks that have a sweet liquid on the inside. With this chewy, soft, and fruity center, I bet no kid hasn’t tried one of these. But I would never have imagined that this fruity snack would be vegan. The first flavors were Strawberry Splash and Gushin’ Grape. Although many flavors like Gushin’ Grape were discontinued, the company later introduced Fruit Punch.

Are Gushers Vegan?

But that one question that is in every mind of vegans and vegetarians is, “Are Gushers vegan?”

There are so many ingredients in Gushers that vegans may question. For example, whether the glycerine is animal or plant-based. Because of its soft and chewy texture, it is not uncommon to think that Gushers contain gelatin. However, the manufacturers use carrageen to make these excellent chewy snacks. And they are vegan!

Most people do not realize that gelatin is actually an animal product. It is usually present in many products of food such as yogurt, cakes, and goods.

Whether it is in Canada or the UK, or other parts of the world, Gushers have the same ingredients, which means that they are vegan no matter where you buy these snacks. 

The company General Mills was facing a lawsuit from people claiming that the company products were unhealthy. But in 2015, they decided to get rid of artificial colors from their snacks. In 2017, the company cleared up all their products, but Gushers still contain lots of sugar. Although you can consume these snacks with a little less remorse, consuming anything sweet with some restraint will be better.  

Are Gushers Healthy?

Gushers have zero nutritional value. Gushers are not healthy unless you have them moderately. The ingredients present in Gushers are questionable and should not be consumed in large amounts.


Gushers contain a lot of sugar. A 25-gram packaging contains 90 calories. 

Trans Fats

Some regulations strictly govern the use of trans fats in consumable products. Gushers contain monoglycerides that have a little bit of trans fats. 

Saturated Fats

Gushers may not have much fat, but the ones present in them are unhealthy for you. The ingredients in Gushers, such as palm and cottonseed oil, contain saturated fat.


Gushers contain carrageenan, which is a natural extract derived from red seaweed. Although it is a product extracted from nature, it is not safe. Carrageenan can cause food allergies or colon cancer.

Food Coloring

Like most of your favorite snacks, Gushers also contain artificial coloring. 

What is wrong with food coloring? Coal, petroleum, and tar can be found in red 40 and blue 1 food colorants. In countries like Denmark, Belgium, and France, these colors are banned due to certain concerns.

The yellow 5 is another colorant that causes children to be hyperactive and also allergic reactions.

Substitutes For Gushers

You can make them if you ever feel lazy to stop by the store. Grabbing some dried fruits or fresh fruits can be a healthier alternative. 

Another suggestion would be to get raspberry and add a popping boba inside. You will get both the nutritional value from raspberry and the sweet flavor from boba.


To sum up, Gushers are free from animal-related ingredients and hence vegan.

As mentioned above, some ingredients in Gushers are questionable, but there are always pros and cons when it comes to snacks like this one.

Even though there are unhealthy ingredients in Gushers, I suggest you don’t have to stop having them altogether. They are sweets, and you need to consume them in moderation.

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