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What Are the Vegan Options at Disneyland? (Updated Guide)

What Are the Vegan Options at Disneyland? (Updated Guide)

If you’re vegan and planning a trip to Disney World, then you’re in luck. Disney announced in 2019 that it had included more than 400 vegan options at Disneyland. That included items with no animal meat, dairy, eggs, or honey. It is positively a vegan’s dream destination. In 2019, PETA announced Disneyland as the “most vegan-friendly amusement park.”

Once you get to Disneyland, be sure to pick up the plant-based cuisine pamphlet to help you choose your next vegan meal. You can pick them up from any quick service and table service spots or at any guest relations locations.

You must research before your trip, especially if it is your first time at Disneyland parks or resorts. Food options often change at the Disneyland resort, so you must go through an updated guide.

Vegan Options at Disneyland

With hundreds of new vegan items, you can find a vegan dish at pretty much every major and quick-table restaurant. From snacks to entrees, savory to sweet food, you will now have many vegan options to satisfy your culinary curiosity. 

Different locations boast different food adventures. Locations like New Orleans Square, Main Street, USA, Adventureland, and more have eccentric and tasty meals for all 3 – breakfasts, lunch, and dinner. 

Disneyland doesn’t limit it to just “vegan” but uses the terms plant-based or plant-powered. Plant-based meals are without animal meat, eggs, dairy, or honey.

Also, all popcorn and pretzels available at Disneyland are vegan.

Vegan Items Guide

Here is a list of the locations, cafes, and restaurants that include entirely plant-based foods. This way, you can happily enjoy your time without worrying about the ingredients’ dubiousness.

Main Street, USA

Carnation Cafe

For a vegan breakfast, you can go with their vegan waffles, which are charmingly Mickey-shaped. Request a vegan waffle that is allergen-free. Other vegan items include apple granola pancakes, chef’s vegan burger, and house salad. You also have the option to ask for soy milk to go with your hot beverage. They serve soy lattes as well.

Remember that it could get very busy, so remember to book a reservation in advance if you want to try out the pancakes or waffles.

Jolly Holiday

Their grilled veggie and whole-grain salad are good options. They contain seasonal vegetables, mixed greens, barley, spelt, and basil vinaigrette served with a fresh breadstick per their menu details. Opt out of the breadsticks and instead ask for the house-made chips, as the breadsticks have a layer of cheese.


At Starbucks, you can find all the regular vegan options they have at their other outlets. You could get your regular or be adventurous and try something new.

Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen

Include a variety of vegan candies. Make sure to look for jellies instead of gummies. The jellies are vegan, unlike the gummies. Confirm that the ingredients do not contain gelatin but pectin instead. Avoid candies that include confectioner’s glaze or gelatin.

New Orleans Square

Cafe New Orleans

Vegan options include Pommes Frites, which you should order without cheese and remoulade. Also, try their vegetable bolognese with zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and ratatouille sauce. Be safe and ask for a no-cheese one.

French Market Restaurant

Try out their New Orleans salad or the vegetable jambalaya.

Blue Bayou

Their vegan menu includes portobello mushrooms and Louisiana popcorn rice. Ask for the candied nuts and cheese to be excluded, and add oil and vinegar instead of house dressing. For vegetable pasta, ask for the vegan one.

Royal Street Veranda

Vegetable gumbo that is vegan and includes a sourdough bread bowl.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge

Milk Stand

They serve blue and green milk, a rice and coconut milk blend. They are frozen and have a thick consistency. A new addition is the toydaria swirl.

Ronto Roasters

It is one of the best vegan wraps available at Disneyland. There are many options on Star Wars Galaxy Edge alone. Be sure to try out their fun and filling vegan items.


Rancho Del Zocalo Restaurante

The Mexican station has cauliflower tacos, which you can have with rice and beans on the side, burrito Sonora (order fajita-style), and crispy chips.


Bengal Barbecue

Their famous veggie skewers and jungle julep slush are some popular options.

Tropical Hideaway

The famous dole whips are a must. The vegan options include pineapple, raspberry, and mango orange. You could also get their dole whip float with pineapple juice. These options are dairy-free and vegan.


Alien Pizza Planet

Their vegan options are terra nova veggie pasta (no cheese) and Venus vegetable pizza – just make sure to ask for vegan cheese. 

Galactic Grill

Try their veggie burger, a vegan garden burger patty with regular vegan buns. Their fries are also made in a separate container, so there is no cross-contamination.

Critter Country

Hungry Bear Restaurant

They serve a classic plant-based burger with a plant-based patty that contains Chao cheese, lettuce, and fries. Their house-made sauce is also vegan. 

Small World Promenade

The Pretzel Stand

It has vegan pretzels but be ready to ask for a no-cream cheese one. You could instead get cinnamon sugar or other vegan options. You can also get the Mickey-shaped pretzel, which is vegan.

Avoid churros; they may or not be vegan.


Maurice’s Treats

The frozen lemonade drinks here are vegan. A popular choice is Boysen apple freeze.

Red Rose Taverne

The enchanted cauliflower sandwich, which is served with french fries, is a delicious option. It has grilled cauliflower steak, lettuce, grilled tomatoes, and vegan spicy lime aioli. Also, try their garden vegetable hash if you make it during breakfast. Just make sure to remove the sauce, egg, and croissant, and you will be good to go.

Other Vegan Options

Aside from the ones served at restaurants and cafes, you can also find several vegan options at Disneyland at the numerous stands. They serve light snacks for you to enjoy and are easy to find. 

Get the popcorn cooked in canola or coconut oil, Batu Bucha tea, cotton candies, pickles, and more.

Ice cream and dark chocolate at some stands are also all vegan options.

A perfect way to end any day is with ice cream. To finish your day at Disneyland, you could pop into Salt And Straw in downtown Disneyland as you return. Technically outside of the premises of the park, they have multiple began ice cream options like:

  • Roasted Strawberry Coconut
  • Freckled Mint Tcho- Chocolate Chip
  • Dandelion Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies And Cream

Vegan Options at Other Locations

Aside from Disneyland, if you visit Disney World or their other adventure parks or resorts, you can also find a detailed guide for that trip.

PETA has very informative blogs for all your vegan culinary adventures. 

Vegan options at Disney World are as numerous and exciting as any of their other parks. Although you may need a longer period to properly explore Disney World and the seemingly endless amusements it has to offer.

A Few Things to Consider

Although Disneyland is a joyously vegan-friendly location, it is always good to clarify that you want a vegan option for their dish. It is safer to avoid cheese unless you are certain it is made from plant-based ingredients. 

Be on the lookout for the green leaf icon that highlights the vegan options at the respective restaurant or eatery.

If a restaurant doesn’t include any vegan option on their menu, you can always ask them to make one. Chances are, they’d be happy to oblige. A lot of secret menu options include vegan and vegetarian items.

There will always be alternatives available for most dishes. It is good to ask for them. You will probably be given a vegan and gluten-free option at your preference.

Since most restaurants don’t use separate equipment, cross-contamination can often occur. You could clarify it at the restaurant if it is something you want to avoid.

Summing Up

Disney has taken a very progressive step towards including vegan options. It is sure to propagate further growth and new additions of vegan options at Disneyland as it is a very popular category. 

For any trip, planning is a good idea. It helps you save time and the hassle of last-minute searches. The research is sure to pay off in a better and happier time. It also saves you time to enjoy other parts and the park rides.